About Stefano

I am a kind of trainer that can assist at two different levels. The first and most important one is about consciousness, bringing more particles of light, that you are made of, inside your body, by practicing the feeling centers (chakras) and opening them up, becoming acquainted with the practice that is very beneficial to repeat several times during your days, to be always in that state of natural serene energy that is your natural state but gets lost when we identify with situations and scenarios happening in society due to observation and reception from the media. These facts are facts, hands down, but they are way outside of you, they are not personal and when you are present to this reality you will start to feel how your body reacts, literally becoming able to take a breath and get lighter and lighter, healthier and healther, because you may never have thought about this, but the body ages  and gets sick when it starts to embody all these situations because we believe they are personal and they can affect our life. So we become fearful and with the fear the body starts to slow down, the organs begin to function less and less and then disease arises. It is very simple but for the most unknown. I am totally aware of that, and of the fact that "cells are listening". And I let you focus a little bit on this statement I just made to make your own conclusion about how to deal with your body! After all even if I am here available as a facilitator, you are the one who has to do the work to assist your body into optimal health and well being. I can share the tools with you, it is up to you to use them for your life enjoyment and well being, optimal health of your physicality.

The other aspect is related because of course the body requires movement and touch to function properly and regenerate itself. So when we are going to exercise we are offering the body something it neesds to optimally regenerate. And this is related to the previous point because it is important to move it while integrating more light , more of you inside, with presence then. Not fighting, but relaxing and enjoying. So I can share with you exercises and how to incorporate the tools while using these exercises.

A lot of fun for you to enjoy your natural serene energy in a body on a planet, for a body that lasts longer and younger until you want to stay on the planet! 


 Personal training within the new paradigm of consciousness



What is the “new paradigm” of consciousness? It is the one based on the shifts that are happening into our consciousnesses as we move from the old “sex, power and greed” based system to one based on love, light, openness, integration and integrity as wholeness of being.


How and when does that affect personal training? It does beautifully because we start asking ourselves some of the following questions:


  1. Who am I?

  2. What a body is?

  3. Am I and the body the same thing?

  4. How does the body feel?

  5. How does the body feel when I am very focused?

  6. What is me and what is outside of me?

  7. How does the body feel when I let it be the body?

  8. What point 7) does really mean?

  9. What optimal health and wellbeing feels like?

  10. What do you want from the body?

  11. Why?

  12. What does “unique” mean to you?

  13. How does “unique” feel like referred to the body?

  14. Why do I do what I do when I do it?

  15. What is the mind?

  16. Am I and the mind the same thing?

  17. How does the mind relate to the body and how does that feel?

  18. Why do I feel like I feel when I feel?

  19. What do I truly enjoy?

  20. What is the ego?

  21. How does it affect the mind?

  22. How does it affect the body?

  23. Am I and the ego the same thing?

  24. What is performance?

  25. Why do I want to perform?

  26. How does the body feel like when I have to perform?

  27. What is pain?

  28. What is time?

  29. How does time relate to “aging”?

  30. Why?

  31. What is aging ?

  32. What does “presence” mean?

  33. How does it relate to the body?

  34. How does it feel?

  35. How does enjoyment feel like?

  36. How does that relate to training and the gym for me?



These are some of the questions that interestingly arise when playing within the new paradigm of consciousness, to explore, open, amplify and enjoy your natural serene energy.

Being inside society, doing the things that are done or must be done in the day to day without becoming overly identified with them, where the body can take a breath and do what it does, even in the gym playground, in a very relaxed state that is conducive to those achievements that truly feel good, leaving you with stamina, energy and a vibrancy that keeps growing, to keep exploring all that unfolds within the exponential world.


A personal trainer-facilitator, in this scenario offers the tools that everybody can apply in the physical activity and for so much more than that while exploring life with clarity in all sort of situations.

It is a dance, side by side, facilitating the body to do what it does best: achieving optimal health and wellbeing through a constant regeneration of itself, to honor you for the enjoyment of your unique journey on the planet.


I share with you how to connect with your body that is unique to you, and there is no other body like yours in creation, as there is not another YOU in creation. Literally creation could not exist without YOU.

I offer you the tools for this connection so that you can enjoy this connection in everything that you do in your life, also in the gym where I very much enjoy to play in my own unique way. Because uniqueness is who and what we are, thus then no more confined to ideas that want us to be in a way or in another to get the love, that we already are. We can play many ways, we must do nothing though.


As I assist you, you assist me offering me the opportunity to express more of my uniqueness, because the things that I woke up to are the same things that are available for every creator in creation. We are all unique, but the same. And the same I am gonna underline it is "same level" with the same accessibilities, the same capabilities to let our bodies regenerate and rebuild optimal health and well being and homeostasis. The same abilities to disengage from a mental emotional time continuum and start playing with our universalis states and go very much beyond what has been taught to be a... reality.... It is what it is. All of this is accessible, we can go there.


I am going there. I can share how I am walking my way, my unique way, with the tools that I own.


It happens all the time and for everybody out there in society... that we are conscious about it or not... it is all about sharing the love....look at when we go to a coffeeshop to buy a cup of coffee, for example. Aren't we assisting, in paying the price, all the people that are involved in the production of that cup of coffee? Aren't we literally assisting those who harvest the plant, deliver the beans to all the centers that are involved in the distribution of them to the actual places where they are sold... being that of stores, coffeehouses and so on and on.. we are assisting those that are involved in the marketing of the final products, we are assisting even those who sell the fuel to ignite the vehicles we use to do all of this and that, and than all the industries that are involved in all the other stuff that pertains the final product, and then of course the ones that are at the coffee house and prepare us the coffee. Also them are being rewarded with money for their services. So eveybody is assisted and assists another, and it all gets back to the love that we are sharing to be accepted and loved back. It is expressional love. We can breath in to this and finally enjoy that we are all on purpose and all perfectly walking our way. Now we can breath, relax and enjoy the love. The love that we ALREADY are, beyond all things we play with.



