Mike Arreola

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About Mike

Technique... technique... technique! Proper technique leads to good form... which leads to power! Lower chances of injury. I train world class fighters, all the way to the smallest warrior. I make sure above all, you have fun, learn, have a positive environment. You will sweat, punch, kick, laugh, and did I mention kick butt to a brand new you too.

My philosophy is a lot like Bruce lee. To evolve... to learn... to grow... never stay the same... always improve... In life... mind... body n soul

My favorite client story

sooo many to tell... My personal favorite is training a middle aged man to compete in his 1st & only MMA fight. Came to me full of doubts, weight issues, and personal problems... I guided him, molded him, built him new!!! he competed at 155 lbs. & pulled off a landslide knock out to get his 1st win & then retire. He is still a fixture at my gym & helps guide the younger students.

My favorite exercise

muay thai kickboxing... so graceful yet deadly!! the science of 8 limbs... but I am fascinated by the precision of boxing. Hand speed n power

My favorite quote

only iron can sharpen iron!!!

My training philosophy

My philosophy is alot like Bruce lee. To evolve...to learn...to grow... never stay the same... always improve... In life... mind...body n soul

My training experience

NASM trainer since 2003 & student of sports medicine. I have been involve with martial arts & fighting arts for over 21 years. (Muay thai kickboxing, MMA, boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, submission wrestling, hapkido & tae kwon do) as do I fight professionally too!!! Personal training wise... got my 1st big trainer gig at GOLDS GYM and went on to train high caliber athletes & your average joe. I am a former head striking coach for TEAM TAPOUT MMA FIGHT TEAM (mma clothing line) I have produced 9 Champions in mma. muay thai and boxing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Boxing

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
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