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About Michelle

I'm a mother of two boys. After my second child in 2005, I realized there's no magic pill to help myself lose that extra weight and be tone. So, I started working out from home and few years later I joined a bootcamp out in Long Island. Four years after that, the place closed down and I was very sad and disappointed. This place was like my second home and my family. Exercising had become a part of my lifestyle, my daily routine, and something I was compelled to do. I didn't give up, I started working out from home, writing my own workout routines, and even invited my friends over to workout! I write metabolic workouts. A combination of strength training and cardio using body weight, dumbbells, kettle bells and other equipment to build lean muscles and burn up to 500 calories per session. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, I specialized personal, partners and semi private (small group) training. I want to help YOU reach your health goals! Make fit happen and love the new healthier YOU!

My favorite quote

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going"

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Muscular Definition
  • Functional Training
  • CrossFit
  • Weight Loss
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX

NCCA Accredited Certifications

AAPTE Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications


Who I Especially Like Working With

Beginners, Brides-to-be, Men, Middle-aged, Overweight/ Obese, Pre/post-natal, Runners, Seniors, Women, Youth

Michelle is an awesome trainer. I've been working with her for over two months and have seen great improvements! I've gained strength and lost inches everywhere. She pays very close attention and teaches you proper form to ensure that you don't get injured while working out. I have pain in my wrist and has paid close attention to that and tailors the workout accordingly. I look forward to working out because of her. You will definitely not regret it! :)


Michelle is just great! For years I have been doing the same weight training routine and had plateaued. She set me in a whole new direction and helped me to focus on completely new methods and types of exercises. I lost fat and gained even more lean muscle mass, and in what seemed like no time at all. She is incredibly professional, kind hearted, and knowledgeable. Finally, she practices what she preaches! It's amazing the kind of shape she is in! Highly recommended!


Michelle is an amazing training. She helped me lose weight and also has modified workouts for me when I have gotten injured. She is motivating and uplifting. She is honestly the best personal trainer I have ever had. You will not be disappointed if you choose to train with Michelle.

Narjis K.

I didn't think workout can be fun. Michelle is very encouraging and motivating. She pays close attention to my forms and make sure my forms are done correctly. I highly recommend Michelle if you're looking to reach your health goals!


She is a wonderful Trainer. She gives you a great workout. She's a great person who makes you feel comfortable and happy to work out. She encourages you to push yourself and plans the workout around your skill. Personalized


Michelle is awesome!!! I had wrist pain for many months and Michelle helped me strengthen my wrist through excercise. I have gotten stronger in the last few months. I've lost 4 lbs and have seen great results. She is very attentive and makes sure the excercises are done right without any injury. I highly recommend Michelle Yung as a personal trainer if you want great results!!

Shirley .

Michelle is a very powerful motivator and really knows how to program a workout for the individual. You will not be disappointed!


Michelle is a great Trainer. I love that she corrects my form and explain why. You won't be disappointed with Michelle. I highly recommend her.


I been working out with Michelle now for two years and I must say her cardio and strength train routine has got me into the best shape of my life !! I highly recommend Michelle for all your fitness goals !!! AAA+++

Sal vitale

having a personal trainer is the best choice, you can work out at your convenience, you are more likely to stick with the training and, therefore, realize your goals faster, Michelle will help you as she did with me.


I started working out with Michelle a month ago and it's been awesome. She keeps the workouts interesting and relevant to what areas I am trying to improve. She's attentive (consistently correcting my form), knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Highly recommended!

Hila A.

I joined a boot camp that Michelle happened to be taking too and immediately it was apparent that she was just as good and knew just as much as the actual trainers. Any time I wasn't sure of the proper form I'd look over at her and copy what she was doing. I'm glad she's taken all that knowledge, supplemented it and is now helping others meet their goals. She's the sweetest person out there too so I definitely recommend!


Michelle takes her time to explain the workout and she make sure my forms are done correctly. She makes workout interested! Highly recommended!!!


Michelle is the best personal high intensity interval trainer I know! And I worked out with a variety of trainer around NYC gyms. I worked out at Michelle's personal gym at her house and it was FANTASTIC. Make no mistake, she pushes you to your boundaries, so you are sweating crazily at the end. Michelle watches your form attentively -- which is really important to me so that I'm working out the right way and I don't injure myself. She gets me over the finish line and I feel an incredible sense of reward at the end, having accomplished a complete, full body workout. Highly recommend Michelle as a personal trainer!


Michelle is a fantastic trainer. She makes the boring training interesting and she works on every part of my muscle.


I used to work out at a gym but got bored going to the same old classes. I wanted to get back into shape for an event and decided I needed a Trainer to guide and motivate me. Michelle makes every session fun and informative. I never get bored bcos she is always introducing new forms of exercises with different equipments. I've been to only 4 sessions and I already see and feel the results. Highly recommended!


I’ve had many trainers. None other than Michelle is attentive and knowledgeable. I’ve trained with Michelle for many years and thru a prenatal and postnatal workout. I look forward to working out with Michelle. She’s the best!!! Highly recommend!!!


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