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Marcia Hursh - Philadelphia Personal Training
Marcia Hursh
(24 reviews)

Marcia was awesome. She really listened to me, asked a lot of questions, and was ready to work around my schedule. She's affordable; she worked me out and I'm feeling it today! Love it.

Train with Marcia
Carlos Perez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Carlos Perez
(9 reviews)

Playing a competitive Division 1 sport I am familiar with what it takes to get into great shape and meet your fitness goals. I started using Carlos about 2 years ago and have been able to drop 30 pounds and reduce my body fat by about 10%. I've Improve my golf game, eat healthier, and found an overall better quality of life. Unlike trainers that I have worked with in the past Carlos' routines never get old. He continues to find new ways to keep workouts cutting edge, but at the same time still making sure that I am meeting my fitness goals. Just like anyone I dreaded getting up to workout, but Carlos has made it fun, and with his personality, it is like you are working out with a great trainer, but also a friend. I would recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to reach fitness goals from any standpoint. He is the best.

Train with Carlos
Jerel Nembhard - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jerel Nembhard

 I'm a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a graduate of Western Connecticut State University in 2013. My competitive sports background and education has helped me develop a broad understanding of human movement science.  I've been an athlete for just about my entire life. I've competed in Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Muay Thai. My background in fitness is based upon functional training (exercise related to everyday movements). I've transformed numerous clients with proper exercise guidance acquired from my education and experience . I also enjoy implementing plyometrics, hypertrophy training (toning), flexibility, core, balance, and corrective exercises into my programming. I enjoy installing confidence into my clients by showing them there really are no limitations when it comes to fitness. I make unique, personalized workout plans for my clients which are structured upon periodization. Whether the client's goal involves altering stability, increasing strength, or losing fat, I have an extensive amount of knowledge that can help any client achieve their goals. Any goal is achievable with the right amount of confidence and motivation.

Train with Jerel
Adam Flyte - Philadelphia Personal Training
Adam Flyte

I am an insured, NASM, certified trainer who got into fitness because I believe you are happiest when you are healthy. It's a privilege to offer that gift. I'll get you healthy in 3 steps: education, dedication, and having fun!

Train with Adam
Jake Behan - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jake Behan
An individualized training program to fit your goals, from packing on muscle to losing weight, I'll get you to your goal! Also expect an education on mobility and varieties of strength training techniques to progress you to the next level. Lastly, meal plans are also available and calculating calories/macros.

Train with Jake
Karly Worth - Philadelphia Personal Training
Karly Worth
I am a very dynamic trainer. I work with all ages and fitness goals. My priority is to be creative and design a workout specific to your personality, interests and goals. Exercise should be enjoyable as well as beneficial. I can promise to aid you in attaining your fitness goals and help you acquire a passion for fitness. I have a very friendly, upbeat personality and can pretty much get along with anyone. I am also a sponsored athlete of a fitness clothing line and supplement company, so I will be able to recommend supplements to further help you achieve your goals if need be.

With the majority of my clients, I have found weight training and body weight exercises to be the most beneficial approach to weight loss as well as building lean muscle. Everyone's body is different, no two bodies react the same to a diet or exercise program. My goal is to figure out what style of training gets you the results you're looking for.

Train with Karly
Torie Marin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Torie Marin
I provide In-Home and On-Site Personal Training for the Greater Hartford area. I travel right to you for your comfort and convenience. With a customized nutrition and exercise program based on your personal goals and needs, you will be feeling great in no time!

I believe any client can reach their goal without having to take unrealistic, drastic measures. You shouldn't have to exercise 7 days a week, and never eat anything you like to reach your goal. It is all about balance!

Train with Torie
LaToya Jennifer - Philadelphia Personal Training
LaToya Jennifer
Get ready to be pushed passed your comfort zone to reach your fitness goals. Personal training with me is ideal for those with specific goals, injury, health conditions, those new to exercise, seeking to perfect technique and or seeking that extra push.

Train with LaToya
Cynthia Melkerson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Cynthia Melkerson
My training will help your body move efficiently so you can LOOK and FEEL SPECTACULAR. My nutrition coaching will allow your body to transform from the inside out so you have the ENERGY and MENTAL FOCUS to ENJOY your day. Let's start with a phone consultation.

Train with Cynthia


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