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The best personal trainers in Tampa

Karla Soler - Personal Training
Karla Soler
(2 reviews)
Karla is phenomenal!! She has done wonders working with my mom (who is 82) and I wish we could work with her forever. I was trying to get my mom strong enough physically and mentally to actually go somewhere during the day so she could be around people rather than spending each day alone and Karla accomplished that. Karla encourages my mom to challenge herself while at the same time being caring and encouraging. In addition, she's very knowledgeable and from day 1, she walked in "with a plan" for my mom. Today is my mom's first day at our local YMCA, which provides a "community" of other seniors. I'm so grateful to Karla - her demeanor was perfect for us, she's kind, very knowledgeable, challenging, motivating and just a wonderful person. We feel lucky to have found her.

Train with Karla
Jean Fernandez - Personal Training
Jean Fernandez
(9 reviews)
I just started with him and I already see results. He provides meal plans that are easy to fix and stick to not like others that you would need a whole day trying to prepare the meal. He definitely keeps me motivated and is tough and that's what I need. He not only provides a workout but he takes the time to teach me how to do it properly. Although, I tell him multiple times a workout I hate him lol, he says yes but you will love me in 4 weeks, and if we keep on this path, I absolutely will. I would recommend him to all my family and friends. If you want someone as dedicated to you as you are to getting healthy, this is your guy!!

Train with Jean
Debbie Smesko - Personal Training
Debbie Smesko
(8 reviews)
I have been going to Debbie for over 10 years and would highly recommend her. Debbie has state of the art equipment, a large studio and all the conveniences you need. She has a vast knowledge of her craft and keeps her students informed with follow ups via email and always has extra time to discuss any questions. I always enjoy my workout because it is never repetitive and she works different muscles groups every time. She has made my quality of life much better and will always be grateful to her for that.

Train with Debbie
Josie Dalton - Personal Training
Josie Dalton
(7 reviews)
Jo has now been my trainer for 3 months. The first thing that impressed me was that she listened. She listened to my goals, created a program that worked for me and has been supportive, encouraging and there every step of the way. It's refreshing to work with a woman, who isn't trying to sell me supplements, extra sessions or other things (like male trainers have in the past) Three times a week I feel like I accomplished. In just three months, I have gotten off one medication for my heart, one for diabetes (which was my main goal!) and can stand on my feet and chase my grandson. We celebrate every accomplishment. I have had half a dozen trainers before Jo and I can tell you none of them have encouraged me to work towards my results like Jo, because she is interested in the results I want, not just "weight loss". By the way 22 pounds in 3 months isn't bad either!

Train with Josie
Jonathan Martinez - Personal Training
Jonathan Martinez
(3 reviews)
I worked with Jonathan for over three months doing cardio and strength exercises. I was 138 lbs and now I am 124 pounds. He also help me to learn about nutrition and how to eat correctly. I am very excited of the changes I have accomplished in my life working with Jonathan. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have a one on one exercise and nutrition training.

Train with Jonathan
Scott Dickover - Personal Training
Scott Dickover
(3 reviews)
Scott has been my trainer for approaching 4 years. He is a skilled running, swimming and all-around trainer who has pushed me to get to my goal. He has worked with me to my first half-marathon (I've done 4 now) and even developed fitness plans for me to follow while I was recovering from an injury. Scott has always pushed me to continue getting better and growing my fitness along the way and I would HIGHLY recommend Scott and if you are looking for running, swimming and fitness training he is your GUY!

Train with Scott
Devin Smith - Personal Training
Devin Smith
(2 reviews)
When I originally joined Anytime Fitness, I intended to “stay in shape” and maintain an active lifestyle based on work out routines I was accustomed to and new techniques I’d discover on the internet. I’d soon discover that my routine was structured around my own comfortability level and my workouts began to plateau. I wasn’t building any new muscle and I was simply maintaining my physique without considering the advantages inherent with setting the bar higher and following a dietary plan. That all changed when I met Devin. Before he tailored a work out plan for me, he asked several questions to get an understanding for what my goals were and really who I wanted to become. He recommended a fairly rigid workout and dietary plan that would get me on track to achieving the goals we set. What I loved most about his training was his genuine interest in me as a person and his desire to truly build value in my life by helping me achieve and exceed my expectations. Not only did he keep me accountable for my progress but he pushed me to do more. By the end of my time working with him, I went from not having any experience with equating to being able to squat 250 lbs! His techniques and different workout routines were extremely educational and he’d always give an explanation to why we did certain routines. Devin was also an incredible mentor and often gave me advice on how to retain and strengthen the muscles I didn't work on as much. He was more interested in a full-body improvement rather than honing one particular muscle group. With his broad range of knowledge in the industry and interest in the individual, I put on 8 lbs of muscle in 2 months and developed a love for the gym. He’s not a miracle worker but if you give him a can-do attitude and something to work with, results are guaranteed! Thank you so much for the 3 months of training and the friendship you showed to a newcomer to Tampa!

Train with Devin
Gene Chandler - Personal Training
Gene Chandler
(1 reviews)
Very creative methods - motivating trainer. I am very happy I chose Gene as my trainer. He is very knowledgeable in the field and I know I will reach my fitness goals because of him.

