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Sebastian Perez

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About Sebastian

I empower individuals to manage their lifestyles through exercise training, nutrition education, and food awareness; by supporting an inclusive, body-positive, mindfully nurturing, and sustainable self-care approach to fitness, cooking, and health! I have been part of the American Council on Exercise body of trainers since 2017 and, as such, seek to promote physical activity as part of the solution towards ending the epidemic of inactivity and lifestyle diseases generated by it. Before achieving certification through A.C.E., I had been certified through the World Fitness Association (W.F.A.) since 2012. Previous to that, in 2010, I had attended a 1-week certification preparation event at the Cooper Institute. I have a specialty as an Oh Baby! Fitness Pregnancy & Postpartum Instructor Trainer as well.

With over 20 years spent working in the Food & Hospitality Industry, the way I approach fitness is quite unique. Solid Customer Service focus, a more mindful, holistic, and sustainable outlook on food characterizes me.

Through W.F.A. as well, I received certification in the areas of Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management to help clients understand the power that lies in their hands for behavior change and acquisition of new, healthier habits.

I am ServSafe Certified as a Food Manager, Food Handler, and possess a ServSafe Allergens certification as well. Through the acquired skills I continuously apply and transmit important information to my clients in the Fitness field when we dive into the areas of Meal prepping & Cooking, Food safety & Nutrition. Soon, I am seeking certification as an Instructor/Proctor to be able to offer expert Food Safety education and training as well. A foodie and home chef at heart, I am fascinated by our GUT MICROBIOME!


My favorite client story

(Copied directly from the letter she sent my director back then at L.A. Fitness)

"I am super excited to share my experience with Sebastian, my Personal Trainer at L.A. Fitness.

I started working out with Sebastian mid-September, 2013,

I am proud to say that I went from a Women’s Size 16 to Size 10; within less than 4 months.

Before I was rated in the second category of “obesity” in the chart at my physician’s office. I am now considered “overweight”

My blood pressure was out of control, to the point that my physician prescribed medications and asked me to “stop working upon leaving this office today, and go get your prescription filled”… I have not been on blood pressure medication for the last ¾ weeks.

Sebastian also noticed there was something wrong with my back. He pointed at a couple of things and told me my hip muscles seemed to be overly tight, and that I should go see a chiropractor or my doctor. After a couple of times, I finally listened to his advice and visited the physician yesterday… to find out my hips were locked up. The physician explained this was probably due to the excessive weight I previously had on my body. The physician was impressed by Sebastian’s observations, as well as the knowledge he displayed when he pointed and explained to me what I should go to get checked.

Exercise was not my friend. Sebastian made me feel comfortable and welcomed from day one. He is always happy to see me and has created exercise programs that work for me and my specific needs.

I have changed a lot during the last 4 months. Surviving my workouts was my main goal until the end of December, but I actually enjoy exercising and look forward to my sessions every time. He trusted me whenever I told him I couldn’t do a certain exercise, yet he found ways around it to properly keep training me. He is strong enough to hold me accountable when I am slacking, yet always listen and get me engaged in it. The most exciting point of this all was when I discovered I have lost about over 10 inches around my waist this past November.

I am confident, with Sebastian’s leadership; I will be able to make my next 2 goals come true: get to a size 6 to 8, and to jog/ run a 5-mile trail by my 50th birthday in April. "

My favorite exercise

Mindful walking.

My favorite quote

"La educacion, como la luz del sol, puede y debe llegar a todos"

"Education, like sunlight, can and must reach everyone" ~ Jose Pedro Varela, Uruguayan Sociologist, Journalist, Politician and Educator

My training philosophy

Everything always comes down to having control over the situations presented with and while safely working through them obtain outcomes which are more desirable in the long run.

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Functional Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

CPR/AED/First Aid

Who I Especially Like Working With


Medical Conditions Experience

Back Pain/Issues, Depression, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, Neck Pain, Postural Issues

Additional Languages Spoken


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