Brian Yates

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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, with a Bachelor Degree of Exercise Science from Appalachian State University. In college, I ran both cross-country and track for Queen's University and Arizona State University (PRs of 15:18-5K, 32:01-10K). I swam competitively for nine years and at 16 completed an Ironman triathlon. I have always loved endurance sports. It is my desire to help those around me succeed in the sports that I share such a passion for. Therefore, I would like to offer personal training (a complete training package unique for each client) to each of you! All plans are created by myself and sent via e-mail on a weekly basis. I tailor-make each week's training based on your progress from the previous week. I provide a training plan that lays the foundation of what to do but allows you the freedom of when and how to do it. My plan includes unlimited e-mail communication and a weekly phone call to discuss any of your questions. My ultimate goal is to help you succeed in all fitness endeavors in the most affordable way possible.

Hard work should never go unnoticed. Obtaining a goal in the fitness world, however, involves more than a hard-working mentality. Effective exercise requires knowledge of the science behind the sport, helping you maximize training and producing the greatest results possible. That's where I come in. Throughout the training process, I inform you on the content of my distinctly designed training plans. You will reach all fitness goals and also learn how to apply this knowledge to your personal workouts after our training ends.

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