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Malachi Gibson

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About Malachi

I was never into fitness or lifting weights or running, but I always loved sports, particularly basketball. My fitness journey began with me being a senior in high school, 100 pounds dripping wet, and one of my close friends preparing to leave for the army. I could never gain weight no matter what I tried and it bothered me so much and I didn't know what to do. He wanted to help me put on weight, so everyday he would bring me with him to the gym and we would lift until I couldn't feel anything. When school was over and he left I tried to continue with what he had taught me but I couldn't continue and I just stopped working out.

I really wanted to gain weight more than anything and as the days wore on I would get more and more disgusted with my own reflection. My best friend had given me all the tools to succeed, the gym, the food, the advice, and yet I was using none of it and I hated myself for it. There were a few times where I truly believed I had reached my breaking point and I would start going again only to recede back into my comfort zone.

One day, after the rage and disappointment in myself had finally reached a point in which I could no longer stand to look at myself or anyone else, I broke. My need to put on weight had finally overtaken my desire to stay in my comfort zone and I started lifting again. The second I started to see results, I started to like lifting and soon it turned to love. I shared the little that I knew with people who also struggled and after a while I decided that I wanted to do this forever. This is my passion, this is my life, I live training.

Training Philosophy: Listen to what the client wants and do your best to give them results. Let them rest but do not let them quit. Be efficient, no wasted movement. Safety. Build a house on a strong foundation. Dig and find strength when you thought your reserves were empty.

I became a trainer because I wanted to show people that I had been the person who looked in the mirror day after day knowing what I wanted but not knowing how to achieve it. I want to help people achieve where they thought they could not. I wanted to transform lives just as the gym transformed mine.

My training style is fluid. Some clients who have trained with me have called me a drill instructor while others describe me as a mellow, relaxed person. I adjust based on what my clients need.

My favorite exercises are Deadlift, Push-ups, Squat, and all of leg day.

I have had more than one client lose over 50 pounds and there were times when I didn't even recognize them.

I am a huge sports fan! I love basketball and football the most but I am a lover of all sports. I am also an avid Xbox gamer as well as a competitor in every field when a challenge is presented.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

Additional Certifications

AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Who I Especially Like Working With


10 Edison Road

Mahwah, NJ 07430

No Gym Membership Needed!

My name is Erin Quinn and I am a 23 year old female who has been working out consistently for about a year and a half now. I have never had to worry about weight or working out in the past because I have great genes and was always very skinny. However last year I started working out for a few months and saw great results yet ended up hitting a plateau and gaining about 15 pounds. When I met Malachi, he was able to create customize workout plans for my specific needs of wanting to tone and lean out. I have been working with him since last September and finally am back to where I would like to be physique wise. He helped me stay focused, determined, and pushed me to my limits when I was getting discouraged. I really owe a lot of the credit to my fitness schedule and consistency to him since he helped me get back on track through my fitness journey. To this day I still workout minimum five days a week and along the way learned various tips and options for working out through Malachi. For example, I wanted to lean out my entire body and get a nice tone. For awhile we worked on strength training and heavier weight circuits but now Malachi has taught me different ways at this point in my fitness journey how to achieve better results such as HIIT training. These small steps and aspects of fitness that I have learned along the way really have helped me achieve goals I had for myself and Malachi was the creator of that!

Erin Q.

I had been training long before I met Malachi and seeing results in both strength and fat loss. I struggled greatly with my motivation when I lost my workout buddy so I had stopped working out for over a year. About 10 months ago I met Malachi and he gave me all the knowledge and motivation in the world. He helped me increase my strength across the board and gave me the passion to workout again. I also have a few of my abs showing. I have not reached a plateau yet and I think its due to him always changing my workout and never letting me get too comfortable. Malachi is and has been a great help to me and I am not sure where I would be without him.

Robert V.

Malachi Gibson has made a huge impact in my life. Last year I decided to join a gym even though I've never joined one before. I am 25 years old and am of medium build. My intentions were to start on a path towards a healthier lifestyle, become fit and more active. However, for many weeks I realized I had no idea what I was doing at the gym and was wasting my time. Thankfully, Malachi approached me and guided me through a circuit that had me feeling really accomplished! I've been training with him ever since and have noticed dramatic differences in my life. I feel so much stronger and fit. I can go to the gym with a goal and feel confident. Malachi is an extremely approachable and friendly person. I see him training a variety of people and they always have smiles on their faces. He is also very knowledgeable and gives great advice. I really appreciate how much he's helped me!

Judith L.

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