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Dennys Maymir

53 Reviews
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About Dennys

I'm from Cuba. I want to share with you my almost 20 years of experience training athletes and rehabilitating people to bring out the best version of you. We will break all taboos and conventional ways of training with a didactic and innovative methodology. Together we can do it.

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My favorite client story

Jenny could barely walk, after an arduous rehabilitation process, in six months I can participate in a 10km marathon

My favorite exercise


My training philosophy

Improve 1% every day and in 100 days you improve 100%.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Posture
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Performance Training


Degree of Physical Culture and Sport

Who I Especially Like Working With

Actors, Beginners, Cancer Survivors, Men, Middle-aged, Models, Overweight/ Obese, Post-rehab, Rehab, Runners, Student-athletes, Women

Medical Conditions Experience

Ankle Injury, Arthritis, Artificial Knees, Back Pain/Issues, Bad Posture, Depression, Diabetes, Hernia, Hip Pain/Issues, Hip Replacement, Joint Pain, Muscular Dystrophy, Neck Pain, Obesity, Piriformis Syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Shoulder Issues

Additional Languages Spoken


I met Dennys many years ago , thanks to him, I recover the mobility on my right hand ,when the doctor said that I will never be able to Play piano. After a work accident I end up with two broken fingers. It took 6 month of workout and massage. The pain it is gone, I can do as good as I used to. I will be always grateful.


He started in Cuba, where he studied and worked hard, a few years later he moved to Peru, where he worked harder and became a real professional, a few years later on, became a giant, training high end sports careers, always caring, loving, smiling and pushing forward, great professional, better human being, wish you the best now in the lands of liberty and opportunity!!! Ernesto & family


After years of dealing with right shoulder pain, Dennys helped me through. I didn’t only learned how to stretch and build muscle the right way, but he also taught me about the emotional components to that specific type of lesion, that was absolutely remarkable.

Frank M.

Dennys is a excellent Coach

Cristina Cárdenas Gonzáles

He knows our athletes, studies their liabilities and weaknesses. He’s an excellent coach

Ximena Souza Ferreira

Muy bueno me ha preparado para dos ironman 70.3 y el resultado de mi carrera fue superior a lo que yo esperaba . Muy recomendado

Luis Felipe Narrea Espinosa

A year and a half ago I decided to fulfill a personal goal, to run my first marathon. At that time I was overweight and I had a terrible physical condition. Dennys was honest with me that the road was not going to be easy but not impossible. In every workout and conversation dennys first asked how I was?, how I felt?, worried about my peace of mind. Then came the conversation about the results of my training and how we should improve. And in a year I was able to run my first marathon. The Chicago Marathon 2021. I fulfilled a first goal and personal objective. I am already preparing to meet another goal and it is the New York marathon improving my results. All this I have achieved with the support and advice of Dennys. It's a shared success. I really trust Dennys


El mejor facilitador para concretar metas, una experiencia muy enriquecedora.


Dennys es un gran entrenador que se preocupa porque mejores cada día y te orienta para llegar al objetivo propuesto. Es el mejor entrenador que uno pueda tener y además es tu amigo en el que puedes confiar. 100% recomendable

Beatriz D.

Best coach I have. Everybody can tell him about their future goal and Dennis give the best feetback. He never give up you !!

Aldo V.

Correr siempre fue complicado para mi, me dolía la rodilla, me dolía la otra rodilla, el dedo, el talón, todo! Llegué a Dennys y desde ahí aprendí a correr, proque cualquier puede correr, pero no todos corren bien. Dennys logró que yo disfrute de cada KM. Dennys hizo que mi primera maratón fuera uno de los mejores momentos de mi vida! Dennys es un excelente profesional, el mejor coach y gran amigo que te acompañará siempre!

Claudia R.

I was about to quit running due to repatead injuries… until I met Dennys. He has a great ability to detect strength imbalances and where to improve your technique. After training with him I’ve never had an injury again. Also, he helped me train for my goal of running a half marathon under 2 hours and we succeeded ???????? 100% recommended


En buen entrenador con los mejores planes así mismo buen seguimiento de los entrenamientos Muy bueno y recomendable

Victor G.

Coach Dennys is a professional who puts into actions his experience and studies to prepared a tailored running plan that has been used by many athletes. Coach Dennys takes the time to evaluate your metrics which will tell if you really put in the work. His method works if you are willing to expend hours of serious training. Don’t waste your time if you are not serious about running. Best coach I ever had, 100% recommended!

Johnny S.

Dennys is a total GENIUS to coach someone to get the BEST results one can get. I started training with him in early 2020 before the pandemic hit the world. Even though most of my plans were canceled (marathons overseas); training with him helped me to remain sane and healthy. I recommend him fully for any sporting goal, especially for those athletes who want to get results and train integrally: body, mind and get ready to conquer their goal.

