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The best personal trainers in Boston

Sasha Kossak - Personal Training
Sasha Kossak
(12 reviews)
Sasha is the best personal trainer you could imagine. She is a fantastic professional as well as a wonderful person. As a trainer, she is highly competent and knowledgeable, attentive to your needs, and incredibly thorough in her approach. She will customize things for you depending on your goals, fitness level, current and past injuries. For example, I had a weakened pelvic floor after giving birth, and she managed to develop a plan that still resulted in amazing killer workouts that not only didn't cause me any issues, but led to the strengthening of my pelvic muscles. I used to be convinced that the only way to get a challenging and satisfying cardio workout was to run for an hour or two, and I did that for years. Sasha has taught me so many exercises that not only get your heart rate up, but are also massively more effective in engaging a wider range of muscle groups and toning you all over (something none of the standard cardio machines can accomplish!). And the best thing is that you can do them anywhere. Working out at a gym is great, but there is travel-time overhead, and sometimes (e.g., when you have a little baby at home) every 10 minutes count. Any question / concern you might have -- Sasha will go the extra mile to give you as detailed and clear an answer as possible, including researching things as needed, sending you articles to read, etc. And she has such a large arsenal of exercises that each workout is unique (you will never be bored!) while, at the same time, they together form a carefully orchestrated and highly effective system. I have never felt so strong or had so much fun working out. And as a person, she is incredibly warm but also a real badass (a former boxer!): she will be as tough on you as you need her to be. I spent a long time looking for a personal trainer, and everyone I met before Sasha I just couldn't imagine enjoying spending time with on a regular basis, but with Sasha I knew immediately that she fit the bill, and I was right. Finally, she does wonderful soft tissue work, which can be great for both helping heal past injuries or general relaxation.

Train with Sasha
Helen Lin - Personal Training
Helen Lin
(6 reviews)
I'm constantly looking for new ways to improve my climbing and overall fitness. When I reached out to Helen, she gave me a simple plan both for working out and for improving my diet. To measure my progress, I started paying close attention to pull ups. I have never been able to do even one! After following Helen's routine of negative push ups, I could do one, two, and now I'm able to do at least 2 sets of 3 after a session of climbing. I've never seen such concrete results before, and it's really helped to motivate me to keep working! When giving me tips on starting to clean up my diet, Helen explained everything to me in a clear and easy way to help me understand. She even went the extra mile and said I could send her my meal logs for extra support, which really helped and now I'm able to keep up the habits she set up for me. You can tell that Helen loves what she does, and that totally rubbed off on me! Whether she was coaching me around climbing techniques, general fitness, or eating healthier, I became that much more motivated and excited. I highly recommend Helen!!

Train with Helen
Bobby Kiernan - Personal Training
Bobby Kiernan
(1 reviews)
Having had a not-so-great experience dropping in to another NYC CrossFit gym a few years before, I have been insanely skeptical of the gyms in Manhattan. Some overcharge you, some program workouts that aren't that great, and some are just straight rude. In any case, my experience at 5th was absolutely none of that. Coaches Bobby and Lauren were insanely nice to me, made sure I had all of things I needed for the workout (even replaced some plates for me mid-workout that had cracked!), and were patient in showing me some of their warm up drills. I can't recommend dropping in here enough, my only regret was that I didn't come in more!

Train with Bobby
Leanne Matthews - Personal Training
Leanne Matthews
(1 reviews)
Just the help I needed! Leanne does a great job, is friendly and encouraging without being intimidating. In addition to the training, she has a lot of knowledge on nutrition.

Train with Leanne
Beth Rau - Personal Training
Beth Rau

I have had a passion for fitness all my life and strive to defy my age everyday and am a firm believer that you can be in the best shape of your life at any age. I became a personal trainer because I want to share my passion for fitness with others and help be a part of their fitness journey so they can be healthy and active without injury. Listening to my clients needs and helping them achieve their fitness goals is something I take very seriously. Having owned my own graphic design business for many years I pride myself on developing relationships with my clients, paying close attention to detail and surpassing their expectations. I train people of all ages and keep the workouts interesting and fun but not easy. If you want to see results you have to work for it!

Train with Beth
Moonin Mookhiruntara - Personal Training
Moonin Mookhiruntara

Moonin is a certified personal trainer through the "National Academy of Sports Medicine" (NASM), certified boxing coach through the "Boxing Certification Institute" (BCI), and certified barefoot training specialist by the "Evidence Based Fitness Academy" (EBFA). He was a competitive athlete at Wayland High School in soccer, tennis, and track (100m dash), and also enjoys yoga, boxing, golfing, and hiking. He's constantly expanding his mind and knowledge through books, fitness conventions, and training certifications. Moonin is experienced, energetic, and determined to help clients reach their goals.

Train with Moonin
Rob Skinner - Personal Training
Rob Skinner
I believe fitness is about durability and preparedness. If you are pushing yourself to the edge of your physical limits on a regular basis, whatever those limits may be, the body and mind can heal more quickly from setbacks, and will take on new challenges or hurdles in stride. My job is to push clients to this discovery, and help them revel in it for the rest of their lives.

Train with Rob
Sean Griffin - Personal Training
Sean Griffin


     I’m the owner and head trainer for RightFit Fitness and Performance Training. We offer personal training through one on one, small group, and bootcamp class settings. RightFit also offers on-line personal training for as low as $20 dollars per month. You will get new workouts each month, and you could do one of the other previously uploaded workouts. All of the Online training offers program design through our very own fitness app. Your workouts will be given to you in video versions to help with accountability to make adhering to a workout schedule more realistic. Our training is safe and custom built for males and females for fat loss, athletes, firefighters, beginners, and injury post rehab clients. At RightFit we don’t train everyone. We are looking for motivated clients that have a measurable goal. We can only get you results if you are dedicated to training multiple days per week and eating healthy. We also offer nutritonal guidance based on the clients needs.

Train with Sean
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