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About Andrea

After thirty years spent bent over a computer, I knew I needed to do something different as I approached turning 60. I'm a playwright and was starting to become aware that the sedentary aspect of my chosen profession was not good for my body. I knew something had to change. I became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer at 59. This wasn’t the end of the story, but the beginning. I went on to complete my 200 yoga hours (currently working on 1000 hours) and added Tai Chi, TRX, Mat Pilates, AquaFit, Reiki, and nutrition.

I changed my life and I can change yours.

I am guided by your body and your knowledge of how you move. I provide personalized training crafted for your body, interests, and goals. My energy and sense of fun are contagious. My goal for myself and my clients is to age in motion, maintaining our range of motion, gaining strength as we add years, and eating sensibly and enjoyably. I enter the studio as a teacher and student, always curious to learn something new. I love being in the room together - online or in-person - whether with one student or a group - encouraging, supporting, testing, growing, exploring as we come to better know our bodies and ourselves.


My favorite client story

I had a 91-year old client who's goal was to be more independent at her granddaughters wedding. She threw herself into her workouts and enjoyed them. She asked for a program to do at home in between sessions with me. I wrote her up a program and left it with her. When I returned the next session, she said: "What is a bicep?" No one had ever told her. I was amazed. She certainly learned what her biceps were. A brave and true client.

My favorite exercise

Hiking and standing abs. Standing abs completely transformed my own belly.

My favorite quote

It’s hardest to get something started, but once you do and it’s up and moving, it is infinitely easier to keep it going. - Joe Manganiello

Joe is a personal friend.

My training philosophy

Start, commit, be consistent, do the work.

I personalize programs for each clients. I do not believe in one size fits all. I get to know you, learn what you like and don't like, learn your goals, and create a program that will get you results.

My training experience

I loved studying for my ACE Personal Training exam. I learned so much about our bodies and how to design programs to improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and stamina. I had worked with a personal trainer for 10 years whose emphasis on form I inherited. My gym work rests on the foundation of my earlier training as a mime and dancer. I pull from all of my experiences to design a personalized program for each client. I continue to study to continue to learn. I earned my 200-hours for yoga and am working on my 1000 hours.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Posture
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Wellness
  • Barre

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Health Institute Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor, Mossa Strength Train Together Insructor

Who I Especially Like Working With

LGBTQIA, Men, Seniors, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Addiction, Ankle Injury, Anxiety, Arthritis, Knee Pain/Issues, Rotator Cuff Issues, Shoulder Issues, Stress, Visually Impaired (Blind)

I always have a blast with Andrea! She comes up with fun routines that I would never think of on my own. She gets me working muscle groups important to balance and posture that have made me a better runner. I have made loads of improvement with a nagging hip injury, too.

Elli H.

I have been to many trainers over many years, and of all of them only my working out with Andrea has given me the promised results both in terms of fitness or weight loss. Andrea did and continues to help me get where I want to be! she listens to my goals, incorporates them successfully into my workouts she designs for me, and the results come quickly. I've had other trainers who push their current ideas to the point where I got injured working out with them. Not so with Andrea, she is the best trainer I've ever had. Perfect for any age, she thinks about what you need and want and applies her expertise to your case. I'm super happy with her and will continue to work out with her. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for personal training. In fact, I have recommended her already and my friends are delighted with her too!

ann z.

So, I've been training with Andrea for several months now. I think it's pretty obvious I'm not overly familiar with a gym. Andrea has managed to alleviate pretty much all of my awkwardness, to the point that I actually enjoy being there! When I initially met with her, I had told her NO BULK! However, after being with her, I have noticed some positive body changes, and I actually like it. Andrea is the epitome of non judgemental. She listens, and she actually respects my limits, and works with them. She has got me doing things I never thought I could do. If she isn't sure about something, she actually researches it and brings the info. She's incredible! As untrusting as I am, I totally trust her to help me be my best me!

Steve E.

I have worked out with Andrea twice a week for almost 6 months and she is a truly outstanding, excellent trainer. I hate and avoid working out on my own but look forward to my sessions with her. She varies the exercises in each session, so I never get bored and afterwards I feel a sense of accomplishment. For several years I have had a stubborn problem in my shoulder. It did not respond completely to various treatments or exercise routines suggested by other professionals. Since starting sessions with Andrea my shoulder problem has slowly eased and I feel better than I have in years. Andrea also is a lovely person and has a great sense of humor.


On April 22, 2018, at age 78, my bicycle and I ran into a pothole; I fell and sustained a fracture of my pelvic bone. Surgery was not necessary, but my orthopedist advised daily aquatic rehab if I expected to maintain muscle tone and return to riding when the fracture had healed - - estimated 10 weeks. I found Andrea, signed-up for her to be my personal trainer, and I owe my faster than expected recovery and general well-being to her. She took me through daily aquatic exercise routines that varied from day to day to challenge me and keep my interest. Within 6 weeks I graduated from using a walker to a cane; I was back on my bike by week 10. I continued “on-land” training with Andrea to improve flexibility, balance, and endurance. Andrea is a personable, intelligent, and creative trainer. She is the antithesis of “one-size-fits-all.”


Amazing Trainer. Andrea is a very dedicated and a great trainer who focusses on the smallest detail with focus on your aches and pains. After working with her my shoulder pain that I had after I lifted some weights and had that for a couple of years is better and I sleep better at night.

Nutan M.

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