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Best of 2017 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Miami

Shawn O'Regan - Philadelphia Personal Training
Shawn O'Regan
(9 reviews)

You're considering a personal trainer to help improve your level of fitness. Great! Now be sure you get the most for your money. One who can actually make changes, not just promises.

Every trainer sounds good when describing themselves. But only a few I consider professionals; someone to whom I would refer a friend or relative. The rest are nice people but not particularly capable of instructing others. 

Most are former school athletes or exercise enthusiasts, but that's not enough qualification to instruct others. And too many will waste your time, while giving you misinformation or worse, putting you at risk of injury with exercises not appropriate for your experience or fitness level. Every day I see trainers putting people at unnecessary risk of injury.

Whether you just want to get toned, lose weight, build muscle or are a performance athlete looking to further your ability I have the intelligence, experience, education and overall expertise to create a custom plan exclusively for your unique needs. One that will evolve as you do. We'll meet at your home, office, apartment or condo or wherever is convenient for you.

Every trainer claims this. But few have the intellect, attention to detail and communication skills absolutely necessary to make it happen. I'm not talking about getting you to work up a sweat. Anybody can do that (and most classes and training programs don't do much more).

I'm talking about real, substantial, for-the-rest-of-your-life change. 

Talk to me, you'll get the idea. Better yet, commit to my program. It's like nothing else in town.

My program is not for everyone. But if you're serious, you want the best. Call me now.

Exclusive custom personal training programs for you in the Brickell and downtown areas of Miami. One to one private exercise instruction provides better results, faster for your best physical fitness. Expert fitness instructor Shawn is near you and works with you in the comfort and privacy of your home, gym or office. Areas close to Brickell and downtown like The Roads, Edgewater, Museum Park also for Miami’s best personal trainer. Weight loss, strength training and recovery from injury.

Train with Shawn
Jennifer Fidder - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jennifer Fidder
(8 reviews)

IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU BOOK A SESSION PLEASE SHOOT ME A MESSAGE SO WE CAN CHAT ABOUT YOUR GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS. It is important to me to get to know potential clients before we agree to work with each other. I want to make sure we "click". This way I am also able to answer any questions you might have. (Women only. Sorry, guys!)




Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the owner of Jennifer Alice Training & Coaching LLC.


I’ve been training for over 10 years, and I love what I do. I work with women like you because I feel like it's what I was born to do. I coach because I have to.
Through in-person and online training I help my clients become happier, healthier, and more confident.
I have a degree in Social Psychology and qualifications in personal training, cardio training, training for weight management, and food coaching.
Clients choose me because I’m supportive, honest, and I truly care about your journey to fitness - your health goals matter deeply to me. So I’ll push you, hold you accountable, be a shoulder to lean on if you struggle, and I’ll totally kick your butt if you need it.
While I’ll shower you with unconditional love and support, it can be tough love sometimes. If you tell me you stayed on track but your results tell a different story, we’ll have to talk! ;)

Here are few more bullet points that will help you decide if we are a good fit for each other:

Who I coach:
- Women who haven't been working out for a while and want to get back into it.
- Women who are new to fitness and never worked out before.
- Women who want to lose weight, be happier, healthier, and more confident
How I coach:
- I offer in-person sessions, online training, and hybrid programs (mix of in-person and online training).
- My coaching includes workouts, nutritional advice, and mindset exercises.
- English and German

Train with Jennifer
Annamaria Salemi - Philadelphia Personal Training
Annamaria Salemi
(5 reviews)
You have landed on the right page if you are seeking a Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor who is qualified to provide you with Concierge Level services. Pure Strength Training, Pure Yoga, or a combined discipline approach such as Yoga with Body Sculpting or Resistance Training with Toning, I can help you. Serving Miami's Finest Residences

Classes with me are not time-constrained. If you're tired we stop, if you want 'more' we keep going. I will never say to you "it's a 1 hour class". I allow time for us to discuss and review, before and after your workouts. Getting to know about your goals, expectations and feelings is an invaluable part of success.

