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The Best Personal Trainers in Maryland

Maryland's Top In-home Personal Trainers

Best of 2017 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Maryland

Wil Adjanohoun - Philadelphia Personal Training
Wil Adjanohoun
(14 reviews)

I was referred to Wil because I needed help to cure back pain after a fall from a ladder. I had gone as far as I could go with doctors and chiropractors. I still experienced situations that would tire my back very rapidly, limiting what I could do. Wil developed a program to strengthen my core and coupled that to work on improving my balance. While working on my back problem, Wil also identified other deficiencies in my conditioning and has provided exercises to improve them also. I thought I was in decent condition for my age, mid-70s, because I was fairly active before the accident. Wil's program to address those deficiencies he spotted has me in better condition now than I would have been in had I not had that fall. He is easy to work with, enthusiastic, and also monitors the workouts very carefully so as not to overstress you and create a new problem. Wil has also been very accommodating in altering the scheduling of sessions on short notice. I recommend him highly.

Train with Wil
Jonathan Ross - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jonathan Ross
(11 reviews)

I couldn't have gotten to where I am physically without Jonathan's help. With 2 kids, my own business, and battling Diabetes and 2 herniated disks in my back, I needed a coach who could give me not just a fitness program, but a wellness program. Jonathan came through big, creating fun workouts that maximized my home gym space, fit into my time limitations, and really made the difference in how I feel. I'm kicking my Diabetes' right in the mouth, and my back has never felt better as I keep making gains. You just can't go wrong with Jonathan Ross.

Train with Jonathan
Charles Obe - Philadelphia Personal Training
Charles Obe
(4 reviews)

Charles is a phenomenal trainer who's passion for training is only matched by his passion towards life and fitness!! Having worked out with Charles over the past few years I have learned a lot! His knowledge in the field is quite impressive and he knows how to train properly without getting anyone injured. He finds new ways to motivate and push you to your New limits! Highly recommend this awesome guy, you won't be disappointed.

Train with Charles
Leyla Fandey - Philadelphia Personal Training
Leyla Fandey
(2 reviews)

I really enjoyed working out with Leyla . She always have her way to motivate me . Leyla is very creative and each session focuses on different part of your body . You never get board with her training! Leyla is firm and fun!

Train with Leyla
Dan Amzallag - Philadelphia Personal Training
Dan Amzallag
(1 reviews)

I trained with Mr Dan for a few weeks now and I am amazed on how much he knows about the industry. I just don't get a trainer with Dan, but also a good listener and therapist. He has a vast knowledge in nutrition and so much more. The hour goes by so quickly. Thanks Dan George

Train with Dan
John Shaddock - Philadelphia Personal Training
John Shaddock

I have been in the fitness business since 1987. I have been involved in combat athletics for 46 years. I started wrestling at age 3 and since I have trained in multiple styles of martial arts. I was the 1989 New England Diamond Belt Boxing Champion. I also have taught the Fitbox, fitness through boxing class at my gym since 2008. I train people of all levels and teach them boxing fundamentals and condition them through self defense . I have a fully equipped studio. I look forward to hearing from you.

Train with John
Sean Taylor - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sean Taylor

I feel a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise should be a (way of life) so all the other important aspects of life will fall right into place. Starting a fitness program doesn't have to be overwhelming or stressful. It's my job to put you on an effective road to YOUR goal. And to help you make it a WAY of life that makes each session something to look forward to!

Train with Sean
Matt Bible - Philadelphia Personal Training
Matt Bible
You can expect a challenging, yet fun program that will help you lose weight, gain strength, get that six pack you always wanted, fit into that dress you always wanted to fit into, and help prevent injuries. I do not use gimmicks, false promises, magic potions, or pills for your programming. I have my own personal experience with weight loss, strength gain, and injury recovery. I struggled with my weight, but I have kept it off for over 9 years and I want to help apply those methods for you too. I have my own equipment, and I can travel to your apartment complex gym, your local park, your house, or your business. I provide email and phone support. I will provide you with a recap of each workout you have done utilizing interactive technology you can easily keep track of. I will provide you with a questionnaire and a physical assessment so I can create your workout. No two workout plans are going to be exactly the same. I look forward to working with you. I am based out of Rockville, Maryland, but I will travel within a reasonable distance throughout the Washington, DC area.

I believe in a mix of hard work and healthy sustainable nutrition, not the latest diet fad. There is no substitute for that. Sure some people drop weight significantly from the fad diets, but the drop is not sustainable, and most people end up gaining the weight back. I study the latest gadgets and make sure they are useful for your success rather than just some over-hyped gimmick that will just collect dust. I provide motivation and accountability not just the hour we train, but outside of our sessions as well. There are mixed opinions about this but I believe in avoiding machine weights (except in the case of working around an injury or to correct a significant muscular imbalance) because they isolate one part of the body, as opposed to using free weights or bodyweight exercises, which recruit several muscles at once and give you a much better overall workout.

Train with Matt
Bryan Sumardi - Philadelphia Personal Training
Bryan Sumardi

Bryan Sumardi

24 year old USAPL powerlifting in the 66kg class. MD junior (20-24) USAPL record holder in the squat, bench, and total category. With that being said, my favorite movements are the squat, bench press and deadlift. If we have access to weight, I promise you will be a stronger person instantly. I also know how to train with bodyweight exercises as well. 

Depending on how many times, you are available to train, I like to train with a push, pull, legs or upper body, lower body split. I can get more into detail on a person to person basis.

I also handle my nutrition with flexible dieting such involves macro counting. *Just a heads up MyFitnessPal is going to have a learning curve and it is a free app for both android and apple.*

Train with Bryan

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