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Ali Umar - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ali Umar
(1 reviews)

Best of the best AMAZING. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Ali genuinely cares about your fitness goals. Love that he didn't dive right into a formal session right away (though I'm sure he would if you prefer) -- but he did some basic "assessment" exercises to see where I currently stood and then built a plan around my level. He's a true believer that fitness and health are a lifestyle, not a short-term thing. He is extremely informed and passionate about fitness...and he now has me feeling the same way. HIGHLY recommended.

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Elwood  Taylor III - Philadelphia Personal Training
Elwood Taylor III

Fitness is more than a thing to do, its a lifestyle. After a sports career ending injury, I discovered my passion for holistic approaches to health and fitness. Let me help you transform your life and become a stronger, healthier, happier you.

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Ebony Norris - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ebony Norris

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

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Marcus Gregory - Philadelphia Personal Training
Marcus Gregory

I am a personal trainer, certified from the National Personal Training Institute. My aim is to help you make your body actually BE better, not just look better. My wide of training backgrounds (martial arts, dance, yoga, weightlifting, team sports) affords me numerous tools so I can tailor your training to be precisely what you need to achieve your goals, whether that be increased strength, better flexibility, improved cardiovascular health or any combination needed to build your body so that you can have the most fun with your life.

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Larry Carroll - Philadelphia Personal Training
Larry Carroll
When training with me expect to learn a comprehensive overview on exercise and nutrition. I hold multiple training certifications, my two main certifications are TRX and Precision Nutrition. With my variety of experience and education, I created a unique blend of strategies committed to the success of my clients. I divide the training sessions into strength and endurance workouts, this is so that my customers can get benefits from cardiovascular and strength training. With the unique blend of TRX education and body weight movements, I first assess my clients for the first few training sessions to see if you as my client can manage your own body weight effectively with coordination and without injury, also in efforts to get you to attain your fitness goals quicker. Included in any and all packages are; 1 kitchen makeover questionnaire, grocery shopping trips as needed, a nutrition plan, 1 free instructed class per week, 2 motivational phone calls/text, 2 motivational emails, healthy dessert recipes, bi-weekly assessments and one monthly IMTW (In the Meantime Workout) and more. In my gym we train everybody like athletes and only seek people serious about their fitness goals. If you like my plan and my smile let's get together and set up a free consultation.

I have three philosophies that dictate my training style and they are: First, life is dynamic and does not stand still. What I mean by this, is taking into consideration the complexities of aging, human interactions and the information taken in by the brain. With this idea we are trying to create awareness in hopes that people will become more resilient. Secondly, My beliefs behind this idea is that most people believe they can Compartmentalize their lives. I believe that eventually those different aspects of life will impose themselves each other taking into consideration idea 1. Sometimes peoples personal lives and professional lives will intermix. Again with this idea hopefully we create some awareness that will help people better manage the circumstance when it presents itself. Thirdly, attaining your fitness goals do not have to be a bore. Ask yourself, What are my goals? Am I trying to shed a few lbs. for the summer or am I trying to be a body builder? The answer to these two questions will dictate if you have to commit to 6-12 weeks. If your goals are casual than you don't have to be so stringent, but if your goals are bit more loftier then you have some planning to do even then it doesn't have to be a bore.

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Chris Jones - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chris Jones

My name is Chris. I am Certified Personal Trainer in the DC Metro Area. My goal is to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals in a manner that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and unique needs. I understand health and fitness it's not always easy, but being proactive about your diet and getting proper exercise, you can live longer, have a healthier life. And I'm just the person you can trust to guide you through it. To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

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Brian Rhone - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brian Rhone

Our initial session can take up to 90-minutes and cost only $39.00!  This session is important to evaluate where you are with your fitness and assist you to develop a fitness training plan that fits your body, your needs and your schedule.  As BodyARCHITECTS we take the time to LISTEN to each of our clients.  Just as an ARCHITECT creates an amazing building design.   We assist you to create an amazing body by designing the right program that fits you!

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Marcel Thom - Philadelphia Personal Training
Marcel Thom
Whether you are a veteran experienced athlete or a novice in the fitness field, I can help you achieve your goals. I train clients anywhere from age 15 years to 75+ in age. If you are looking for a great trainer with great credentials, and a proven track record in the fitness industry, then I am the person you will want to hire.

Pain is only temporary! Work hard in the gym, no matter how tough the intensity level is!

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Kaz Qamruddin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kaz Qamruddin

I am a private personal trainer with 20 years of proven experience in the health and fitness industry. Training with me will provide you with the ultimate results by utilizing several techniques such as: strength, cardio, plyometrics, balance, flexibility, yoga and nutrition. I will not only take you through the most intense work out you have ever experienced, but it will be delivered completely customized to your fitness level at each stage of your development. You will always push to finish your workout, but never at a pace that is beyond your point of optimum efficiency. Every element of physical fitness you will learn while experiencing private personal training with me is delivered using a method that allows you to apply it long after you training has completed. The personalization and level of excitement you will experience with me has to be experienced only once before you will see what is missing in other personal training programs! Working in some of the most progressive health clubs and fitness training studios in the country, such as New York, Los Angeles, Aspen and Boulder, I am honored to be able to share his knowledge and passion for fitness training with you.

Mission Statement: To educate, integrate and motivate the IAM Training Philosophy for inspired individuals around the world as a way of life. Philosophy: The IAM Training Philosophy is unique in that it incorporates the following traits that are all applicable to each other: Integrated, Innovative, Intuitive Athletic, Accelerated, Achieved Mechanics, Motion, Movement This combination of inspirational words defines the philosophy in a diverse gamut of qualities that are applicable to not one, but all. These meaningful terms can be applied in one's life in so many ways, but are the key components to a life abundant in a healthy mind, body and spirit. Their meanings are interchangeable and all describe the type of movement that is incorporated in an IAM Training session. About the IAM Training Style: This unique style of physical training is not defined by any boundaries, but encompasses many forms of physical activity that together aspire to a zenith of total body fitness. The center point of each training session is to apply as many different movement principles in a complete, well-rounded program customized to each inspired person. The session is comprised of a variety of strength, cardio, plyometrics, balance, flexibility and yoga; where one movement strengthens, another leans and lengthens. This dynamic combination has proven to not only shape a faster, leaner, stronger person, but a person with a healthier lifestyle and enlightened mind. What Makes the IAM Training Philosophy Different from Everyday Exercise? The philosophy is a way of life, not simply a way to do exercise. It is focused on having each individual person achieve their life goals of happiness and health. The IAM Training Philosophy is a foundation for people to choose to eat more healthy, exercise more efficiently and effectively, setting personal life goals and how to achieve them based upon the principles listed above. The possibilities are endless.

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FYT's Featured Washington, DC Personal Trainer

Trainer Ariel Bright profile picture

Ariel Bright

(11 reviews)

Understanding the hustle and bustle of city life, Ariel Bright models a mobile business which caters to your busy schedule; with a focus on flexibility you can attain your fitness goals in the comfort of training in your home, office gym, or apartment. I also have a private fitness studio space next around Thomas Circle area! Ariel's goal for each client is to create a dynamic relationship between the body and mind. In each session she facilities building strength, flexibility, and anaerobic and aerobic capacity through proper movement patterns in a safe and effective environment. Ariel thrives on keeping each session interesting and deviates from the typical big gym routines which rely on machines. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or looking to train for the first time, Ariel's diverse knowledge and experience, will allow for the creation of an effective program perfect for you. Anyone and everyone is able to benefit from exercise! Effective exercise can take shape in all different forms, and can always be fun.


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