Train with Annamaria
Vinny Faust - Philadelphia Personal Training
Vinny Faust
(4 reviews)

Hello!!! Welcome to your segue to SUCCESS. My passion is to teach you how to look, think, perform and feel your best! My initial goal at the start of my career as Master Wellness Coach was to positively impact as many lives as I could through fitness. This aspiration has carried me through 5 states and 14 years of providing individuals of all populations "preventative medicine." My experience as a multi-sport collegiate athlete has enabled me to coach clients on the importance of focusing on all the facets of wellness in order to live FOREVER FIT- It's not just a mindset, it's a Mantra!

Train with Vinny
Christopher Estevez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christopher Estevez
(4 reviews)

You're just 1 decision away from starting the journey towards your Ideal Body. Overnight results are not natural or healthy, transforming your body over time is possible for ANYBODY! I will show you how integrated training routines will get you to your goals as fast and effective as possible with minimal risk of injury. I will show you how to adapt your nutrition over time into a healthy lean lifestyle which will be permanent and provide long lasting results and health.

Your body is your temple, my training aims to improve your quality of life on all levels and to build that temple. The decision can only be made by you...

Train with Christopher
LB Irigoyen - Philadelphia Personal Training
LB Irigoyen
(4 reviews)

While attending Ransom Everglades High School, LB led the Men’s Cross Country team to its first State Championship in over 15 years. LB continued his streak at Ransom, graduating with back-to-back Athlete of the Year Awards, Miami Herald Runner of the Year Award, and a total of 5 State Championships (2x 5k State Title, 2x 1600m Track & Field State Title, 1x Cross Country Team Title), becoming the first athlete to win back-to-back State Championships in two different sports in over 30 years.

After Ransom, LB attended the University of Miami as a dual sport athlete. Being coach under London 2012 Olympic Coach, Amy Deem, LB finished his season as the top freshman on the team and set a personal record during the ACC Championships. While attending UM, LB also worked for over 2 years at the University’s Wellness and Health Center as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager. Due to an increased course load, LB graduated UM early with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Sports Medicine.

Post graduation, LB moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu to pursue Movement based learning in the professional surfing community. He worked at The Contemporary Sports Therapy Office of the North Shore, assisting Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists, and Gyrotonic Instructors. During his time there, he aided in movement foundation training and sports therapy with professional surfers, including Kelly Slater (11x Surfing World Champion) and Tom Carrol (2x Surfing World Champion).

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge and performance, LB relocated back to Miami to follow his passion of human performance and his own. Finding love in all aspects of movement and fitness, he is currently training for the 2020 Olympics in the Decathlon, a 10-event competition. LB wishes to share his extensive academic and personal exposure in health, nutrition, recovery and performance, to bring his clients to new heights in all aspects of fitness.

Train with LB
Duane Denton - Philadelphia Personal Training
Duane Denton
(2 reviews)

       I'm based out of West Palm Beach and have been training here for 2 years now. Before that I trained in Orlando while attending the University of Central Florida, where I received my degree in Sports and Exercise Science. My certifications include the NASM CPT and NSCA CSCS. I stay up to date in the industry and believe that continuing education is very important. My clients have come from all walks of life and have each come to me facing their own unique set of challenges. Together, I believe we can put in the work to overcome anything that stands in the way of a healthier you! 

       The passion for wellness stems from my background playing sports growing up and seeing both positive and negative examples. Obstacles aside, taking care of ourselves and doing our best to be better each day is a choice we can make. The fact that you're on this page is a great first step towards making a change and enlisting someone to help you make a positive change in your life!

       My guidance and support is not limited to the time we spend training together. I will be a call/text/email away whenever you may need along your fitness journey. If requested, I can offer nutritional advice and have experience writing customized meal plans. An initial consultation will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and go over any questions we may have. The sessions take place in my own gym which is located in a separate building of my home in West Palm Beach. It is equipped with professional equipment and best of all, private! I'm also willing to travel to a gym of your choice.

