About Larry

When training with me expect to learn a comprehensive overview on exercise and nutrition. I hold multiple training certifications, my two main certifications are TRX and Precision Nutrition. With my variety of experience and education, I created a unique blend of strategies committed to the success of my clients. I divide the training sessions into strength and endurance workouts, this is so that my customers can get benefits from cardiovascular and strength training. With the unique blend of TRX education and body weight movements, I first assess my clients for the first few training sessions to see if you as my client can manage your own body weight effectively with coordination and without injury, also in efforts to get you to attain your fitness goals quicker. Included in any and all packages are; 1 kitchen makeover questionnaire, grocery shopping trips as needed, a nutrition plan, 1 free instructed class per week, 2 motivational phone calls/text, 2 motivational emails, healthy dessert recipes, bi-weekly assessments and one monthly IMTW (In the Meantime Workout) and more. In my gym we train everybody like athletes and only seek people serious about their fitness goals. If you like my plan and my smile let's get together and set up a free consultation.

I have three philosophies that dictate my training style and they are: First, life is dynamic and does not stand still. What I mean by this, is taking into consideration the complexities of aging, human interactions and the information taken in by the brain. With this idea we are trying to create awareness in hopes that people will become more resilient. Secondly, My beliefs behind this idea is that most people believe they can Compartmentalize their lives. I believe that eventually those different aspects of life will impose themselves each other taking into consideration idea 1. Sometimes peoples personal lives and professional lives will intermix. Again with this idea hopefully we create some awareness that will help people better manage the circumstance when it presents itself. Thirdly, attaining your fitness goals do not have to be a bore. Ask yourself, What are my goals? Am I trying to shed a few lbs. for the summer or am I trying to be a body builder? The answer to these two questions will dictate if you have to commit to 6-12 weeks. If your goals are casual than you don't have to be so stringent, but if your goals are bit more loftier then you have some planning to do even then it doesn't have to be a bore.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

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