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Brian Donovan - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brian Donovan
(16 reviews)

I selected Brian Donovan as my coach because he holds two of the most advanced personal training certifications and has a great, low-key but encouraging, demeanor. During the time I have worked with Brian, I have reached and exceeded my weight loss, body fat, and flexibility goals. Every workout with him has been customized to my unique fitness goals and challenges. I was born with back problems and Brian is great about adapting the exercises for my specific needs. I’ve been working with him for over two years and have never had an injury. In addition, Brian is great about keeping up with the latest fitness and nutrition news and studies and always shares helpful tips for me to incorporate into my daily routine. I highly recommend Brian for anyone seeking a trainer. Whatever your needs and goals, he will develop a program for you that WORKS, and you’ll have fun along the way because he has a great personality.

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Mark Pawson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mark Pawson
(14 reviews)

A little over a year ago, I noticed that I was gaining weight, my clothes were becoming uncomfortably tight, and I was not happy with my overall appearance. I had been ignoring the weight I was gaining since I moved to Chicago and fell out of my normal workout habit in 2014. With my impending 50th birthday and my executive physical looming, I decided to begin focusing on my health again and began running on the treadmill. I had previously been a runner but due to chronic knee issues (even after months of physical therapy) had given it up. Although I began seeing some nice results fairly quickly, my old knee issues began to flare up again. I reduced my running to walking with incline. Overall, I achieved some much needed weight loss but didn't build any strength. At my executive physical in April 2016, I met with a physical therapist who strongly encouraged me to lift weights in addition to my cardio training. She encouraged me to engage a trainer, but I kept putting it off. You are the first professional trainer who I have engaged on a contract basis. I have worked out at gyms with small group training, and I have engaged a trainer for a one-off session, here and there, but never with any consistency. I approached you because I saw how you worked with a range of people and saw that you tailored the work-out to the individual. I also know that I will only stick to working out if it's convenient (i.e., you come to my gym in my building at a time that works for me). I could not be happier with my progress. My clothes are fitting better (I am wearing my favorite "skinny" suit today and it is loose on me), and I'm seeing muscle definition that I haven't seen since my 30s. My husband has also noticed the changes. ;-> I feel that I am getting stronger (one of my goals) and fitter. I have less pain/stiffness in my knee and feel I have a much broader range of motion. I attribute my success to 1) feeling a sense of accountability to a plan, 2) you listen to me regarding my aches and pains but don't let me slide into complacency, 3) you frequently ask me how I am feeling and about the exertion level, rather than just watching my perceived exertion, 4) you keep the workouts interesting - lots of changes - without overwhelming me, and 5) you work with my crazy travel schedule and design travel-friendly workouts (even though I don't always do them).

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Bret Gornik - Philadelphia Personal Training
Bret Gornik
(9 reviews)

If you are looking for a trainer that is all about ROI Bret is the guy for you! To see top results it's all about total wellness. Bret is more than well versed in the latest fitness techniques to drive results in the gym, but he takes it to the next level as he focuses on your nutrition and overall health. He broke down my diet, showed me where room for improvement was, and then showed me how to cook a well balanced diet. This overall approach in combination with a truly inspiring and positive attitude allowed me to see far quicker and better results compared to my personal training sessions at one of the top gyms in Chicago. The one thing I can't stress enough, which Bret focuses on, to see results the gym is just one part but without a complete approach you compromise success. I highly recommend Bret and the opportunity to see results in all aspects of your life!

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Cristina Panagopoulos - Philadelphia Personal Training
Cristina Panagopoulos
(7 reviews)

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have helped me do to get on the road to wellness and fitness. Not only is my rotator cuff injury pain almost non-existent, but to have range of motion back is just awesome. The side benefit was how much better and more energy I have is just amazing, and I actually enjoy the sessions. I've had other trainers before, but you are truly the best I've had.

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April Gatlin - Philadelphia Personal Training
April Gatlin
(5 reviews)

April has proven herself over and over again not only through my personal success of nearly 40 lbs. lost and a 10% decrease in body fat in only five and a half short months, but she does it the safest and healthiest way possible with a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise for each of her classes and clients. I've never felt so strong, so beautiful, and so confident in myself that it's almost as if I've been born again. Thank you April Gatlin for believing in me and being my rock and my motivator through this journey. I couldn't have done it without you. One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind while chasing your dreams and reaching your goals, as long as you want it as bad as she wants it for you, then you will succeed!

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Daniel Gustin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Daniel Gustin
(5 reviews)

I've been going to Danny for almost a year and could not be happier! He is not your normal trainer. He made me feel comfortable right away, even though I was insanely out of shape. After the initial assessment, he took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to achieve. Together we discussed and set goals for fitness as well as ways to improve my diet. Danny's upbeat attitude is contagious. I might be known attempt to veto certain exercises but Danny refuses to let me off the hook and pushes me to believe in myself. My workouts are tailored to me and the types of things that I enjoy and help keep me motivated. Danny has helped me work around issues such as muscle strains to continue to push myself. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and can modify any exercises when needed. I now look forward to my workouts!

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Ted Fournier - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ted Fournier
(4 reviews)

Ted is an excellent personal trainer. He puts in a lot effort to make each work out unique and innovative. With his positive energy and enthusiasm, he actually manages to make working out fun! I've cursed his name more times than I can count, which, to me, is the best compliment a personal trainer can receive.

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Corry Tibbs - Philadelphia Personal Training
Corry Tibbs
(3 reviews)

I was struggling for a few years to lose weight and tried every fad diet out there with no results. I met Corry and discussed my goals with him and he created a food plan for me, a home workout schedule ,and I was training with him 3x a week. I lost 70 pounds in the first year. I still train with him but he gave me the foundation for proper nutrition and effective workout routines.

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Paul Rogus - Philadelphia Personal Training
Paul Rogus
(3 reviews)

I can remember the first time Paul asked me if I needed a workout partner. It was 8 years ago, we both were Juniors in highschool and in need of motivation. I was a scrawny 5ft. 10in. 145lb teenager in need of some muscle and Paul was the man to help me put it on. From day one I could tell this kid had a drive like no other, a drive that said I will not let anything stand in my way. He has seen me through it all, the struggles and triumphs, but he never let me lose sight of my goal and how far we have come since day one. I can honestly tell you that if it weren’t for Paul, I would still be that scrawny 145lb kid in a 25 year old body. Because of Paul’s motivation and commitment to my fitness goals, today I am a 215lb athlete and not only do I owe every pound of muscle to him,but every ounce of confidence I have gained along the way.

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FYT's Featured Chicago Personal Trainer

Trainer Brian Donovan profile picture

Brian Donovan

(16 reviews)
My sessions involve a combination of traditional strength training in conjunction with high intensity interval training. I place a lot of focus on form and functional movements. I educate my clients on nutrition, take monthly measurements and perform strength assessments to mark our progress. All of my clients have an online profile with a username and log-in that allows them to sync their workout programs with their phone calendar, as well as access to fitness and nutrition charts and graphs that allow them to track their calories, macronutrients, progress, and metrics such as circumference measurements, weight, and body fat %. They also have the option of having their daily workout emailed to them each morning, as well as access to a workout library with videos of each exercise to help them with their form.

It is about quality not quantity. Get in, go hard, go home. You do not need more than 45 minutes to an hour, 3 to 5 days a week to get into great shape but you must know how to eat, when to eat, when to rest and recover, how to workout, and why you are doing what it is you are doing. That's where I come in.


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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