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The best personal trainers in California

Kathleen Lavin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kathleen Lavin
(25 reviews)
Workout the smart way! She is very knowledgeable and take the time to analyze my strengths and weaknesses before we start our training..which are very helpful. It's not about how many's about the posture. I'm tried of getting hurt at the gym. She taught me how to workout safely and effectively.

Train with Kathleen
Eric Cruz - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eric Cruz
(23 reviews)
Eric and "crew" are very well qualified, careful and attentive to work with you and get the results you desire. If you are looking for a wellness approach to health, this is the place to be.

Train with Eric
Rachel McDonald - 30-minute Sessions - Philadelphia Personal Training
Rachel McDonald - 30-minute Sessions
(19 reviews)
I've been taking classes consistently for 4+ years with Rachel. It's easy to be consistent when you look forward to her classes. The 50 minute Positive Groove class (like Zumba) is high energy and fun; her instructions are easy to follow. The Tabata class is challenging and combines both strength training and aerobic exercise. The class size is small, which makes it a fun friendly atmosphere and the exercises can be modified for each individual's needs. AND you're done in 30 minutes - no smelly gym, no waiting for a machine! Rachel emphasizes Quality over Quantity. She maintains a smaller studio and smaller class sizes so it's like working with your own personal trainer.

Train with Rachel
Ivette Dunlop - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ivette Dunlop
(13 reviews)
Ivette is the best trainer I have ever had. I have used several over the years but she gets results quickly. After over a year with her, she still finds new exercises to keep things fresh and interesting. Ivette is extremely knowledgeable about cross-fit training and in over a year has pushed me to my limits without ever resulting in a muscle injury. That is also a first for me during a long term exercise program. I highly recommend her for anyone serious about exercise!

Train with Ivette
Shane Mervau - Philadelphia Personal Training
Shane Mervau
(11 reviews)
I had my first workout session with Shane today. I had never met anyone before with such in-depth knowledge about how different exercises effect specific aspects of the human body. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Very informative and also lots of fun! Highly recommend him.

Train with Shane
Sylvia Ferrero - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sylvia Ferrero
(10 reviews)
My career was taking off but I didn’t have the personal or wellness practices in place to be at my best. This all changed when I met Sylvia. Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m the healthiest version of myself, I’m more confident and comfortable with my body than ever before, my eating and wellness habits have changed, and I know there is no way in hell I’ll ever turn back. I guarantee she will change your life. (Founder & CEO of Wonder Over Worry & The Bold Academy, Creator at The World We Want, Writer at Fast Company)

Train with Sylvia
Alan Ataman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Alan Ataman
(10 reviews)
Have worked with Alan for a few months now and have nothing but awesome things to say about him. Professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He's like a big brother for me that wants the best for me. I've tried a few other things in the past but never stuck with them so when he said he won't let me fail and hold me accountable, he's done just that. Thank you Alan.

Train with Alan
Debbie North - Philadelphia Personal Training
Debbie North
(10 reviews)
Debbie's Nutrition for Life online coaching program is fun and easy-to-follow, breaking down nutrition and health into bite-sized (pun intended) pieces. The lessons offer daily inspiration and helpful tips in playful and practical ways. Debbie is consistently positive and encouraging. She reminds me of my progress and what is working for me and gently encourages me to the next step. What wonderful support in reclaiming a healthy life!

Train with Debbie
Ilene Wynn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ilene Wynn
(8 reviews)
I have trained with Ilene for more than 15 years. I am 64 years old, and consider myself to be very fit. Thanks to Ilene, I understand the importance of a holistic approach to fitness; cardio for endurance, strength training for keeping bones and muscles strong, and yoga for stretching and inner strength. She is expert at evaluating her clients, and designing workouts that suit their individual needs. She lives what she espouses; a healthy lifestyle that includes working out as an integral part of everyday life. She is the role model that everyone should have for healthy living.

Train with Ilene
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