Karla T.

El Coah Dennys es esa persona que te guiará a encontrar tu mejor versión, siempre y cuando estés dispuesto y comprometido 100% . También será el mentor , amigo, hermano y consejero . Un fuerte abrazo

Eloy Pérez Andreu

Dennys es un coach profesional de primera. Siempre guiandote y aconsejando. Con el plan personalizado, metodología utilizada y seguimiento permanente, Dennys me ha ayudado muchísimo en mejorar fuerza, flexibilidad, técnica de carrera (en todos los aspectos) y así evitar lesiones y sobre todo mejorar en el running.

Pedro R.

Dennys has the characteristics of an excellent Coach. He is analytical, communicative, motivating, organized and realistic. Despite having met and trained with other Coaches, no one compares to him. Is the best.

Anni F.

Quien es el mejor Coach ? Es el amigo, Es quien te conoce , sabe tus defectos , sabe tus virtudes , sabe hasta donde puedes llegar sin que uno mismo lo sepa Es quien te levanta cuando ya perdiste el rumbo y las fuerzas Sabe todas tus dolencias físicas y emocionales y te conoce más que tú mismo Es quien te guía en todo el camino hacia el final de tu carrera luchando y saltando todos los obstáculos Es quien te espera en la meta de llegada sin importar el puesto en que llegues , siempre estará orgulloso de ti Es tu amigo, tu mano derecha , la persona en l cual confías plenamente Ese Coach eres TU DENNYS ! el mejor Entrenador y mejor amigo ! Por algo estamos juntos hace más de 12 años !!!

Patty B.

Dennys is the best person and Trainer that I have known ever. He thinks always in all aspects to define a strategy and a Training Plan. I could reach many personal targets with.

Juan Carlos Bolaños

My life as a runner changed when I was recommended to the Cuban professor named Denny's. The first complete evaluation of the way that I ran, I was positively surprised, the explanation he gave me, about my running posture, the type of footprint I had, gave me the opportunity to understand the origin of all the injuries that I had suffered when I starting to run empirically. Currently, Those injuries are in the past and running is more pleasant, which will allow me, run my sixth Marathon, it will be in Berlin with the advice of a great professional Denny's Maymir.

Liliana E.

When I first started working out, my ethics were all wrong, but when I met Denny, he was able to help me with such flaws ranging from the forms to the proper ways on how I should proceed from the current level I was at, to being able to conduct myself in a healthier and safer manner motivating and inserting a discipline which help me want to continue pushing myself to my very own limits.


If you want to run the New York Marathon 2022 and being a smiling finisher and free- injured runner… let me recommend you start to train with Dennys now! ???????? He trained me for crossing the finish line at NY Marathon twice! ??????????????????????????????

Zoila A.


Dennis L.

hello I was running for many years always with pain and injuries. When I decided to run a marathon, I looked for a good coach to help me achieve that goal and dream. In my search I found Dennys Maymir, who is currently not only my coach but also a great friend. I have already run two marathons, without pain, without injuries, I admire and love my coach very much because he is a great professional and person, if you want to run a marathon do not think twice, he can help you.


DENNYS has a lot of experience, training, patience. He is always motivating you and his preparation plans are personalized and appropriate to your type of training.

Anis C.

Super personalized training, professional and excellent person.

Carla Jordan

El mas tecnico y capo de todos!!

Guisella A.

I’ve been trained by Dennys for about 6 years. In all this time he has help me a lot in many ways. I achieved to run my first sub 3:30 marathon in 2019. He is always ready and pleasant to help me with any question i have about anything related to my training.

Luis Felipe Castilla

El mejor coach! A diferencia de muchos improvisados Dennys es una persona preparada que realmente domina su tema te enseña de tecnica, posturas no solo para que mejores tus tiempos si no para que corras sin lesionarte.

Fabiola R.

I am really very happy with the work of Dennys, I have been progressing in my goals together with the work and follow-up of the couch. Highly recommended.

Diego F.

I started training to finish a marathon. I’ve never imagined how it would change my life. Dennys taught me how to get better physically and mentally. He is a coach who cares for you and who gives importance to your whole wellbeing. I finished the marathon, but on the way, I became a healthier person. I learned how to focus on my training, how to run, breathe, and think when I’m running.

Maria A.

Dennys es el mejor!!! Lo digo en serio !!! Gracias a el he logrado hacer 3 maratones (incluye una major en Berlin), logre hacer la marathon en menos de 4 horas También gracias a el he logrado hacer mas de 3 Ironman 70.3 ( dos en Lima y el ultimo en Francia) Con condiciones, diferentes , diferentes altimetrías etc pero gracias a el logre disfrutar la carrera!! Finalmente este año sigo entrenando aunque con objetivos diferentes, gracias a su constancia su seguimiento y la forma de motivarme no pierdo el foco!! Mil gracias Dennys por acompañarme y apoyar todos estos años !! Chicas y chicos no duden es el mejor ????

