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Lori Henderson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lori Henderson
(3 reviews)

Phenomenal trainer and gym! I've trained with Lori both as a private training client as well as attended her bootcamp and evening classes for the past five years. Lori is truly a phenomenal trainer, and she will be there for you every step of the way no matter what your goals are. From muscle building and weight loss to general fitness and everyday wellbeing, she knows how to work with you to get the results you want. I'm grateful for all that she has done for me, and I know I can count on Lori and Body Architecture to help me out with any fitness related goals.

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Susan Scott - Philadelphia Personal Training
Susan Scott
(1 reviews)
Susan Scott
Susan listenes to what I have to say. She designs programs based upon what I wanted and what she thought I needed. I learned this was sometimes different. I have challenging workouts and get valuable nuggets of information.

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Nick Hyde - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nick Hyde

I found my calling about 5+ years ago when I decided to walk away from the Business/Marketing world to pursue a career in fitness. I have always loved sports and physical fitness and decided it was time for me to spread my passion and desire to help others become physically health inside and out.

I know how hard it is to lose weight, be consistent, and stay motivated. That's where I come in. First I like to do a Meet and Greet to see where you are and were you'd like to be. Once we've spent time talking I figure out the best plan for you. There is no magic pill or overnight success. It takes a well executed plan and desire. If you give me 100% we will get there. I work with a wide array of clients everything from young athletes to your corporate executives. My style is simple. Create an environment where you can be successful and have fun along the way. If you think I might be the one to change your life definitely reach out to me.

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Ryan Deffley - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ryan Deffley
If you are looking for a personal trainer who will actually push you and take your fitness to a whole new level, then read on. I have been working in customer service since I was 15, which has allowed me to be able to read people well and service what they want. When combining that with my wide range of fitness knowledge and expertise, I am able to help a person not only achieve better fitness and overall health, but build more confidence in themselves to where they can eventually continue their fitness journey on their own.

My training philosophy is efficiency = effectiveness. Too many people spend hours and hours working out and never see any results. By utilizing the most efficient methods possible involving free weights, body weight exercises, and high intensity conditioning, you get the best possible results in the shortest period of time.

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Patrick Porche - Philadelphia Personal Training
Patrick Porche
I've found that exercise alone doesn't solve common health complaints. I provide an integrative system to wellness; combining corrective exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors into an individualized, mind-body approach.

I've tried several exercise and nutrition programs in my journey to navigate this complex subject. It seems there is ENDLESS advice, books, programs, and courses on the subject... and the body of knowledge seems to be growing every day. Don't get lost in the flood of information. There is an easy way to figure out your individual nutrition, and exercise needs. My dynamic physical assessment process helps identify kinetic chain dysfunction and compensatory muscle activation; which allows me to design an intervention strategy to help you achieve the results you want quickly and safely. Exercise is only one piece of the puzzle though. In order to build health you have to start with the things you put in your body. Food guide pyramids, fad diets (paleo, south beach, etc.), philosophies (vegan, vegetarian), and the like cause much confusion. Why do you think a diet can work for your friend and leave you feeling lethargic and depressed? We are all as different inside as we are on the outside. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work. I use functional lab testing to identify hidden internal stressors in the hormone, immune, detoxification, digestive, and intestinal barrier systems. These functional lab tests are combined with assessments to identify your metabolic type (a diet based off your genetics, personality, and nutritional needs) and address any food sensitivities you may have.

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Andrew Feuerstein - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andrew Feuerstein
You can expect to not only get results in the quickest and safest way possible but to learn a great deal about your own body and how it moves, how it functions and how to properly fuel it without that feeling of starving yourself. I am a chef by trade, so my services include nutritious and delicious meals that are easy to make. I offer the service of preparing meals in advance for my clients who do not otherwise have time and also teach cooking demos to show clients how to properly prepare said meals so that they will have the ability and confidence to do it on their own.

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Fabian Diaz - Philadelphia Personal Training
Fabian Diaz

You can expect a goal oriented training program fitted directly to YOU! I specialize in strength and conditioning but am also well versed in weight loss and rehabilitation programming.

Movement is key, young or old. This is one of the basics for human survival. In this day in age humans do not move nearly as much as they used to, and we are only starting to see the effects of this.

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Austin Toloza - Philadelphia Personal Training
Austin Toloza
We will relentlessly pursue your goals through smart, scientifically backed programming and tenacious training sessions. We will have a projected plan including what types of workouts to do, what meals to eat, and the exact target date of your specific. No gimmicks, just hard work and real results! Let's get it!

Tired of all the fitness gimmicks, his main focus in the industry is to help people understand that to attain true fitness it doesn't take a magic pill, special diet or secret supplement, but just pure hard work and consistency.

