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Thomas Marbell - Philadelphia Personal Training
Thomas Marbell
(15 reviews)

Sometimes as we age, it's not the golf equipment or the golf ball. IT'S OUR FLEXIBILITY. I hate admitting this but in my 40s I hit the golf ball between 150 yds - 155 yds with my 7 iron. As I hit age 58 this year , I was only hitting the golf ball between 135 yds - 140 yds with my 7 iron . I have been on a strict lifestyle change for a 6 month commitment to loose 40 lbs and get back in great health. While hiring the best personal trainer, what I am finding out with his professional training program that he designed for me is that I am getting back my flexibility and building up muscle tone and etc and strengthening my core which is building up my club head speed. In just 5 weeks with Tom Marbell, I am down from the 220lb start to 199 lb , but one of the other great things is I am now hitting my 7 iron between 145 yds - 150 yds. He is getting my flexibility back.

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Gina Galiano - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gina Galiano
(13 reviews)

Love this place and the people! Like another family. Gina is awesome. Have tried other places and they can't compare.

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Constantine Plushko - Philadelphia Personal Training
Constantine Plushko
(8 reviews)
Alina Lytvyn
I met Constantine before 1 year, when I started my active sport life. I did not know how to manage with all that stuff in the gym, even I did not know how to start, what should I do. He made a special program for me. He was very carefull to me. First, we were talking about my targets and expectation. Then he built program based on our discussion. After 2 month of training I noticed changes. Not so fast? But with longterm effect. That is what I wanted!

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Christian Armand - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christian Armand
(10 reviews)

Working with Christian is my first time with a personal trainer, its has been an excellent experience, one I wish I had done years ago. He is very knowledgeable and has created a realistic nutrition plan that is easy to stick with and works very well. The work-outs are always changed up and never boring. My energy levels have improved as has my overall mood. I am excited to continue training and reaching my goals. I would highly recommend Christian.

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Matthew Lowe - Philadelphia Personal Training
Matthew Lowe
(9 reviews)

Matt Lowe is one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to personal training. I've known this guy for about 8 years now and was trained by him on a deployment together. He got me in the best shape of my life and I gained 20 lbs of muscle too (if that's what you're looking for)! I highly recommend giving Matt a shot at helping you with anything you need, whether it is bulking up or just getting into shape!

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Christy  Valencic - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christy Valencic
(6 reviews)

Christy is an amazing trainer. The sessions start of refreshing and leaves you refreshing at the end. Her enthusiasm to help her clients is extraordinary. I recommend hiring Christy for your fitness needs. She is very knowledgeable and a great mentor.

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Clinton McCoy - Philadelphia Personal Training
Clinton McCoy
(4 reviews)

I have worked with Clinton for about a year now. He was that stern but supportive trainer I needed. I have lost the weight I wanted to lose, gained muscle tone and now know what it takes to maintain the body I have now. He helped me to understand that more than the look, it's my health that it's important. I am now more focused on my eating habits and the things being put into my body. Working with Clinton was the best self invest I have made this far!!

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Frank Latella - Philadelphia Personal Training
Frank Latella
(4 reviews)

Frank is truly an amazing trainer. When I started training with him I told him my goal weight and he made sure to do everything to make me achieve it. He is very attentive during his sessions and he made sure I understood every work out. Even when I wasn't feeling up to working out he always made sure to keep me motivated. I am happy to say that with the help of Frank I lost 32 lbs and feel like a completely different person. I highly recommend him for anyone that has a serious weight loss goal!

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Bethany Reul - Philadelphia Personal Training
Bethany Reul
(4 reviews)
Danielle Vieira
I've worked with Bethany for a short two months now and she is amazing! Reliable, organized, detailed, personalble, experienced, everything I was looking for in a trainer. I had very specific goals that she took seriously and costimized with meal plans, workout plans, texts, emails and in person training sessions. Since with her I have been able to increase my food intake, lose weight/body fat and changed up exercises. I would highly recommend her for whatever your fitness goals are!

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FYT's Featured Florida Personal Trainer

Trainer Eric Nochimson profile picture

Eric Nochimson

(8 reviews)

I can also train you at my private gym, e954fit, located at 3310 West Hillsboro Blvd in Deerfield Beach.

Helping people reach their fitness goals is what I love to do. I have knowledge and I have experience. I even opened up my own facility because there’s no better feeling making a positive impact on someone’s life. I’ve been “addicted” to weight training and sports, and I’ve been more relaxed and casual because of it. I’ve been able to maintain an active lifestyle regardless of my changing lifestyles and circumstances.

I have my bachelors in exercise science and health promotion from FAU. I am certified personal trainer through the NCCPT. I’m also weight management certified through the Fitness Training Company. Lastly, I am CPR/AED certified through the AHA in addition to being an EMT.


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