Alexia G.

Saco lo mejor de mi para reiniciarme en el deporte después de muchos años.

Chino C.

Dennis is very efficient and careful with the athletes. He takes cares of us in regard to any injury and he is the best trainer from Peru.

Estela R.

Entreno con Dennys hace muchos años y es súper profesional y tienes buen conocimiento de lo que hace Y me ha ayudado a cumplir con mis objetivos


He is the best Trainer!!!????

María A.

Excelente profesional, entrenador de técnicas de runnig, 100% personalizado. Me ayudó con la recuperación para mejorar la pisada y balance después de una fractura de tobillo. Lo máximo. Y como persona es A1.

Rocío Santana Vela

Whether you want to improve your fitness, prepare for a race or lose weight, Dennys is the right trainer for you. Very professional, patient, and above all very knowledgeable about running technique.


Dennys does a wonderful job for us, he is always on time for appointments and we have felt a lot of improvement since we received therapies with him, his work is very professional and courteous

Marcia G.

Dennys was my trainer when I was a cyclist and he has helped me throughout many years, he has a wide understanding of the physical aspect as well as the training and he will work with all your specific details and or issues and find the best way for you to achieve your goals! I can’t ask for a better trainer he’s nice and patience and he cares and loves what he does!

Annalie S.

No se encontraran a nadie más dedicado y con gran habilidad lo recomiendo totalmente


Analiza, diagnostica, proyecta y te acompaña de la mano hasta el objetivo!

Johanna R.

I started running empirically and almost gave up due to constant injuries to my Achilles heel. Happily. Dennys Maymir was recommended to me, and he began by evaluating my walking, running, and my force levels, with this data, he could explain me , the reason of my injuries. I learned the best running technic for get my goals. Now I will go to my the 6th marathon, will be in Berlin with the best Trainer Dennys Maymir.

Liliana E.

Dennys trained me last year for recovering of a chronical back pain and muscles stiffness. After a couple of months, there was a huge improvement in my movements and pain reduction. He worked with me not jus to do the exercises, plus he taught how I can do them by my own. A great trainer and person

Juan Diego Rodriguez

Dennys is a very kind and energetic guy who loves what he does. He always gives 100% to ensure you achieve your goals. Training with him is very fun, even though he will make you suffer ???? I can only recommend him!


A1. Definitivamente Dennys sabe lo que hace y le pone toda la pasión. Siempre comparte mucho conocimiento y responde a las mil y un dudas que uno pueda tener. Siempre disponible para conversar o aclarar puntos del entrenamiento y recapacitado profesionalmente. Top


Dennys is one of the best coaches I've ever had. I´m a runner and used to suffer chronic pain on the knees whenever I trained longer distances. His trainning plan got me running full marathons again, and thanks to him the pain is now gone. He's a great professional (extremely dedicated and meticulous) but even better person. He would regularly check up on me to see how I was going and how I felt with my training. Highly recommend him!

Katrina S.

I’ve been training with Dennys since 2014. He has been an excellent trainer to me and has helped me achieve and overcome my own goals. I have attended group classes and lessons, which with his professionalism and expertise he delivers the best knowledge is his field. He is always challenging people to get the best out of them but he does that when he knows they are ready for that. Last but not least, he is very personable, loving and fun person. I recommend Dennys 100%.

Carolina C.

Dennys works with me weekly, the experience with him is unique. He shows the mastery and great anatomical knowledge in each technique that he applies, he is definitely another level of professional.

Kathy A.

After several years of racing on my own, Dennis was recommended to me. And it was the best recommendation, not only I could improve my times, that was a consequence, I learned to run, I learned to train intelligently, to know my body and I learned to train to run and not run to run. Dennis is not only a sports coach, he is an integral coach that guides you and challenges you to improve every day. In addition to being an excellent coach, he is a great guy. I recommend him 100%

Mario B.

I never imagined having results in such a short time. Excellent service and professionalism.


Working with Dennys is life changing! I've struggled with my health & fitness for most of my adult life. The first day I meet with Dennys he said to me, "this is not about motivation, it's about determination - because motivation fades, but when you're finally determined to change your life, nothing can stop you". And that was all I needed to hear. No one had ever put it in those words for me - but Dennys did, and to this day he continues to remind me no one but me can make this happen. Dennys is a coach, trainer, motivator, and friend. He can be tough during workouts, yet so very caring as a person. He takes his profession seriously - his commitment to your success is like no other. I more than recommend Dennys to anyone looking to getting that subpar health & fitness monkey off your back for good! I simply can't say enough great things about Dennys - just ask 3 of my friends that have signed up with him after me! Thank you Dennys!


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