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Steven Climer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Steven Climer

Yes, I’m 50!

I’ve been dedicated to the gym and fitness since the age of 15, competing for the first time at the age of 22. I took off 20 years to raise my kids but now I’m competing again. I’m also a NASM certified personal trainer, here to help you.

Not only am I 50, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy in my early 40s. Talk about irony. However, I learned to train around my shortcomings and thrive once again. My philosophy for personal training is: it’s not hard but it is work. No one is going to give it to you, but together we can determine your goals and build a program to reach your dreams whether it is losing weight, building muscle, getting more fit to do more activities, or even compete! Don't be shy, ask me anything when you see me.

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Matt Kovach - Philadelphia Personal Training
Matt Kovach

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and I also have a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science.

My coaching and programming isn't designed to make you workout for 2 hours a day or make you vomit. My coaching is to ACCURATELY and PRECISELY design you a program outlining the workouts you need to do and how long they should be. I will also provide the specific numbers that need to be tracked like calories burned and consumed, body weight, etc. This is to make sure you are making progress each week. We want to avoid over training but we also want to make sure we are doing enough.

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Travis Kelly - Philadelphia Personal Training
Travis Kelly

Travis has been surrounded by fitness and wellness since high school. After achieving the team runner-up trophy in the track and field state finals, he dedicated his future endeavours to fitness and wellness knowing how powerful health was to the body and the psyche. He earned a track scholarship to CMU and within two years started working for the Government in sports, fitness, and corporate wellness. He was a part of multiple health promotion councils and implemented health promotion programs. With over 17 years experience, he is accomplished in helping clients at all fitness levels get into better health, and if open to positive change, the best health of their lives. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and has a TUI Bachelors in health care management. His motto is “fitness is for life.” He is a husband and father of two beautiful girls.

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Ashley Hardy - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ashley Hardy
Self-made fitness trainer and motivator, very hard working and strong. Addicted to becoming the best version of me through challenging myself through life experiences on my fitness journey. I'm very passionate about inspiring others around me to live a healthy lifestyle and to not be afraid of change. Consistency is key and allowing yourself to grow at all times when uncomfortable moments set in.

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Kyle Kline - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kyle Kline
Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just tone up, the process does not have to be scary or dreadful. I am here to dedicate myself to help you have FUN while working toward achieving your fitness goals. We will work hard as a team, with a plan that I have designed specifically for your needs.

I believe that you need to be having fun and enjoy yourself while working out. If you do not enjoy your workouts, then you will not put in the work that is needed to reach your fitness goals.

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Ryan York - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ryan York
Expect a fresh, new, fun experience that gets results. You'll learn something new every session, and you'll be able to watch your body transform each week. Lose fat, sculpt your body and feel great.

We don't get old, old gets us. You can reach your fitness goals! It just takes the right plan combined with hard work and dedication. There is no magic involved. Everyone deserves to be fit, happy and healthy, and together, we will get you there.

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Chalene Jones - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chalene Jones
The entire person needs to be involved in making great fitness and lifestyle gains. This idea is the basis for my workout programs. Priority will be given to increasing functioning of the whole body, while utilizing mindfulness techniques to bridge the gap between mind and body so that real success can be achieved.

Healing can only occur when the whole is moved. That movement is given a tremendous amount of power when it is guided by the mind. Mindfulness and concentration of energy are concepts yet to be fully explored or utilized by fitness enthusiasts. We will develop and use these ideas to their fullest potential while working with the entire body.

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Ian Johnson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ian Johnson
You Should expect optimal physical enhancement through a progressive model tailored specifically to your goals.

Treat your body right and later it will treat you right. A healthy and fit lifestyle leads to happy healthy people.

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Hisam Chowdhury - Philadelphia Personal Training
Hisam Chowdhury
I expect all my clients to be prepared mentally, and physically. Fitness Training is more about the mind than the body. I will push you to your limit and have you maximize your results.

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FYT's Featured Michigan Personal Trainer

Trainer Sara Ashmore profile picture

Sara Ashmore

My name is Sara Ashmore. I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at All Out Fitness in Ann Arbor, MI. I am passionate about health and fitness, and helping people empower themselves to reach their unique goals and be the best they can be. It is my mission to provide top quality service to make your workout convenient, safe, functional, and fun but also challenging. I love what I do and feel a high level of fulfillment in my work. I love the study of Health and Fitness and believe in the right balance between eating well, working out and enjoying life.

I focus on results and customize each workout for every individual client, their needs and their abilities. My mission is to provide top quality service to make your workout convenient, safe, functional, and fun, but also challenging.


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Specialties: Core and Balance, Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Flexibility and Mobility, Injury Rehab, Kettlebells, Functional Training

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