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Lyndsey Carbery - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lyndsey Carbery

I have been training for 15 years now and still have the same passion and drive for helping my clients realize their true potential in life though fitness if not more. I own my own gym downtown seattle but am willing to come to you if thats more convenient. I have worked with people from all walks of life and have loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you get where you want to be on your fitness journey!!

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Ed Altemus - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ed Altemus
I am passionate about my clients reaching their goals. We will attain your goals regardless of your fitness level.

The Client's needs come first. I gather information about the client's exercise experience, lifestyle, diet and goals. I then put together an individual program tailored to that particular clients needs. Success is the result.

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ADRIAN FLORES - Philadelphia Personal Training

My goal is to help you reach your goals. I will help give you the tools you need so we can be successful on our journey. Most people don't know where to start when they are starting a new workout program, I want to make it fun, informative, and focused on what you want out of and how we can keep you going. I like to make my workouts enjoyable, fun, and to participate in them so we learn why we are doing them as opposed to just being told what to do.

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Michele Holmes - Philadelphia Personal Training
Michele Holmes
In-Home Personal training for women. Your trainer, your space, I developed a customized program just for the busy woman who wants to get to their goal faster. In home training for the woman who does not have time to go to a gym or just simply don't care for it, whatever your reasons, I can help!

My philosophy as a personal trainer is that we all must find the right balance. This means balance with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility, rest and mental stimulation. All of my clients come to me with different goals and different needs. I always start my job by getting all of these components back in balance, with the appropriate intensity in each category to achieve the goals set for each person.

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Kimbrough Kendall - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kimbrough Kendall
Every time we meet you will have a different experience, training with different muscle groups and different equipment. I keep our workouts exciting, challenging, and motivate and inspire my clients along the way. I am a true believer in muscle confusion and take pride in each and every client I work with. Your Life... Your Body... Your Adventure!

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Dana Llewellyn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Dana Llewellyn

Expect to find balance, precision and power through functional movement. Using primarily body weight flows and Clubbell exercises, I stress breath centric movement to catalyze a mind-body connection. My fitness philosophy is to make workouts as flow-based, fun and engaging as possible to help you move intelligently, shave off bodily tension and access your flowstate.

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Lonell Jacksn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lonell Jacksn
The purpose for fitness should not be to look as good as you can, but to feel as good as you can. At the Functional Body Shop our focus is on building a body that last. We do this without the use of dumbbells and machines. If you can not move your body through space functionally there is no need for an external load.

Strength Over Size.

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Camlin Jackson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Camlin Jackson
EXPECT RESULTS! I use a proven method when we train that will utilize your fat for energy and build lean muscle. We also focus on the core components that help build a healthier more functional YOU! I go out of my way to make the process easy, individualized, and effective.

It's not about training to get to a certain weight and size, it's more about cutting body fat, being more functional, and feeling better.

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Jon Chacon - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jon Chacon
Hi, my name is Jon. If you are a competitive athlete who is serious about their sport(s) then I want to work with you because I want to see you win, and I want to make sure you obtain the edge, the "plus 1, " the extra that is needed to defeat and surpass your competition. Far too many talented athletes focus on just their sport and wonder why they don't get any better as the years go by. Truth be told, it's the athletes who invest in a strength and conditioning program that attacks their weaknesses, reduces their potential for injury, and takes their performance to the next level. My drive is to personally guide you towards reaching that next level. Whether you are a high school or college athlete, a triathlete, a competitive cyclist, a powerlifter, a boxer/MMA athlete, or you just want enter your very first competition whether it's a mud run, 5k, or strongman competition then I want to work with you. When training for competition it's not just about how good you look. It's about training the movements, muscles, and joints that are specific to your sport, and building upon those areas that are currently holding you back. I will provide you with a no-nonsense, fluff-free training program designed specifically to meet the needs of your sport and your person. My experience and facility are equipped to build strong, powerful, and damn near unbreakable athletes. I've worked with athletes in the following sports/fields: football, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, track and field, wrestling, lacrosse, golf, tennis, rugby, squash, boxing fire fighting, and mud runs. I look forward to helping you win!

I believe that strength is the foundation of everything we do in life, and is the first step toward powerful performance changes and safe and sustainable body maintenance. Building strength requires consistency, lifting heavy things, and a willingness to change. My methods both traditional and unconventional and may go against much of what you hear in mainstream fitness. The confidence and usable foundation of strength that you develop with me will change the way you see yourself and where you think you can go. I will challenge you without crushing you. I encourage progress without pain. I train to educate and empower you toward a sustainable lifestyle. After all, who wants to change their entire life to revolve around fitness and nutrition? I'm a big fan of helping my people lose fat, build muscle, and feel great by building a training program and way of eating that fits their sport, and active and busy lifestyle. Lastly, I know that building strength is something that doesn't just happen in the gym. It happens outside of the gym during the other 160+ hours in the week, which is why I provide all of my clients 24/7 support and access to me through text, e-mail, phone calls, and social media to make sure they stay on track and make the right decisions to get them the results they want!

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FYT's Featured Seattle Personal Trainer

Trainer Laurel Barattieri profile picture

Laurel Barattieri

I have the experience and training to take you through workouts that will feel good and build your strength from the inside out. I believe with all my heart if you have a desire or health inspired need to start training you should give it a try, and I can make it fun and deliver results. Being more active helps you look and feel better, it is a proven stress reliever, improves mood, and the list of benefits goes on and on. I call working out my fountain of youth. If you train with me I will come to your home (so there are no excuses! ) from 1 to 3 times a week and take you through intense workouts that are completely customized to your needs. If you have pain I will show you how to work out around that pain and strengthen the correct muscles to make that pain diminish or disappear completely. I will work with you to accomplish goals, ranging from weight loss to mobility issues, muscle strength to body reshaping, stamina to training for a specific event. I love what I do and I can't wait to work with you! If you are doing an exercise incorrectly there is no reason to do it! Form is the most important thing and knowing how to exercise correctly can change your life. No more endless hours on the tread mill or elliptical. Let's make every minute count!


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training
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