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The best personal trainers in Florida

Shari Kalkstein - Philadelphia Personal Training
Shari Kalkstein
(24 reviews)
I'm 91 years old and Shari has done wonders for me. She has me functioning at top form and I am grateful for her knowledge and persistence.. I know that whatever the complaint, she can fix it. I love her.

Train with Shari
Constantine Plushko - Philadelphia Personal Training
Constantine Plushko
(16 reviews)
I met Constantine before 1 year, when I started my active sport life. I did not know how to manage with all that stuff in the gym, even I did not know how to start, what should I do. He made a special program for me. He was very carefull to me. First, we were talking about my targets and expectation. Then he built program based on our discussion. After 2 month of training I noticed changes. Not so fast? But with longterm effect. That is what I wanted!

Train with Constantine
Brandon Mercado - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brandon Mercado
(20 reviews)
Brandon has been my personal trainer for several months now and I have been very pleased with Brandon’s style of training along with my outstanding results. Brandon’s style is very straightforward yet can be tailored to suit the needs for persons of any age. Brandon demonstrates each exercise and he consistently provides feedback as to how I am doing each exercise and what to be aware of so that I can concentrate on maximizing my growth and not injure myself during the process. What I have really appreciated about Brandon is his ability to take the time to understand my physical capabilities, to understand prior injuries that I have had, where I might have muscle soreness after a workout, etc. I would strongly recommend Brandon as a personal trainer. I am confident in his ability to help a client reach/exceed their personal goals. He also has a very friendly, non-intimidating style that has made the training sessions enjoyable, while challenging!

Train with Brandon
Thomas Marbell - Philadelphia Personal Training
Thomas Marbell
(15 reviews)
Sometimes as we age, it's not the golf equipment or the golf ball. IT'S OUR FLEXIBILITY. I hate admitting this but in my 40s I hit the golf ball between 150 yds - 155 yds with my 7 iron. As I hit age 58 this year , I was only hitting the golf ball between 135 yds - 140 yds with my 7 iron . I have been on a strict lifestyle change for a 6 month commitment to loose 40 lbs and get back in great health. While hiring the best personal trainer, what I am finding out with his professional training program that he designed for me is that I am getting back my flexibility and building up muscle tone and etc and strengthening my core which is building up my club head speed. In just 5 weeks with Tom Marbell, I am down from the 220lb start to 199 lb , but one of the other great things is I am now hitting my 7 iron between 145 yds - 150 yds. He is getting my flexibility back.

Train with Thomas
Katya Kuziankova - Philadelphia Personal Training
Katya Kuziankova
(15 reviews)
An incredibly dedicated, hard working and professional coach. Katya is very passionate about her job and will do her very best to accommodate your personal needs. Working with her is super fun as well as very productive. She will turn on her Eastern European tough side when you need a little kick in the butt, or she will lend you a down to earth, friendly hand when you're feeling a little vulnerable. I would definitely recommend Modern Fitness by Katya Kuziankova, because whatever it is you are looking for, I am positive she has the answer. (especially if what you're looking for is a healthier and better life style.)

Train with Katya
Andrew LeMasters - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andrew LeMasters
(14 reviews)
Very knowledgable and really considers your specific needs.

Train with Andrew
Gina Galiano - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gina Galiano
(13 reviews)
Love this place and the people! Like another family. Gina is awesome. Have tried other places and they can't compare.

Train with Gina
Katina Bolton - Philadelphia Personal Training
Katina Bolton
(11 reviews)
If your looking for a trainer, please look up katina Bolton. Shes trained and always has your health and safety in mind

Train with Katina
Christian Armand - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christian Armand
(10 reviews)
Working with Christian is my first time with a personal trainer, its has been an excellent experience, one I wish I had done years ago. He is very knowledgeable and has created a realistic nutrition plan that is easy to stick with and works very well. The work-outs are always changed up and never boring. My energy levels have improved as has my overall mood. I am excited to continue training and reaching my goals. I would highly recommend Christian.

Train with Christian
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