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Gary Martinez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gary Martinez
(3 reviews)
I started working with Gary to help my golf game. I am very pleased with my progress since the beginning of the year and look forward to getting my golf game on this season. I really appreciate that Gary customized my program for me an older person and that he is sincerely interested in helping me achieve my goal time. I would highly recommend Gary and have recommended him to my friends.

Train with Gary
Mariana Seserman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mariana Seserman

I am very committed to assisting clients in meeting their fitness goals. I specialize in training athletes and sports teams however, have experience with other clients as well. I am very understanding and encouraging but will also ensure that the client is pushed to reach their full potential.

Train with Mariana
Becky Keesler - Philadelphia Personal Training
Becky Keesler

Hey there ! My name is Becky and I am a CPT in SoCo. I am absolutely passionate about health and fitness, not only for myself but for my clients !  I’ve seen dramatic results through hard work and dedication in my own life and I love helping others discover the life giving gift of health as well ! I look forward to meeting you and getting you on the road toward your goals.

Train with Becky
Debbie Travis - Philadelphia Personal Training
Debbie Travis

Hi there! I am here to help you!! We will work TOGETHER to achieve your goals and I will help you dig deeper than you thought you could! I absolutely LOVE fitness and nutrition and will share as much as I can with you to learn and grow and pass it along! "Your body can withstand just about anything, it's your mind you have to convince" Let's get to work and most importantly have fun doing it!!! I am available via email, text, phone, social media whatever is easiest for you and can answer you anytime of the day! A quick background: Been a trainer/coach for 4 years ACE Certified Personal Trainer ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist Past clients from obese to bodybuilders to stay at home moms to recovery from injuries and men and women preparing to go into military Can assist with meal prep/shopping Can assist with Pre/Post Natal as I have a 2 year old Competed and won in power lifting meet in my weight class of 150 Played semipro women's tackle football Trained to compete in women's bodybuilding but due to back injury had to back out Recovered from injuries with a lot of exercises I've learned about in my studies Recovered from shoulder surgery with exercises I've learned from my studies

Train with Debbie
Heath Gay - Philadelphia Personal Training
Heath Gay

If you are a walker, hiker, or mountain climber (or want to become one), you have found the fitness professional for you. I specialize in outdoor training and excelling at walking, hiking, and mountain climbing.

Please check out one of the resources below to learn more about me and how I can assist you.

Train with Heath
Brooke Sanchez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Brooke Sanchez

I have been a trainer for 4 years now and enjoy working with small group boot camps & 1 on 1 for strength gain, muscle gain, weight loss, cardio & youth sports. I also help coach an awesome detox nutrition program! Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I also enjoy working with cancer survivors!
In my spare time I enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, walking my dogs, working out, and spending time with my family!

Train with Brooke
Chris Franklin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chris Franklin

I take a unorthodox approach when it comes to training my clients. I integrate all the common human movement patterns and implement them into my client's programs. In turn, a balanced workout program is created with undeniable results. With years of experience in the Field of fitness training and athletics I provide the knowledge and support you need to succeed. I have a proven track record of excellent customer service and my first priority is helping you reach your fitness goals and help you become a better version of yourself.

Train with Chris
Michael Murray - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michael Murray
Hey!! I'm Michael and I specialize in balancing the mind, body and spirit. whether its at your home or the great outdoors I believe you can become the best you can be and even better with a little push. Inspiring other to embrace the challenge regardless of what it is fuels my passion as a personal trainer.

My fitness journey began when I was 15 years old. I grew up in New Orleans my whole life, then one day a hurricane called Katrina came threw and turned my life upside down. I gained 30 pounds dealing with the stress and a year later me and my family moved to Colorado Springs. One day while looking in the mirror a fire deep inside me sparked and grew. I was determined to get in shape, so I started running at my little apartment gym and I worked out everyday. 2 to 3 months later I joined a bigger gym and I decided to weigh myself, I couldn't believe what I saw, I lost over 60 pounds in that short amount of time. It was one of the hardest things I have done so far.
A couple of years later I joined a small MMA/Boxing gym and I started working out in a different way and It was very challenging. I've been doing MMA for 7 years now and still going.
My mission now is to spread my knowledge and wisdom so others can find their passion and achieve whatever goal and face any challenge the world can throw at you.
I look forward to seeing you and guiding you through your next fitness journey, Thank you!!

Train with Michael
Ann Bunge - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ann Bunge

Expect to achieve Maximum Results! Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for fitness and health knowledge. I spent my life experiencing and learning ways to live healthy and happy in this fast paced world. Let me teach you how to live a happy, healthy life!

Train with Ann
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