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Cameron Imani - Philadelphia Personal Training
Cameron Imani
(2 reviews)
So far Cameron has been extremely helpful. He’s always on time and he’s always answering questions that I need. He’s very flexible and knows his stuff! I’d highly recommend him!

Train with Cameron
Dustin Genoe - Philadelphia Personal Training
Dustin Genoe

I am a Marine Reservist who lives, dreams and eat fitness everyday of my life. I fell in love with fitness. I wanted to share my love with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves. Balancing family and a career may be tough but I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is very important, and a great example for your family. I am a certified personal and group exercise trainer and will make each training plan structured to your individual needs
and goals.
Dare To Be Great.

Train with Dustin
Brandon Howard - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brandon Howard
I chose to work in the wellness field to share my passion and knowledge of health and develop life skills that promote individual and community health. Throughout the years, exercise has evolved from almost totally sports specific training to something the entire population, regardless of demographic, needs to do. We know fitness is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and fuller life but few know how to get started and reach their goals. Given the opportunity to work with you, I will develop a program that will not only challenge you but allow you to go beyond the expectations you have set for yourself.

Train with Brandon
Estevan  Molina - Philadelphia Personal Training
Estevan Molina
I am ready to help you reach your fitness goals, whether that's training for a 5K or marathon, getting in shape for a big event (wedding, vacation, etc.), or just improving your overall health. I tailor each client's program to his/her specific goals. At my facility, CoreStrong, we have equipment for almost every type of workout programming.

I have trained a very wide range of people: men, women, all ages, and all fitness levels from division one college athletes to people who hated P.E. class and would have never been caught dead in a gym. I have also trained and coached elite high school wrestlers for 5+ years.

I love coaching and helping people improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Train with Estevan
Mark Robison - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mark Robison

My MAXLife Fitness approach places the focus on fitness for living instead of living for fitness. Fitness is more than spending hours in the gym. It is the right combination of exercise, recovery, nutrition, self-accountability and motivation to give you the ability and energy to live a full life. I work with you to find the best balance of the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of a fit and fruitful life to minimize your exercise time and maximize your fun time. Time and fitness for you to roughhouse with the kids, frolic with your spouse, pursue adventures, dance and live a full life. Consulting by the week instead of by the session allows us to work together to customize all aspects of you healthy living program...while saving you money over the common three times a week workout sessions. Let’s talk! You have both my and the Find Your Trainer guarantee that you must love what you hear and experience or not pay for the first week/session.

Train with Mark
Blake Burris - Philadelphia Personal Training
Blake Burris

I have worked in the health and wellness industry since 2006, focusing on creating healthy habits for my clients. The clients I have worked with range from youth athletes to women with osteoporosis. I truly enjoy seeing all my clients gain confidence and happiness in themselves. I picked health and fitness because it made me feel good to be a positive motivation in someone else's life. I competed in sports in high school and college and still enjoy volunteer coaching and referring youth sports. When I work with clients I like to do multiple exercises focusing on safe movements according to the clients ability. I believe health is our greatest invest in life!

Train with Blake
Catherine Bloomfield - Philadelphia Personal Training
Catherine Bloomfield
I am a very outgoing and excited person, especially when it comes to helping others achieve the goals they have always wanted for themselves. I'll make your goals my goals, and I'll be there every step of the way to help encourage you and build you up!

We live in an increasingly anxious society. We are over-worked, over-stressed beings, racing from one obligation to the next. With such chaos, we often fill our bodies with quick and unhealthy food. At the same time - prescription drug use, suicide, and obesity are on the rise. Sound depressing? Well, here's the good news: your life doesn't have to be that way! The scientific community has demonstrated that EXERCISE can help alleviate the pressures of our daily lives. Have you ever considered working out for the MENTAL benefits? Regular exercise can have comparable benefits to psychotherapy and even pharmaceutical drugs, without the potentially devastating side effects.

Train with Catherine
Chip Kaylor - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chip Kaylor

Personal training should be just that... personal. The commitment to a healthier lifestyle begins with a partnership between my client and me. All wellness programs are individually designed for each client with clear goals and expectations set from the get go. My job as a personal trainer is to educate, motivate, and help my clients hold themselves accountable making wellness fun along the way. To implement safe, individualized programs emphasizing healthy lifestyle modifications for long-term results.

I empower you to be healthier for the rest of you life.


Train with Chip
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