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The best personal trainers in New York

Michelle Yung - Personal Training
Michelle Y.
(16 reviews)
Michelle is an awesome trainer. I've been working with her for over two months and have seen great improvements! I've gained strength and lost inches everywhere. She pays very close attention and teaches you proper form to ensure that you don't get injured while working out. I have pain in my wrist and has paid close attention to that and tailors the workout accordingly. I look forward to working out because of her. You will definitely not regret it! :)

Train with Michelle
Lynn Ludwig - Personal Training
Lynn L.
(2 reviews)
Lynn is the best trainer I have ever used, and I have had my fair share. She is reasonable and always communicates with me throughout my week and journey. She gives me homework to do at home, and when we are together, the routine is always fresh and never boring. This is what makes training with Lynn the best thing I have personally done. She honestly cares and is your biggest cheerleader. She's always in your corner ensuring you do not get hurt and you have proper form. I wish I had found her years ago. Probably wouldn't of wasted so much time walking around the gym aimlessly, not knowing if I even got all my body parts. Now I know I get the best bang for my buck.

Train with Lynn
Onkar Dhindsa - Personal Training
Onkar D.
(10 reviews)
I met Onkar in late summer and was lucky to start my first ever workout session under his leadership. He carefully and thoughtfully designed circuits that honed my (minimal) existing skills while challenging my physical abilities and expanding my general knowledge of and appreciation for fitness. He truly set me on a path to successful training and self-reflection to attain greater goals. I’m grateful to have learned from Onkar and am excited for anyone else who has the great fortune of working with him.

Train with Onkar
Alberto Moreno - Personal Training
Alberto M.
(5 reviews)
I hired Al to be the personal trainer for my son who was stricken with Lyme’s Disease and now has disabilities. Al communicated with me before their first session as I requested with a confident and empathetic style. And the first session went better than I expected! I am looking forward to more bonding and healithy experiences for them!!

Train with Alberto
Carla DeLisi - Personal Training
Carla D.

I will motivate you and give you the best personalized program for you to achieve your specific goals. I will help you strengthen your weaknesses, increase your flexibility, and give you nutritional guidance, along with an exciting workout! Whether you want to take your first step to get in shape, or want to take it to the next level, I can help you get better results; Strength, hypertrophy, endurance, flexibility, balance, core, weight loss and to improve your overall health. I can make your experience very intense and challenging, or not, depending on your capabilities, and what you want and need. I will get in the best shape of your life! I am passionate about strength training combined with proper nutrition, and feel compelled to make other realize that, nothing else can change your body more. NUTRIENT TIMING is KEY. What you eat and when you eat it, will make or break your progress; before, during, and after workout. You can be STRONG but not FUNCTIONAL. I will help you be both. I like to incorporate weight training exercises with callisthenic exercises and stretches, along with using different kinds of equipment to traditional weight training, such as; TRX, kettlebells, tires, ropes and more fun things.

Train with Carla
Lynn Winters - Personal Training
Lynn W.

As a certified fitness trainer and holistic health coach, I will be able to help you make realistic changes to your diet. I will encourage and support you to become the woman that you are striving to be. I train most women through my FIT program.  If you train with me, I will help you get the results you desire. I work with women who are trying to balance life and being the best they can be. I offer FIT training in the home. I can get you in the best shape of your life and you won't have to leave your front door... Let me get you FIT!

Train with Lynn
Richie Smyth - Personal Training
Richie S.
(7 reviews)
I don't think I've ever been more disciplined ... If you're willing to put in the time and the work, you can also make dramatic changes in the way you look and feel about yourself. And by all means, Richie is the man to help you get there.

Train with Richie
Martin Iannazzo - Personal Training
Martin I.
(7 reviews)
I was extremely impressed with my trainer, Martin. His knowledge, care and preparation is awesome. Being in contact with him via the program made me feel completely supported when he wasn't physically present. I will be using him again! I absolutely loved the entire experience!

Train with Martin
Petros Arzoumanidis - Personal Training
Petros A.
(15 reviews)
Very professional and knowledgeable. Don’t let the nice guy appearance fool you though, he’s gonna make you WORK! Awesome trainer!

Train with Petros
Joshua Garrin, Ph.D., CPT, CHC - Personal Training
Joshua G.
(9 reviews)
I have had the privilege of working with Josh for the past couple of years in my journey to improve my wellness. My time with Josh has been rewarding and uplifting and he brings warmth and compassion to his interactions and is judgement free. I always looked forward to our discussions as they were truly that—discussions, and not lectures.

Train with Joshua
Jane Torbinski - Personal Training
Jane T.
(5 reviews)
I've been working with Jane for over five years, week in and week out. I had been working with trainers for many years before meeting her, but Jane is the first who really understands how our bodies change as we get older, and has been able to alter my program every week to suit my injury, energy and flexibility levels. She is continuously trying to figure out what works for me, how to engage me, and incorporates strength, flexibility and balance work seamlessly into a regimen I can adapt for my use at other times of the week. She is kind and thoughtful, and doesn't have to yell at me or scare me to get me to work hard.

