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The best personal trainers in North Carolina

Peter Formale - Personal Training
Peter F.
(3 reviews)
I've been working with Pete for a little over 6 months and he is a knowledgable, thoughtful personal trainer. He will push you to expand your capabilities but is also very careful about making sure your are doing the excercises correctly to prevent injury. I highly recommend him!

Train with Peter
Bryce Pharmer - Personal Training
Bryce P.

My name is Bryce Pharmer and after being a student-athlete for over 18 years, I decided to continue my love for fitness and sports by becoming a personal trainer! I have a mission to train the next up-and-coming athletes, the beginners who want to be the best versions of themselves, and those who need a guiding hand to the path of a healthy lifestyle. I am certified through ACE as a personal trainer/small group fitness instructor.

A typical session with me will begin with a client assessment to see where we need to start. Together, we will create an effective exercise program and provide feedback to each other along the way. With an open mind, encouraging & honest attitude, and persistence, we can be the change we wish to see in the world. So, who's up next?

Train with Bryce
Alexander McGlamery - Personal Training
Alexander M.
I am an enthusiastic, and driven individual on a personal and professional level. I have had a great deal of exposure to many psychological subjects in the biological, cognitive, and behavioral approaches. I have great experience with clients and the public in general, being a veteran of customer service in general, and when it comes to my personal training business. I chose psychology as a major because I really enjoy helping others live better lives. That should encompass the mental just as much as it does the physical approaches we take towards better health; that is my philosophy. I come from a very active background; playing soccer, skateboarding, surfing, martial arts (Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Hapkido) and rock-climbing. I incorporate all these influences into my own personalized fitness plans for my clients. I work with my clients by first strengthening the core. Whether it is a calisthenics approach, working on core and balance, strength-training, or many other approaches, my many influences help my clients to become successful.

Train with Alexander
Lisa Falbo - Personal Training
Lisa F.
(6 reviews)
I have been training with Lisa for 10 months now. Her workouts are great! I don't think I have ever done the same workout twice! She really helped me get my core and upper body into shape. I started going to her once I realized I could not workout by myself since I just had a little boy and I was afraid I would do some damage by going hardcore once I got back to work. Lisa eased me into getting back to where I was physically before I got pregnant and now I am stronger than ever! Lisa is great at what she does and makes sure you reach and surpass your goals!

Train with Lisa
Aaron K. - Personal Training
Aaron K.
My story starts at the bottom of a crippling depression, with a phone call announcing the unexpected death of my sister. Sitting there, on the floor, morbidly obese, in chronic physical pain, and emotionally overwrought, I realized that I had a choice. I could continue to live out of my depression and cause my niece and nephew to lose yet another important figure in their lives or I could take the path toward a better life. At first, my fitness story had absolutely nothing to do with my own self-worth or ambition. It was about realizing that my routine decisions to slowly decay were costing someone other than me - the people I loved and the people who loved me. This was unacceptable to me. They had lost enough.


I wanted to get up off of that floor and be the man they needed in their life. I wanted to be a combination of Marcus Aurelius, Jean Val Jean and Richard Francis Burton (he's not the actor). But I was none of those things. I was tired and sick (I smoked daily at that point). I ate terribly. I never exercised. I rarely smiled. This was going to take a lot of work.

That day was March 25, 2009.

And let me tell you what, it was A LOT of work. And it was nothing like the Biggest Loser. In the beginning, it was fear, feelings of inadequacy, despair, doubt, and the smallest twinkle of hope. In the middle it was growing confidence (did that woman just check me out!), boredom (I cannot run around this lake one more time) and learning I'd done about a thousand things wrong (what you mean you have to balance muscle groups?!). Now, now it's both background and passion. Background means I just know what it means to take care of myself as part of daily life. I'm 120lbs slimmer, my knee and back pain are managed well, and I am a whole lot closer to the man I wanted to be on that floor. Even so I still drink so much coffee that when I'm cremated I'll probably smell like French Roast. Get a few too many rum and Cokes in me and I'll want to wrestle you on the living room floor then refuse to go to bed (that might be fun for your wife and friends at 22 not so much at 42.) And I bet that Marcus Aurelius, Jean Val Jean and Roger Burton never had their wives chuckle and tell them, "Sometimes you're such a nerd" when they finished a ten minute speech on some book or movie or game.