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Brian Danley - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brian Danley

By utilizing a comprehensive consultation procedure to ascertain your health history and fitness goals, I can readily design a customized personal training program just for you. My training style emphasizes proper movement form and efficient technique accompanied by constructive, immediate feedback. Learning how to let your muscles control the weight and not the other way around is of the utmost importance during the performance of resistance training. Your personal training program will consist of concise individualized instruction, attentive supervision, appropriate assistance, motivational support, and positive reinforcement. A good quality workout session should consist of exercises which are: FUNEFFECTIVE (e.g.. targeted muscle is felt during the exercise) After a comprehensive initial assessment of your health history, medications taken, aerobic capacity, posture, and strength as well as a discussion of your training goals, I will prepare your structured personal training program designed to meet your specific needs such as lose body weight, increase strength or gain muscle mass. I will periodically reassess your health and fitness growth to ensure you remain accountable and continually progress toward achieving your short-term as well as long-term fitness goal. Most importantly, I will provide personal training services at a convenient time and place of your choosing. I believe striving to continually increase the amount of weight in each and every workout is paramount to achieving more strength and muscle mass. As a bodybuilder, I feel it is essential to perform each exercise with good form in order to feel the targeted muscle being contracted and under tension throughout the entirety of each set. Hard work, discipline and dedication is absolutely necessary in order to accomplish fitness goals.

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FYT's Featured San Jose Personal Trainer

Trainer Lori Henderson profile picture

Lori Henderson

(3 reviews)

Just imagine, for a moment, that nothing else matters… except you. You’re on this site because you are looking for a trainer, I get it. And the truth is what you are doing now isn’t working, so its time for a change! Something customized and specific to you. That is where I can help.

My training protocol is different, and it isn’t for everyone. I don’t rely on the old fashion weight lifting or thigh blasters of the 90’s. I do not believe in making you limp out of a training session. You should feel exhilerated, not like you just got run over by a truck. You should feel like you learned something more about your body and feel that you are that much closer to your goals.

I have a compilation of methods, which result from obtaining over 33 fitness certifications over the years and my Masters degree in Rehabilitation/Performance Enhancement. If I were to name it, I would call it organized chaos using functional training. But simply put, I figure out what exercises will get you fitness results. If one thing isn’t working, I will find the type of exercise that will work for you. Our plan will be to achieve your results, not to just beat you up for an hour.

What my training is:

#1 If you exercise with poor posture, you are only going to strengthen the muscles that are already strong, weaken the muscles that are already weak, and increase the strain on ligaments and tendons that hold your body together. We start with getting you exercise ready.

#2 If you let me help you, I can help you. I will give you the tools to be successful, but you have to use those tools. 80% of achieving your goals is diet, 20% is your exercise. We will make sure that the 20% gets you 80% of the results in strength, cardio, agility, flexibility and more. But you will have to do the 80% with lifestyle changes outside of the studio. I get one hour of your time in a day, you have the other 23 hours of the day to reinforce success. Let’s make the Pareto Principle work for you.

#3 You need to move. Not all of my clients achieve perfect bodies, but quite a few do. Why? Training all depends on the effort you are willing to put in. I have been in the industry for over 30 years. During the course of this time, our lifestyles have become much more automated, creating a situation where people move less. You just press a button and something is done for you. Ever notice the lines in drive-thru at the coffee shop? Many folks aren’t even burning a few calories to get that 500+ calorie drink. My clients who succeed make the effort. I’m not a babysitter. If you don’t actually use the principles you learn, you are not going to be successful, whether it is me or any other trainer. You have to do the work in the studio and at home. Stop thinking that the quick weight loss schemes work. They don’t. We need to get busy.

In our weekly training program packages, we will ensure that you are:

Doing the right exercises that are needed for your body and your goal
Doing those right exercises correctly
Reviewing your lifestyle habits that are derailing you and help you develop a lifestyle plan that ensures that what you are doing outside of our workouts helps you achieve your goals (aka accountability)
Broadening your experience with training methods such as ballet, pilates, functional/core training, yoga, MMA drills, boxing drills, self-defense training, athletic training drills (football, basketball, tennis and more), body weight exercises and more. I do not use the big box, outdated selectorized equipment you see in the chain gyms. When you walk into my studio you will see space…space that within minutes is transformed into your personal workout room.
Getting an education, not just a workout. My clients learn what is right for their bodies so that they don’t injure themselves. You will take away valuable information that you will be able to use long after you stop training with me.
As a client with me, you will have access to my 30+ years of experience working in the therapy and fitness industry. Stop going through the motions. Let’s figure out what your body needs and make it happen


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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