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The best personal trainers in Massachusetts

John Taglieri - Personal Training
John T.
(5 reviews)
Not only is John an outstanding personal trainer he is very knowledgeable about the body as a whole including nutrition. Major plus when trying to get the most out of your workouts! He’s the best!

Train with John
Dre Newkirk - Personal Training
Dre N.

Dre is no stranger to health and fitness, having spent many years as an A.S.C.P Phlebotomist and A.C.E certified Personal Trainer.  Recently looking to incorporate something fun and different to her cardio regimen, her love drums and fitness came to life with Poundfit, now a Poundfit Pro she can be found pounding it out in park or a studio with her clients.  She believes that functional training, along with proper nutrition are the key to success and long term results.  Having to overcome some personal weight management battles in the past, she turned to strength training and has not turned back! She now competes in Powerlifting and is a member of the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) and is a USAPL certified powerlifting club coach.  When not training for meets, she loves spinning,rowing, and anti-gravitiy yoga, pole fitness. I'm a certifed Pound Pro and I offer small group or 1-on-1 Her specialties include kettlebell, TRX, boot camp, small group training, and weight management.

Train with Dre
Kathy Kirshe - Personal Training
Kathy K.

I have over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer. Having a degree in nutrition and having been athletic all my life, I found a way to combine the two as a Personal Trainer. Along the way, I added certifications in Medical Exercise (to work with clients with diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension etc.), and Health Coaching to learn the psychological and well as physiological components to helping clients meet their goals. I added my certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist to train athletes of all ages. I have worked with clients from age 7 to 87 and bring passion for listening and trying to get to know you, the client and what makes you you and figuring out a personal program that fits your needs and goals.

Train with Kathy
Jennifer Ciano - Personal Training
Jennifer C.
(2 reviews)
I have been meeting with Jennifer since April (3 months) for personal training sessions for me and a family member. We had goals of losing weight as well as getting stronger, but we don't like gyms. Jennifer meets with us at a public track and has taught us so many exercises that we can do at home. This is so motivating to be able to exercise anytime ... and to be seeing results! We are losing weight and able to lift some weights and exercise for longer. Jennifer is extremely patient and encouraging. I appreciate that she gives us exercises that are a little hard at first, but encourages us that we can do it. I hesitated for a long time to get a personal trainer because I thought I'd be uncomfortable. We are both so glad we found Jennifer and highly recommend her to anyone of any age who wants to get in shape!

Train with Jennifer
Lisa Dahl - Personal Training
Lisa D.
(1 reviews)
As many women do, I have obsessed about my body image and weight for most of my life. We women can be brutal on ourselves! Last year, however, I had an experience that changed my thinking and ended my “battle” with myself. I worked with LISA DAHL at A Studio 68, to change my thinking about my body, self image, and health. Through our counseling sessions I learned how to find the activities that bring me joy, and change my eating in a way that fit with my lifestyle. It was all about positive thinking, small manageable changes, and accountability with compassion. It did NOT involve dieting, it was NOT punitive or deprivation based, it was all about embracing what made me feel good. Lisa is wonderful! IF YOU WANT TO LOVE YOUR BODY AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, LISA IS YOUR GO TO PERSON!

Train with Lisa
Tom Biggart - Personal Training
Tom B.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). All of that basically makes this a one-stop shop for all the things you will need to improve fitness, rehab injuries, improve nutrition and to improve your coolness quotient to a newer bracket. Members-only jackets will be provided.


My background and experience make me well-adept at working with any individual who wants to achieve improved fitness and function while minimizing the risk of injury while doing so. I know when to work around injuries and when to work them to help improve them. I have worked with many individuals who were able to achieve weight-loss goals while decreasing their pain level and returning to a level of function they once thought lost.


My philosophy focuses on teaching people how to move better. Once we learn to do that, we are then free to work as hard as we need/want to so we can obtain your goal(s). Sounds simple, right? Often times, we have to unlearn years of inefficient or compensated movement patterns while establishing a new, better way of doing things.