Train with Duane
Guido Milian - Philadelphia Personal Training
Guido Milian

A reliable and respectful individual who will understand your demands and try to help you to achieve your goals! Intensity is how I describe my philosophy of training, results are not only achieved by staying in your comfort zone, you most push yourself to the limit sometimes.

Train with Guido
Giannina Fitness - Philadelphia Personal Training
Giannina Fitness
(1 reviews)

I believe every women deserves to be Healthy, Happy, and Fit! My passion is to help all women feel amazing and strong with their bodies. I provide personal training sessions specifically designed for your needs and fitness goles. Whether you are getting reading for your wedding, getting back to pre-baby shape after giving birth, feeling the stress of daily life, or planning for a special occasion like a vacation or social event, I can help you get your body where you want it to be (so you can be healthy, happy, and fit)!


Train with Giannina
Sharang Penumetsa - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sharang Penumetsa
(1 reviews)

My wellness philosophy has always been predicated on HEALTH, EFFICIENCY, MOVEMENT, FEELING GOOD and PERFORMING at one’s max potential. When this is the goal, we stay true to our nature and to ourselves because there is nothing better than providing the world with the best version of yourself!!

My passion for playing competitive sports has transcended into my path to help people realize their utmost potential. Being healthy and fit not only allows balance of health, but also efficiency in and out of the workplace. The combination of my continued professional involvement in the fitness industry along with the knowledge from my continued post graduate science and medical education produces a unique skill set to help people reach their health and fitness goals. I provide exercise training programs and nutritional programs customized and personalized to each individual client. Most importantly, it is my deepest passion to assist individuals in achieving their health and fitness improvement goals.

Here is what you get:

1. Customized nutrition program plan based on your goals, lifestyle and physique.
2. Training plan tailored towards your goals
Fully customized and personalized
3. Cardio program
4. Supplemental Advice
5. Self Myofascial Release Guide
6, Regular progress tracking through photos and measurements
7. Adjustments to diet and training program if/when required
8. Email support

Train with Sharang
Laura-Ann Roberts - Philadelphia Personal Training
Laura-Ann Roberts

Laura-Ann is a Certified Personal Trainer and a professional dancer. Her professional dance career has given her the opportunity to tour around the world. She returned back to her home city of NYC and combined her background of dance and fitness together allowing her to teach in and around the NYC area. She recently moved to the Miami area where she continues to personal train and teach in local studios, hotels and homes. Her training styles range from Dance, Barre, and Dance Cardio to high intensity boot camp workouts. Whichever the training style, she always aims to inspire and help others succeed in their health and fitness goals.

Train with Laura-Ann
Michael Metchikian - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michael Metchikian

  My name is Michael Metchikian. I am the owner of fiveway I have been a personal trainer for 25 years time. All I do is help people gain back their lives through fitness and nutrition. I specialize in making people pain-free through my special fiveway fitness program. It's a very comprehensive and detailed program.  It all starts with a comprehensive and detailed assessment. One of the challenges of many people that are pain-free is that they're not diagnosed properly and muscle skeletal issues.

  My approach:

1.     A thorough evaluation and assessment on the problem areas and issues.

2.     Devise a program that enables the client to address their problems.

3.     Slowly progress to an advanced level.

4.     Along the way adjusting the exercises and workouts carefully so that the client always is making progress.

5.     Motivate and inspire the client to maintain a consistent level of fitness throughout their goals.

6.     Help with any kind of nutritional and lifestyle change support. Along with any kind of supplementation.

7.     Constantly alter the workouts so that there is no boredom and the client is always challenged.

8.     Have a caring and passionate attitude in regards to a clients challenges and adversities.

9.     Make the one-on-one personal exercise session fun, safe and effective.

10.Each client is different. Understand the clients needs, adversities and challenges that they may face along the way to their fitness goals.


