About Kaz

I am a private personal trainer with 20 years of proven experience in the health and fitness industry. Training with me will provide you with the ultimate results by utilizing several techniques such as: strength, cardio, plyometrics, balance, flexibility, yoga and nutrition. I will not only take you through the most intense work out you have ever experienced, but it will be delivered completely customized to your fitness level at each stage of your development. You will always push to finish your workout, but never at a pace that is beyond your point of optimum efficiency. Every element of physical fitness you will learn while experiencing private personal training with me is delivered using a method that allows you to apply it long after you training has completed. The personalization and level of excitement you will experience with me has to be experienced only once before you will see what is missing in other personal training programs! Working in some of the most progressive health clubs and fitness training studios in the country, such as New York, Los Angeles, Aspen and Boulder, I am honored to be able to share his knowledge and passion for fitness training with you.

Mission Statement: To educate, integrate and motivate the IAM Training Philosophy for inspired individuals around the world as a way of life. Philosophy: The IAM Training Philosophy is unique in that it incorporates the following traits that are all applicable to each other: Integrated, Innovative, Intuitive Athletic, Accelerated, Achieved Mechanics, Motion, Movement This combination of inspirational words defines the philosophy in a diverse gamut of qualities that are applicable to not one, but all. These meaningful terms can be applied in one's life in so many ways, but are the key components to a life abundant in a healthy mind, body and spirit. Their meanings are interchangeable and all describe the type of movement that is incorporated in an IAM Training session. About the IAM Training Style: This unique style of physical training is not defined by any boundaries, but encompasses many forms of physical activity that together aspire to a zenith of total body fitness. The center point of each training session is to apply as many different movement principles in a complete, well-rounded program customized to each inspired person. The session is comprised of a variety of strength, cardio, plyometrics, balance, flexibility and yoga; where one movement strengthens, another leans and lengthens. This dynamic combination has proven to not only shape a faster, leaner, stronger person, but a person with a healthier lifestyle and enlightened mind. What Makes the IAM Training Philosophy Different from Everyday Exercise? The philosophy is a way of life, not simply a way to do exercise. It is focused on having each individual person achieve their life goals of happiness and health. The IAM Training Philosophy is a foundation for people to choose to eat more healthy, exercise more efficiently and effectively, setting personal life goals and how to achieve them based upon the principles listed above. The possibilities are endless.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Performance Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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