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About Emma

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the motivation to get up and train, move your body, or do something that challenges you. We love staying in our little comfort zone. I also like to. But I know how good it feels when I catch myself doing something I couldn't previously do, or when I don't think twice anymore before getting up and working out. I want to transmit this passion I have for helping people believe they can do it, to you. I graduated with a degree in business of fashion, I'm Italian but recently moved back here for a while. I became a personal trainer because my priorities shifted and I went after this challenge like I want you to go after yours, no matter what it is.

My favorite exercise

I love high intensity exercise. I love to sweat. Sprinting, rowing intervals, and all sorts of plyometric exercises are my favorite. I also love to incorporate gymnastics in my trainer, as I used to be an elite gymnast.

My training philosophy

My approach is holistic, which means using a natural process of transformation and growth of awareness itself, it means finding harmony.
I'm not the kind of person who competes in the spring to have a nice body in the summer. It's about loving yourself and being the best you can be. It is not about getting toned inner thighs or defined arms or abdominals. It's about feeling good in your skin, having a positive body image for everyone, working to feel better and stronger for a better and stronger mind and body and soul. My approach will definitely differentiate, and stand out as someone who is interested in the general well-being of the person. I am not about gimmicks, but building strength with the weight of your own body.

My training experience

When I first entered a gym, there was a sense of loss, confusion, non-belonging, embarrassment, not knowing what to do with all the equipment. With time, however, I learned to not give up. I kept my head down and concentrated on myself, improving day by day. My own battles with food and the relationship I had with my body were not healthy and I was not happy with my appearance. The journey has no end, but the progress I have made is enormous, and with the things I have learned, I hope I can inspire someone to fight and move on to a more confident and serene place, just like I did.

NCCA Accredited Certifications

AAPTE Certified Personal Trainer


Business of Fashion

Additional Languages Spoken

Italian, Spanish

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