Train with Michael
Richard Kerster - Philadelphia Personal Training
Richard Kerster

I am an Exercise Science and Health Promotion Graduate from FAU , I have been doing personal training, performance training, and rehab and therapy related exercise since 2009. I have worked in many different settings in numerous tennis clubs, soccer clubs , and with other sport and health organizations and nursing homes. I now have a gym in Coconut Creek, FL, I am in the process of finishing my CSCS certification.
My sessions are always tailored to the need of my clients , I evaluate the client to see their strength and weaknesses and create a program with those details and their specific needs.
My goal is that each client receives the result that they are looking for and that they enjoy it as well.

Train with Richard
Parker Hurley - Philadelphia Personal Training
Parker Hurley

My goal is to inspire humans to reconnect with their natural love of movement. Before movement became 'exercise', we called it 'play'.


Fitness is a word we throw around too frequently. What does it mean to be fit? That is something, that ultimately, you must decide on your own, with some help from me.

I will create a movement program that is unique to your body and your goals, that you can take with you anywhere, that can evolve with you as your progress, and that will be applicable for the rest of your life.

From strength training to yoga, and everything in between, my own fitness journey has taken me around the globe and back. From the chubby artist who was sick of being bullied to People Magazine's Sexiest Male Model, my entire adult life has been dedicated to a movement practice that has positively shaped me both internally and externally.

Train with Parker
Heidi Rubio - Philadelphia Personal Training
Heidi Rubio

As a certified personal trainer, my goal is to help you achieve a fit lifestyle without giving up on the things you love. I want to motivate others to be healthy, fit, confident, have fun and still enjoy life!
My program offers:
- Body composition scanning to educate you, so you have depth understanding of what you are doing and why.
- I have an extensive network of healthcare professionals to work with you in tandem to help achieve your health goals( massage therapists, rehabilitation specialists). 
- Personalized program for weight loss, fat loss, boost your metabolism, and how to get control of your health and body.

Train with Heidi
Sandra Escobar - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sandra Escobar

soy una personal trainer latina de 30 años de edad, colombiana, atletica con muchos años de experiencia dedicada y exigente. motivo a mis alumnos para alcazar las metas propuestas, muy paciente a la hora de ser paciente y muy exigente a la hora de ser exigente, comprometida 100 % con mis clientes.

Train with Sandra
Paulette Urrutia - Philadelphia Personal Training
Paulette Urrutia

Hey I'm Paulette and I am extremely passionate to help my clients reach their Health and Fitness Goals! I strongly believe that you can discover your Best Body! Just put the time and dedication and I will provide the coaching, training, program and support you need to reach your goals! I also inform my clients on basic nutrition knowledge and provide information on how to track your calories and log in your meals. I love to train boot camp style, strength training, endurance and more.

Feel free to contact me and I would love to help you!

Train with Paulette
Okechukwu Aniagoh - Philadelphia Personal Training
Okechukwu Aniagoh
To some the gym and working out is scary. What pops up in their heads is soreness, exhaustion and no results. Getting healthier, which is working out should not be a scary ordeal, it should be fun and this is where I come in, this is where with your hands I can help you better achieve your goal. Together as a team, we can achieve your dream of getting healthy, losing weight, getting strong, eating better, and building your self confidence. I did not always love the gym, started off forcing myself to go to the gym, and with time when I saw results, how I looked in the mirror which boosted my assertiveness, not ego. Working out became more of a lifestyle rather than a chore, and a necessity in my life. If I can do it, then you definitely can do it.

Today I want you to ask yourself this one question - "Why not you?" Why not you to do something for work that you love? Why not you to have a healthy body? Why not you to have healthy love? Why not you to be, have, or do anything you have ever dreamed?! We are so quick to think others are deserving over ourselves. The truth is that we are all deserving so WHY NOT YOU?!

Train with Okechukwu

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