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Na Nas - Philadelphia Personal Training
Na Nas
(1 reviews)
MAJA Wessels
My husband and I signed up with Mark in advance of a cross country cycling tour we were planning. Long story short, more often than not he didn't show up for training sessions--sometimes he would call a few minutes in advance to let us know, sometimes he just didn't show. By the time we left on our trip we had had only 2 or 3 sessions with him. He promised to refund us $600 in unused training (since we had paid in advance). 8 months and innumerable calls (and just as many promises on his part to pay right away) we still have not been refunded. He's a good salesman but does not live up to his promises and in the end, stole our money.

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Drew Saenz - Philadelphia Personal Training
Drew Saenz

Hello! My name is Drew and I am an energetic Fitness Professional doing business in the East Valley. I have a personal weight loss journey and I am determined to help others on theirs. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have lost 20 pounds of muscle in the process of dropping 60. Weight loss is different than fat loss and I ensure all of my clients are doing so correctly. General Fitness is another big passion of mine. I believe when you move better you look better and feel better!

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Andie Ramirez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andie Ramirez

I became a trainer to help others overcome the fear of injury and to prevent injury. With motivation, I attained the knowledge to be the absolute best trainer in the Phoenix area. I've learned from the very best trainers and coaches in town. For 21 years I've helped others learn to enjoy their time in the gym and taught many different populations and personalities.

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Seth Thurston - Philadelphia Personal Training
Seth Thurston

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Seth Thurston has transformed lives and empowered people to maximize their ability to engage in the sport of life. He has lead many on the journey of full- body transformation through the use of cutting-edge scientific methods that enable people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Seth has worked with models and former Miss Arizona winner, Rachel Kasang, to enhance their beauty and physical appearance through his proven body sculpting techniques. As a Master Trainer, Seth has worked with athletes, pushing them beyond their limits to improve endurance and sport-specific skills so that they can dominate their competition.

Through personal experience as an award-winning physique competitor, Seth has helped many overcome hurdles and provided the encouragement, nutritional meal planning, and workout regimen necessary to follow in his footsteps at the NPC physique, body-building, and bikini competitions. If you desire to look and feel the best you ever have, if you want to lose body fat and build muscle, if you dream of having better endurance and strength, let Seth Thurston lead you on your personal journey to better health and fitness. His passion is to help you become an athlete of life.

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Vinay  Singh - Philadelphia Personal Training
Vinay Singh

I became a trainer in 2012 initially as a running coach and then became as a group fitness trainer in October 2015 for Maricopa County employees. Last year I decided to start my own business and here I am. I believe in EATING CLEAN and TRAINING HARD to get the RESULTS you want. I value cross-training ie. running, biking, hiking, weights and interval training. I specialize in group training.  My workouts are interval training 30-40 minutes long, and very intense. I focus on helping you INCREASE STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, a STRONG CORE, FEEL CONFIDENT and you will feel AMAZING! That's the goal. I am very supportive during your journey. I am very much invested in your success to feel AMAZING! I am a Certified Group Fitness Trainer-ISSA. I am a runner ie. 5, 10K and half marathons. I am seeking my Spartan Tri-Fecta medal this year.

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Tim Welch - Philadelphia Personal Training
Tim Welch

My name is Tim Welch I am a nutrition and health advocate , specializing in nutrition , boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, weight training, friendly and ready to help you better your health and life.

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Mike Sharkato - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mike Sharkato
Hello, and thank you for checking out my profile! With over 15 years of hands on strength and conditioning training, and more than 25 years of martial arts, I am a well rounded and experienced instructor of integrated fitness and defense training programs. Over the last 12 years, I have helped over 350 individuals achieve their personal fitness and body image improvement goals. I have also instructed a dynamic spectrum of clientele ranging from average citizens to elite military and law enforcement personnel in organized group fitness and defense training programs, as well as one-on-one training. No goal is too large and no circumstance too unique if approached with a practical and adaptive training regimen. I offer tier one personalized training programs for personal and group sessions. No matter what your goal, be it weight loss, muscle gain, performance improvement, or combative capability, I'll work with you through an optimized complete training program designed to get you exactly where you want to be.

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Terrell Thompson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Terrell Thompson

My goal is to change client's not for a couple of months but for the rest of their lives. I don't just train my clients but also educate them on the importance of exercise and healthy life choices.

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Na Nas

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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Running Training
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Specialties: Core and Balance, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Kettlebells
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training

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