Train with Aaron
Orlando Hines - Personal Training
Orlando H.

Orlando Hines is the founder and Director of Fellowship Fitness. Under his guidance, Fellowship Fitness employs certified trainers, instructors, and specialists, that provide quality, weight management, nutritional counseling and fitness training within the Fayetteville, North Carolina community. Highlighted below is the training, experience and accomplishments that Mr. Hines brings to the fitness community.

• More than 15 years of military physical training experience as a Master Fitness Trainer training thousands of enlisted, field grade officers, and commissioned offers throughout his career.
• Trained and worked with special populations such as severely injured athletes, extremely obese, and/or rehabilitating elderly and physically challenged clients resulting from strokes and injuries.
• Successfully trains tri-athletes and marathoners through the use of targeted strength training, plyometric and balance exercises to enhance speed and agility with respect to their sport.
• Performs as a Strength and Conditioning Coach by developing year-around strength and conditioning programs for student-athletes, at high school and college level participating in a range of sports and activities.

Train with Orlando
Amy Bortoff - Personal Training
Amy B.
(7 reviews)
When I started with Amy I was incredibly out of shape and anxious about exercising. Since working out with Amy, she makes fitness fun, interesting and doable. I love that her workouts are different each week to keep it interesting. I love that I am always strengthening different parts of my body. But most importantly, I love that she is teaching me things that I can easily do on my own time - and feel successful. But she doesn’t only engage with you during sessions, but also touches base on a regular basis. She provides easy workouts, nutrition info and sometimes just sends a message to say hi! She is a wonderful person, incredibly positive and warm. I feel lucky to have started my fitness journey with her - and look forward to reaching my goals!

Train with Amy
Christopher Mondragon - Personal Training
Christopher M.
(6 reviews)
Great customized workouts to stress your specific needs. Friendly courteous staff and clean facility. Feels like your working out at home with Family!

Train with Christopher
Taylor Paulsey - Personal Training
Taylor P.
(1 reviews)
Taylor really takes the time to listen and makes a plan that works for you! And the results are amazing! I have been working with her for over a year and already I have made tons of progress! I would 10 out of 10 reccommend her!

Train with Taylor

Common questions about personal training

How much does a personal trainer cost in North Carolina?

Personal trainers in North Carolina start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

What impacts the cost of working with a Personal Trainer inNorth Carolina ?

Session Location: Surprisingly, session costs are lower when the personal trainer travels to... Show More

How do I find a personal trainer in North Carolina ?

Here is all you need to know to find the right personal trainer in North Carolina ! 

Certifications and Expertise: Most people in North Carolina choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better. Your personal trainer must have an excellent understanding of human anatom... Show More

Who is personal training for?

Personal training is for just about EVERYONE! Here are the most common:

Beginners: Whether you are a total beginner or it’s been a while since you laced up the sneakers, working with a personal trainer is the best way to get a personalized workout plan, stay motivated and get results - all while staying safe! &n... Show More

What is In-Home Personal Training?

In-home personal training means that the trainer will travel to you - at home, in your building gym, at work or a local park. Work out on your terms, where you are the most comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of in-home personal training:

You Choose the Environment: In-home personal training is designed to allow you... Show More

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Deciding if hiring a personal trainer is ''worth it'' comes down to these four factors: 

Results: Working with a skilled personal trainer is the fastest way to achieve results. Period. Your personal trainer will assess your current level, create customized training plans, choreograph every moment of the workout to ens... Show More

How do I become a personal trainer in North Carolina ?

Here’s how to becoming a great personal trainer in North Carolina! 

Certification: The best personal training certification programs require a personal trainer to complete courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. All trainers on Fyt are certified via an NCCA accredited organization which... Show More

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