Train with Jane
Michael Rinsler - Personal Training
Michael R.
(1 reviews)
My family and I have been using Michael for several years now - and we have all reached our ideal weight and fitness goals because of this most caring and wonderful careful trainer !!- do not hesitate to hire Michael - as our health and bodies are the only possession we truly own and Michael will treat you like his own family !- ty Michael - we love ?? you - The Siegal Family Roslyn New York

Train with Michael
Fred Correa - Personal Training
Fred C.

Congrats on taking your first step towards your success. Remember while you do have many options when it comes to choosing a trainer, you really only have one choice.The most important decision you'll make today is choosing a trainer that will not only help you take the next step, but one that will be there every step of the way as you work towards achieving your goals. I am that trainer and I committed to do that with you as I have for all of my clients for over 20 + plus years. Start your journey right, and lets give you all the tools you'll need to not only achieve your health and fitness goals, but lay the foundation for healthier and and happier you !

Train with Fred
Michael  Vargus - Personal Training
Michael V.

Vargus Fitness Is One Of The Fastest Growing Personal Fitness Companies on Long Island and NYC. With more than 15 years of experience, Vargus Fitness is a one-stop shop for all of your fitness needs. From personal training, In-Home Personal Training and group classes to strength and conditioning and cross-fit, we have you covered. We represent a wide variety of clients, from individuals to professional athletes.

Approaching each client with our full attention and dedication, we aim to get you results and exceed your expectations.

Train with Michael
Jesse Mcknight - Personal Training
Jesse M.

As an NCAA student-athlete, and Health Science grad from Long Island University C. W. Post, I have a background in the human anatomy, and exercise science. I am able to explain to you anything you're curious about. I have developed a genuine workout system where you are guaranteed the results you deserve! It's time to make the investment in our fitness. Quality, not quantity. We're going to focus on your technique and posture in each workout and allow your body to remain healthy for a long time.

My approach as a Trainer is based on weight training, with elements of balance/coordination, and core for maximum results. I am an encourager and motivator and utilize positivity and peaceful speech rather than drill sergeant tactics. My clients are pushed to give their best efforts but are encouraged to do so through positive thoughts and laughter.


Due to my experience as a college athlete, I am experienced in working with athletes. I have worked with couples, teens, a variety of groups, and enjoy bringing positivity and joy to training for people at any point in their fitness journeys. Please don't be afraid to reach out even if you just have questions about training! I'm happy to help.



Train with Jesse
Angel Thill - Personal Training
Angel T.
(7 reviews)
Angel very professional trainer! He always motivated me and push me to do everything to achieve my goals! He is not just a awesome instructor , he also amazing person! I enjoyed working out with him! For sure he is the best trainer!

Train with Angel
Maurice Johnson - Personal Training
Maurice J.
(3 reviews)
I started training with Maurice a few years ago at equinox gym. When he left to be an independent trainer I followed him because he is not your average trainer. Maurice will push your limits and make sure you are reaching your fitness goals. You will never have the same training session twice! He is creative and makes the sessions go by quickly with his innovative routines. I highly recommend this trainer, he can help you with any fitness goals you would like to achieve. I have had other trainers in the past but they do not compare. I am so glad I started training with Maurice and followed him during his move. One session with him and you’ll never want to workout alone again!

Train with Maurice
Matthew Cybulski - Personal Training
Matthew C.
(5 reviews)
Working with Matthew Cybulski has transformed my life in many ways. He is a wealth of knowledge in not only the fitness training world, but also as a life coach. When I started working with Matt, I was trying to rehab a torn rotator cuff and also had knee issues. I was in need of loosing approximately 20 pounds as well. At the time I was taking medications for anxiety, migraines, sleep aid and high cholesterol. I have worked with trainers in the past that simply followed the "outline". This is not Matt's approach. Matthew not only has a vast wealth of knowledge, he successfully adjusts for each person individually. He was able to push me when I thought I couldn't do something and knew when to tell me to back down so that I would not injure myself. When I would achieve a goal, he celebrated with me and helped me set the next goal. I never felt like a number or just another client. His mindset discussions transcended throughout my life. Applying his techniques helped me in so many ways. Not only has he helped me work on my outlook on life, he has helped me become a better person. The results are amazing. I no longer take any medications! I sleep through the night. I haven't had a migraine in 13 months. I no longer need anti-anxiety medications. I lost 30 pounds and 10% body fat which equaled 10 inches across my waist. My shoulders and knees are stronger than ever but I also understand the need to listen to my body. I am truly blessed to have found Matthew. I highly recommend working with him and plan to continue to myself.

Train with Matthew
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