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ACE certified personal trainer

About Chris

With over 20 years in the golf and fitness industry. May be you've read Chris Ownbey's golf fitness article in Avid Golfer, Texas Golfer, Golfer MD., or seen him on ABC Good Morning Texas. Chris Ownbey's golf fitness has been getting a lot press because of the impressive results his clients see from the very first session... It's a unique approach on helping assess, and determine the underlying physical limitations which have a direct effect on the mechanics of the golf swing. Then implement a golf fitness program that will benefit the student both on and off the course. In essence, Chris Ownbey's golf fitness program is all about obtaining the 3 physical fundamentals needed to make a consistent proper golf swing, strength, flexibility and balance. We offer:" TPI Golf fitness assessments" Golf fitness programs for men 45+" 30 and 60 Minute Sessions " Relief of shoulder and lower back pain" One on one private sessions 

A golf specific program that will not be counterproductive to your golf swing.

My favorite client story

"Chris has been a huge help for me. As a 50-something golfer who rarely touched weights, I knew I needed to start an exercise program., but had no idea how to do so and not be counterproductive to my golf game. Chris is able to break down the physical elements of a golf swing and apply the correct exercises in a way that I didn't understand previously. With Chris’s help, I was able to regain my flexibility, I‘ve seen improvement in my physical strength, my energy and I’m able to last longer on the course." I highly recommend this Golf Fitness program,
Tony Howard Vice President and Controller at Real Page

My back bothered me for two years and limited my golf play considerably, needing to suspend golf for weeks at a time. I tried both medical doctors and chiropractors with no success.
In our first session, Chris Ownbey found the cause of the problem and provided exercises to strengthen the muscles.
In addition, my swing is now more consistent based on his fundamental concepts.
Chris thanks, Jim Johnson

“Working with Chris has really helped improve my golf performance!
My distance is back.
My core strength, balance, flexibility and energy have never been better.
If your looking for a certified golf fitness coach who cares and who can help you get results, then
Chris is your go to guy.”
-Dave Scullen

“Significant improvement, not only with back pain ( the reason I began working with Chris to begin with), but strength, flexibility and allot more energy. I wish I knew about Chris in my 30’s instead of my 60’s!”

With Chris's help. “ I won my club championship."
Todd Spence

"Chris Ownbey is the best golf fitness trainer i have ever had. period!
I'm fifty! I'm fit! I highly recommend his golf fitness program."
Dr. Ron Blair


I have increased my flexibility dramatically with Chris Ownbey's Golf Fitness Program"
Dr. Tom Stephens

My favorite exercise

Mobility in the upper torso is a must to achieve a full backswing with no muscular tension. Lack of upper body mobility creates tension in your golf swing, robbing you of club head speed and distance. Try a rubber band torso turn. Perform 10 reps 2x . Stand right side down the line with band in left hand. Make a 180 degree turn. Turn your torso where you can look over right shoulder and see right foot. You should feel the load in the right glute. Now take the right shoulder inside the fight ankle. This will correct early extension and load the left glute. Repeat 10 reps. Repeat on both sides.

My favorite quote

Healthy Body = Better Game!

My training philosophy

A golf fitness program is about obtaining the. 3 physical fundamentals needed to make a better body for a more consistent golf game. Core strength, improved flexibility and better balance.

My training experience

Chris Ownbey specializes in 3-D biomechanics, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercises as they relate to golf improvement. Seen on Golf Fitness Special Edition ABC Good Morning Texas. Golf Fitness contributor Avid Golfer, Texas Golfer, and the Titleist. Finally, A golf fitness program that will not be counterproductive to your golf game! With over 20 years experience in the golf and fitness industry. Chris Ownbey is certified by Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness expert. Owner and operator of a private training studio in North Dallas. He serves 9-15 clients every day and his focus is 30 and 60 minute golf specific. workout sessions for men over 40- often a mix of business professionals, . medical doctors and golf enthusiasts. In essence, Chris Ownbey's golf fitness program is all about obtaining the. 3 physical fundamentals needed to make a consistent golf swing. Core strength, flexibility and balance.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Performance Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

TPI Golf Certified

Training Areas Served

In-home, Outdoor or Virtual Training

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