So, What do You get when you purchase a session of Body Connection/Facilitation with Stefano Martinelli?

1) Learn to FEEL your own presence inside your body
2) How does that feel? Watch how your body reacts to that
3) Receive data and informations from your body: where your body is calling you to use them and how. TWO WAYS COMMUNICATION
4) How does it feel when you are not feeling your presence inside your body. Your body is yours and only yours but if you are not fully there it is not going to work(aging)
5) Where can you bring all that you learn with Stefano and from your body? This is unique to you and your life. You can go at school with it, you can go at gym or any sport, you can go at playground, in to your business, you can go into your marriage or the absence of it, you can go into relationships of any type with opposite structures, same structures, whatever calls you, you can go at the groceries, restaurants, in nature, with the little ones, puppies, plants, in the corporate world, every place relationship or situation you play with in your unique life


and with this and so much more, becoming neutral to everything that happens around, that means it does not weakens your energy and you feel all the time energetically vibrant and strong.



What I am doing in the gym and how I and You can have lot of fun with it, if you like resistance training. 


I am enjoying a new way to train that FEELS fabulous,  I became aware that, quite often when working out we are fighting the body, instead of being a team with it… like tensing and getting all hyped and jacked when lifting the bar to do squats, instead of relaxing into the bar, like when picking up a beautiful musical instrument. Fighting the weights creates adrenal failure, and eventually can cause a muscle to rip or pull. IT is what it is. Instead if we just lift with the muscle relaxing into the bar and the weight, well, then it is another story and it would stimulate muscle much more than the adrenalin based training. This is just how the body works. 

So we let ourselves and the body relax into the weight and let the body lift the weight instead of fighting the weight up.

We see it for what it is, just willing to honor our body more than ever and connect with our body, to FEEL fantastic. 

The body has its own uniqued consciousness and together we can make a beautiful team. Opening and opening and opening, amplifying and opening even more! 

We are connecting with the bar and the weight, truly tools for connection with the body. We are feeling our presence with this connection, grabbing the bar , connecting to the bar and the plates, not even seeing them anymore as weights, feeling the connection and feeling all the muscles that are involved in the movements, asking the body to present them and their presence more than ever, feeling our presence inside them. 

Can you FEEL your presence in the tip of your fingers? or in the palm of your hands? while holding a cellphone or a pen, or whatever other tool you happen to grab and connect with? even a bar then, even a dumbbell… can you FEEL your feet inside your shoes? or on the floor? can you FEEL your socks vesting your feet? can you FEEL your calves? your knees? your thighs? can you FEEL and relax your groin? can you FEEL your hips, the beautiful pyriformis, deep lateral rotator of the hips? the gluteus maximum, minimum, medial ? can you even FEEL your spine and the beautiful priceless vertebral and intervertebral discs? can you FEELl all the beautiful multifidi muscles? can you FEEL the extensor of your back, the more superficial ones and the deepest one? can you FEEL your traps? upper, medial, lower? can you connect with your rhomboids ?with the external and internal rotators? can you FEEL the pecs? the deltoids? biceps, triceps? all the beautiful muscles in your upper limbs, and of course in your lower limbs? the beautiful quadriceps, hamstrings? can you even FEEL the weight of the hair on your skull? or how heavy are your clothes on that priceless, divine physicality? how tight the rubber band of your underpants around your waist? can you FEEL your watch on your wrist? can you FEEL how tight are the shoes? can you connect with all those priceless tools to FEEL YOU, inside your body? And have finally fun with the body, becoming a team?

Presence is regeneration, rejuvenation of the physicality beyond what does not serve or complement. 



How do YOU want to FEEL?


The ego ages the body! 


 Stefano shares how to really connect with the body and be present inside the body. So first step is not bringing the ego inside the body. Why would you like to even bring it inside when the only thing that you might experience from that is the slowing down of the physicality, a tensed state and adrenal exhaustion? all things that go against its natural flow and optimal health and well being.


Instead we can help it to do its job, that is of regeneration and rejuvenation, rebuilding of itself, in your image, to honor and complement you. So we can limit or eliminate the extra un-needed loads that it will have to recover from,  because at some point it might became overly taxed and even its ability to regenerate will require more and more time, even to the point that we stop having fun, but deal with a lot of pain and exhaustion, speaking of lack of functionality, truly a lack of YOU in the daily life activities and fun. Because what is pain really, besides just a physical sensation? A lack of YOU inside your physicality.


So the first thing is bringing YOU inside the body, meaning feeling this presence and expanding it even beyond the body and the areas that are being exercised, to connect to the tools that you are using and even expanding your consciousness inside these tools to finally become one with you, where the movement is just your own body's movement entirely and we are not fighting anything up, but just moving fluidly with full presence.


In this way you will be able to share with me how all of that really feels after the workout, and if you have exercised before, in the “traditional” way, you might share a few.. differences… about how it FEELS after the exercise, to be inside your body on a planet.



So now let’s just take a beautiful deep breath together and enjoy the expansion! Because we are already expanding during this interaction while you read these words! the words of your body, your higher levels and the universe entirely.





Areas of Expertise

  • Stress Reduction
  • Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition
  • Muscle Gain
  • Posture
  • Myofascial Release
  • Injury Prevention
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Core and Balance
  • Functional Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications



Degree in Economia e Commercio at University La Sapienza, Roma, Italy

Who I Especially Like Working With

Actors, Beginners, Cancer Survivors, Men, Middle-aged, Models, Overweight/ Obese, Seniors, Women

Additional Languages Spoken


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