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The best personal trainers in Minneapolis

Derek Bogenreif - Personal Training
Derek Bogenreif
(15 reviews)
I came to Derek as a new insecure mom who just wanted to get back to pre-baby weight. He inspired me to find the stronger more confident person I really am. I dropped 6 pounds my first month, increased energy and endurance throughout our journey, and 1 year later gained so much strength to deadlift my own body weight. Derek has a great knowledge of proper technique, form, and progression for safe and effective results.

Train with Derek
Beth Amos - Personal Training
Beth Amos
(1 reviews)
Beth Amos is the trainer everybody deserves. Beth has been such a wonderful trainer. She has advanced me into workouts I couldn't dream of attempting before. It's given me the hope that I will achieve the fitness I have desired for years in just one month. And she does all this in a joyful, respectful manner. Her gym is very neat too.

Train with Beth
Lori Brubacher - Personal Training
Lori Brubacher

I specialize in Functional Fitness, with experience training all ages and sizes. My style of training revolves around circuit and balance training, keeping the heart rate up, with minimal rest between exercises. This helps increase your metabolism, burn calories, and get the most bang for your buck! I have acquired many specialized certifications, including Functional Aging for Seniors, TRX, pre and postnatal fitness, youth fitness, boot camp, golf conditioning, and many more. I believe the secret to a healthy body is the right balance of exercise, healthy eating habits, reducing stress and having fun. I will help you develop solid fitness habits to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Train with Lori
Von Gillette - Personal Training
Von Gillette
(2 reviews)
Von's been my trainer for several months now and he is the real deal. He has the right mix of discipline and friendliness, and he's got to be the most knowledgeable person I've met when it comes to nutrition and exercise. When I'm doing a new workout, he makes sure I know exactly why I'm doing it—what benefits it will have and how we're going to track progress. The result is continual improvement and no plateaus. I have consistently lost fat and added muscle with Von. Highly recommend!

Train with Von
Joy Schultz - Personal Training
Joy Schultz

Hi, my name is Joy!  I hold a master's degree in clinical exercise physiology, a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, and have had about 6 years of personal training and group fitness instructing experience at the YMCA!  I specialize in corrective exercise, functional exercise, self-myofascial release, senior or older adult exercise, pre and post rehabilitation exercise, post cardiac rehab, SilverSneakers, body weight exercise, balance exercise, stability exercise, stretching, weight loss, pre and post natal fitness, bridal fitness, post menopause and nutritional advise.  I am specializing the most in senior or older adult fitness with the need for post rehabilitation exercise, pre and post natal, and post menopause.

Train with Joy
Lindsey Heiserman - Personal Training
Lindsey Heiserman
(6 reviews)
Took a long break …… Big mistake. After a 3 year hiatus from working out and eating right I had a wakeup call one day a few months ago. A picture was emailed to me from a friend. The picture was of a group of us from a neighborhood gathering. I did not like what I saw, at all. Where did that cute young thin thing wearing the size 28 jeans go? Having worked with Lindsey years ago in a group fitness atmosphere, I emailed her the next morning and asked if she could meet with me. She made time in her schedule that very day. I immediately felt comfortable talking with her again and decided then and there that this is where my life changes. I had a few injuries (shoulder and ankle) in the last year so she had me come in the next day to evaluate what modifications needed to be made while exercising as to not injure myself again. My husband has been a client of Lindsey’s for the past 7+ years so I talked him into doing group circuit training with me twice a week and we take advantage of her popular weekend park workouts that she offers a few times a month. Lindsey has also worked with our pre-teen and teen age daughters this past summer when she offered a class/camp geared to their age group. Our kids enjoyed the class so much they join us when weekend workouts are offered. All of this in combination with eating right and cardio workouts on the days not doing Lindsey’s classes is changing me and my life for the better. Not just physically better, but mentally as well. I had forgotten how good it feels when you are consistently working out, eating right and getting enough rest. Lindsey is fantastic in so many ways. She can connect with teens, women and men of all ages to get a successful workout. Her knowledge of nutrition is a great resource and it is always helpful. Lindsey doesn’t just follow a standard script; she makes working out fun and challenging. You never know exactly what she has in store that day which makes you want to go and find out.

Train with Lindsey
JC Cross - Personal Training
JC Cross
(11 reviews)
Joe has been my personal trainer for 15 months now. The results I have achieved are amazing and are largely due to Joe's perfect combination of diverse methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. I've blown past many of the goals we set together. I've lost 75 pounds. My body fat is in single digits. I've gained tremendous knowledge and ability to eat healthy, sleep well, and live an active lifestyle I never dreamed was possible. Joe is a gifted instructor with a keen eye for form, and for what will work for me personally. I have never felt more flexible and strong! I look forward to every session and can?t wait to see what we can achieve together in the months and years ahead! Not only does Joe bring enthusiasm and a sense of humor to our sessions, he also brings a broad understanding of joint and muscle anatomy and function. His professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to his work provide the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for my new, healthier life.

Train with JC
Nick  Geschke - Personal Training
Nick Geschke

I like to design training sessions that maximize your time and incorporate strength training, endurance, and flexibility.  That combination has created a TON of client success stories.  


I trained for over 5 years as the main trainer at Anytime Fitness South St. Paul, earning Personal Trainer of the Year my first year training, and built a strong reputation on building clients up quickly and responsibly through fun and high energy, but structured and challenging workouts. I ran an all women boxing bootcamp and two of my students were hired as instructors at two different schools themselves shortly after the bootcamp ended!  


My clients have had some spectacular results!  Just to name a few, a female client lost six inches off of her waist in only one month, two men lost over 10% bodyfat within two months, and EVERYONE gets stronger quickly because each workout is maximized and no time is wasted.  


I was one of a select small group of personal trainers selected to be a virtual trainer and creative writer for Anytime Fitness corporate, where I answered fitness related questions from all over the nation. I am extremely passionate about seeing people succeed and educating them so that they can workout comfortably on their own as soon as possible.  I have a TON of client success stories, and am looking to help more people achieve their goals!  Some common side effects I've witnessed besides quick strength gains, greatly enhanced flexibility and balance, weight loss and reduced body fat is elimination of the need for medication, sleeping more soundly throught the night, job raises and promotions, more positive outlook, and a personal transformation on what you think you were capable of achieving.  I am extremely knowledgable about nutrition and am a bookworm so I am always reading up on the latest fitness facts so I can deliver the best possible training session to YOU!


I have also been training in Martial Arts since 1998, including Chung Moo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, as well as Thai Boxing, Boxing, and Yoga.  Flexibility is a 

Train with Nick
Jacqueline Browne - Personal Training
Jacqueline Browne
(6 reviews)
Jacqueline is a fantastic trainer that listens, motivates, and pushes clients to achieve their goals. She also adapts the tailored session to match what is going on the the physically or mentally. I have been working with Jacqueline for several years and continue to refer my friends and colleagues to her. Lastly, Jacqueline introduces new exercises into the sessions to keep the muscles and mind changed and growing. I highly recommend using Jacqueline.

Train with Jacqueline
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