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Patrick Raney - Philadelphia Personal Training
Patrick Raney

I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from weight loss to increased mobility with seniors. I am the head trainer and director of a fitness club and have over 8 years of experience. I offer in-home sessions or can help you at the club. Would love to offer a complimentary consultation in person or over the phone to take that first step towards reaching your goal.

Train with Patrick
Julie Troendle - Philadelphia Personal Training
Julie Troendle
A customized training plan - based on your wants, needs, resources, and goals. I emphasize natural and holistic health, incorporating exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body connection. My clients choose which areas they are most interested in, ranging from one to all areas.

I focus on natural health and personal fitness. The body that comes with it is a great bonus. Fitness should be fun and practical. I emphasize a primal perspective with functional, effective movement.

Train with Julie
Kate Schultz - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kate Schultz
Kate will develop a customized in home program to maximize your strength, flexibility, balance and agility for family events, golfing, gardening, even housework. Through fitness your life can be safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Train with Kate
Christopher Severn - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christopher Severn
My specialty is providing coaching through assessment. Individualization is the foundation for the programming I provide for my clients. Many people come in with their own goals in mind. I help them break those down into actionable, achievable items. I try to view my clients as a whole person, taking into account every facet of their lives. That's why we don't just focus on movement; education about nutrition, sleep, stress, and metabolism helps to provide a comprehensive approach.

Train with Christopher
Angelo Bronzino - Philadelphia Personal Training
Angelo Bronzino
My personal fitness foundation is 18 years of gymnastics leading me to compete at the University of Iowa. Soon, after graduation I because training clients in functional movement and basic (proper) gymnastics mechanics. At this point I have trained in the field of bodybuilding and competitive powerlifting. I have helped multiple clients achieve amazing transformations specific to weight loss. During a typical session, you can expect to be lead through a general mobility warm-up and stretch, general physical preparedness exercises, specific goal-oriented exercises and complexes, and lastly some sort of final need base activity (metabolic conditioning, extra mobility, skill based work, etc.)The priority of training needs: Health, Personal Growth, and Fitness.

Train with Angelo
Josh Sax - Philadelphia Personal Training
Josh Sax
Primary focus of training is on total body working with various types of conventional and unconventional equipment to challenge the body with a metabolic workout.

Train with Josh
Angie Gallagher - Philadelphia Personal Training
Angie Gallagher

As a Fitness Leader in the Des Moines Area, I have over 15+ years experience helping others reach/maintain their fitness and health goals. My goal is to help each client identify, reach, and maintain their health and fitness goals. Modifications are given to EACH individual, ensuring appropriate exercises are prescribed, and creating a safe, positive, and encouraging environment. FIT4LIFE is Angie's own philosophy and approach to a program that is based on making true lifestyle changes. It's about customizing exercises to each individual, boosting confidence, strengthening the entire body, increasing endurance, expanding flexibility, and most of all making a healthy change to affect the quality of each person's life.

Train with Angie
Patrick Hill - Philadelphia Personal Training
Patrick Hill
After being in the health/fitness industry for over 10 years, I've seen the frustration people go through when they're being fed misinformation, weren't being listened to, or were just being rushed through their sessions. I'm tired of people being pressured and manipulated into paying for unnecessary products and services. So, I decided to take a stand, and start my own business. Now, I can take the time to truly listen to you, give you the honest answers, and finally get you moving in the right direction. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist with 9 years of education, I've done the research. And with more than 10 years of practical experience as a personal trainer and physical therapist, I've seen what works and what doesn't. Now let me use what I've learned to help you finally reach those goals you've been striving for, regardless of the obstacles in your path. And if those obstacles are related to pain issues, we may be able to have your insurance help cover the costs. Simply put, I am a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer who will come to you wherever you're most comfortable (or use my home workout studio), work with you to develop a comprehensive exercise program, and provide you with whatever help is needed to make sure you reach your goals. I offer both personal training and physical therapy services, as well as, guidance for other key lifestyle changes. I work with a wide range of people, from the elderly patient with numerous ailments to the elite athlete seeking to push himself to the next level. So if you're ready, no more playing around with the latest gimmicks, following recommendations from biased websites, or taking advice from your good-intentioned (but misinformed) peers. When you want to do it right, see a professional. Let me help you make it happen

While I do take my business of personal training and home physical therapy very seriously, I think you have to have fun on your journey to wellness.

Train with Patrick
Amanda Saxton - Philadelphia Personal Training
Amanda Saxton

"Whatever your goal is - I will get you there. It will be work, it will take commitment, it will be flexible but structured and most importantly IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Personal Training isn't about how many sessions you do a week, its about providing the support system to your success in the most efficient and safe way possible. Educating you so you can move though life, continue to live healthy, full of energy doing the things that you want to without worry is my goal and making it fun along the way". "We are all as unique as our fingerprints. I enhance personal training by creating you a personal fitness program that is grounded in the truths of human movement. I address your real-life needs with real-life three dimensional training. I understand the science to train you properly, safely, and effectively. "

Train with Amanda


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