Train with Gene
Daniel Louis - Personal Training
Daniel Louis
(1 reviews)
Daniel is a great trainer!! He took the time to devise a workout plan customized around my fitness level, schedule and budget. He is extremely patient and encouraging. He's got a great sense of humor, and keeps the sessions light and enjoyable. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Train with Daniel
Lauren Jerger - Personal Training
Lauren Jerger

I believe every harmful or unhealthy thing you have done to your body it will come back to haunt you, but it can be slowed or even reversed. I believe to totally be whole and in touch with oneself they should by grounded by mental, physical, spiritual strength. No matter how strong, cut, skinny or swole a person is they truly aren't 100% satisfied with their appearance. Not only do I help my clients change their lifestyle for the better, but also help them become their true potential by pushing them past what they think their limits are in fitness.

Train with Lauren
Serge Rurik - Personal Training
Serge Rurik




Train with Serge
Doug Hatch - Personal Training
Doug Hatch

I have been in the fitness and training business for years. I train clients at their homes and the park as well as at my martial arts school. I have made functional fitness and science based approaches my mission for years. I have worked with retirement homes on fitness classes as well as tai chi. I have taught children's P.E classes as well as run martial arts children's classes. I believe everyone can reach their full physical and mental potential through guidance and education. My best success is a client reaching their goals and keeping on track.

Train with Doug
Travis Gullett - Personal Training
Travis Gullett

My personal fitness journey has lead me to help educate and transform other people.

6 years ago I weighed in at 333 pounds while playing Division III football and decided to change my life. I dropped 50 pounds to continue my college career as an Offensive Lineman. Then dropped another 50 pounds after college and at one point got to 213 pounds! I have since became very inspired and interested in the bodybuilding and fitness world and have gotten my physique to an average of 235 pounds. My own journey helped me obtain knowledge and acquire a following of people who trusted me and my knowledge very much.

I also coached high school football for two years during this time. These components led me to begin my path towards becoming a personal trainer. Since I began my career as a full time trainer I have worked with age groups ranging from 15 all the way to 79 and have had successes all the way through. I have helped clients achieve goals of weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, sports performance, and stuff as simple as just feeling better. As per usual in my profession I am very skilled at individualizing a workout to meet a clients goals and needs, but I also have the ability to change my training style from client to client. If you need a tough love guy pushing you through a workout or somebody offering constant encouragement, I have you covered!

I work with all my clients on their nutrition to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition they need in order to reach their goals because it is my highs the most overlooked aspect of achieving the body you desire.

Train with Travis
Ronald Hill - Personal Training
Ronald Hill

At Finish Athletics our mission is to provide effective custom programs designed to increase strength, cardiovascular health, and nutrition planning  to meet your specific goals.  Based out of Tampa, FL Finish Athletics employees only certified personal trainers that receive their certification from accredited institutions. With fitness assessments we motivate our clients by setting goals, providing feedback and accountability that measures strength and areas improvement. Finish Athletics takes pride in not only training clients, but also in providing coaching and support. We offer:


-Advanced Resistance Band Training


-Locomotion Training


-Youth training


-Fat loss goals


-Muscle Sculpting


-Gaining Lean Muscle Mass


-Increasing Muscular Endurance


-Increasing Speed, Power, and Strength


-Improving Posture, Stability, and Balance


-Improving Performance and Agility


-Online coaching and programming




Finish Athletics specialize in Advanced Resistance Band Training and Locomotion Training to build speed, strength, and agility while promoting overall weight loss.  Are methodsreliable, effective and trustworthy. We guarantee every session is an extraordinary workout. We'll come to your home, office, or neighborhood with all the equipment you need to reach your unique health and fitness goals. No place is too big..or too small. We'll make it and you work. 

Train with Ronald
Amid Williams - Personal Training
Amid Williams

Hello, my name is Amid. I am a Certified Personal Trainer in the Carrollwood, Tampa, FL area. I come from an athletic background and I focus on a systematic approach to reaching your fitness goals starting with stability and flexibility through proper form and then adding elements like muscle growth, strength and power. I am certified though NASM and NPTI, which was a rigorous 600 hours of hands-on and theory program that is well recognized in the industry as they use the NASM model. I currently operate out of Metzgerbodies private training studio, but I can also come out to your home for training sessions as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Train with Amid
Dominic Lane - Personal Training
Dominic Lane

My name is Dominic Lane former pro athlete and now Sports Performance & Fitness Coach. Growing up I wasn't the fastest or the strongest athlete but I had a goal to become a pro athlete so, knowing I needed help I got a trainer for the first time and it changed my life and I ended up becoming an pro football player. Now I'm determined to make others feel how I felt and help them reach their goals.

My training style is more like a motivational speaker works with their voice but I do it though my workout regiment and personalit.  I custom design every part of the workout just to fit what the client wants and will enjoy. You will not be disappointe.

Train with Dominic
Trish Webster - Personal Training
Trish Webster

I am an ACE Certified Fitness Professional with 7+ years of mobile Personal Training experience. In addition to Weight/Strength/Cardio/Flexibility training programs, I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Core Strengthening, Yoga Foundational Poses, Proper Breathing Techniques, Facilitated Stretching, High Intensity Interval Training, Boot Camp Style Training, Youth Fitness, Kids Triathlon Training, Self Myofascial Release and more with my clientele.

Train with Trish
Taylor Elhourch - Personal Training
Taylor Elhourch
Certified Fitness Professional, 5 Years Experience, NPC Classic Physique Competitor, Background in Weight Loss Programming, Nutritional Guidance, & Fitness Competition Training

Train with Taylor
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