Part of this involves starting with the basics and teaching people how to feel the proper muscles working and to minimize any compensatory movement patterns that have developed. People need to understand and appreciate that technique is the most important factor when doing any movement. If you do not know why you are doing the movement or where you should be feeling it then you probably shouldn't be doing it.


Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


Achieving any goal is about getting the right mindset, being accountable and being consistent with the actions it takes to achieve whatever the goal might be. There are many ways that we will discuss doing this to allow you to reach your goals, enjoy the process and be able to make the changes part of a new way of doing things going forward.


EBM Fitness Solutions looks to build an environment with a sense of family, community and support for one another. Ultimately, we are all working towards similar goals. We just start out at different points with a different back story.

Train with Tom
Louise Flanders - Personal Training
Louise F.
(9 reviews)
5 stars for Louise, working with her has been a great experience. Louise knows my strengths and weakness and plans a workout designed just for me. I have surpassed my expectations, Louise not only coaches but she inspires me to keep going. Louise is a professional whose knowledge gives me confidence in my workout whether at the gym or at home.

Train with Louise
John Bednaz - Personal Training
John B.
(3 reviews)
I've had the pleasure of having Mr. Bednaz train me over the years and he has a well of knowledge in the area. Corrected my form, showed different workouts and helped me through them. Good Trainer.

Train with John
Krista Patronick - Personal Training
Krista P.

I’m Krista Patronick and I’m the owner and sole trainer at Phoenix Personal Training. I’m ACE and NETA certified, and specialize in weight loss, training student athletes, and helping my clients live their healthiest lives.

I’d always been overweight as kid. My mother was very overweight when I was young, but in my early teen years, she lost about 50 or 60lbs.

Suddenly, as a teenager, I felt like I was living with the food police. I was on Weight Watchers on and off throughout all my teen years and I know it is because my parents wanted the best for me, but constantly being on a “diet” contributed to a negative self-image. My parents wanted health for me, but at the time, it just wasn’t something I could focus on. I was just trying to survive my teen years. (You couldn’t pay me to go back to that age!) As a result, I had never really been taught how to eat properly or the importance of movement on a regular basis.

When I went to college, I gained a lot of weight. Most people gain the freshman 15….I gained the freshman 30. And it just kept getting worse after I graduated. Before I knew it, I looked in the mirror in 2011, and I was 232lbs.

When I looked at myself in pictures and hated the way I looked, I knew it was time to make a change. Not because someone else wanted it for me, but because I wanted it. I became more active, started eating right, and learned how to eat for the first time. I lost about 75lbs.

I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible – such as running three full marathons and a number of half marathons.

Most of all, I’ve also learned how important it is to love your body for what it can do. Don’t get me wrong, my body image is still a struggle. I’m human and I’m not perfect by any means. But I try to stay body-positive at all times.

Life has ebbs and flows. Everyone’s struggle, and journey, is different. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, but I never regret making that decision to get my life back under own control. I’m happier than I have ever been and I hope to inspire others as well.

Train with Krista

Common questions about personal training

How much does a personal trainer cost in Massachusetts?

Personal trainers in Massachusetts start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

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How do I find a personal trainer in Massachusetts ?

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Certifications and Expertise: Most people in Massachusetts choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better. Your personal trainer must have an excellent understanding of human anatomy,... Show More

Who is personal training for?

Personal training is for just about EVERYONE! Here are the most common:

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What is In-Home Personal Training?

In-home personal training means that the trainer will travel to you - at home, in your building gym, at work or a local park. Work out on your terms, where you are the most comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of in-home personal training:

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Is a personal trainer worth it?

Deciding if hiring a personal trainer is ''worth it'' comes down to these four factors: 

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How do I become a personal trainer in Massachusetts ?

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Certification: The best personal training certification programs require a personal trainer to complete courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. All trainers on Fyt are certified via an NCCA accredited organization which ... Show More

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