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Felipe Sa - Philadelphia Personal Training
Felipe Sa
(1 reviews)
Randy Lowe
Felipe and I have been working together for 3 months now. I have lost 16 lbs and 4% body fat. my goal is to be in the best shape ever for my 55th birthday in May. When I began working out with Felipe I was focused but he was more focused! He told me "to get something you never had you have to do something you never did!" That sticks with me daily. I am encouraged not only by our time in the gym but his words of encouragement and motivation daily. He offers great dieting advice and achieves results. The facility he trains at offers 24 hr access and is always friendly and helpful so you are motivated to go for a workout even if you don't have an appointment, Ella and Nick, the owners, are passionate about the facility and that makes a difference. Commitment is the first step - the next step is getting the right advice and professional help! Felipe is awesome and has a great attitude - I am doing exercises and weight I never thought I could do and I LOVE THE RESULTS! Pictures to follow in May!

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Scott Dickover - Philadelphia Personal Training
Scott Dickover
(3 reviews)

Scott has been my trainer for approaching 4 years. He is a skilled running, swimming and all-around trainer who has pushed me to get to my goal. He has worked with me to my first half-marathon (I've done 4 now) and even developed fitness plans for me to follow while I was recovering from an injury. Scott has always pushed me to continue getting better and growing my fitness along the way and I would HIGHLY recommend Scott and if you are looking for running, swimming and fitness training he is your GUY!

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Jim Yeagle - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jim Yeagle
(2 reviews)

I have been training with Jim for 3 years. He is always challenging and motivating me and keeps me injury free.

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TJ Wells - Philadelphia Personal Training
TJ Wells
(1 reviews)
Ben Wells
Fit L1fe Personal Training in St. Cloud Fl. Has an amazing gym and fitness facility! TJ has been more than motivational, he has helped push me through struggles and helped me reach my goals. He has taught me to love the journey and changed my life!

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Tony Campbell - Philadelphia Personal Training
Tony Campbell

MY PHILOSOPHY: “START WITH THE FOUNDATION, ASSURE STABILITY, AND BUILD UPON THAT.” That’s exactly how one should enter a training program. Many people have the misconception that there are set templates to achieve specific goals, however, everyone has their own physical capabilities and inabilities and those aspects should be assessed before committing to a training program. If not, your training regimen could possibly be working against you rather then for you.

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Melinda Claudio - Philadelphia Personal Training
Melinda Claudio

I really enjoy working with people of all ages and fitness goals. However I have a special fondness of training women who have reached that point in their life were they are ready to put themselves first. I find these ladies to be ready and willing to do what it takes to reach their goals. It brings me great satisfaction to see them accomplish things they never thought they could do!

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Tiffany Vidal - Philadelphia Personal Training
Tiffany Vidal

Tiffany Vidal Lifestyle is a brand that was created by Mrs. Tiffany Vidal and run with her husband, Jorge Vidal, who is a ACSM certified personal trainer with a Bachelor of Psychology. Tiffany always had an immense love for fitness and nutrition, which only grew more once she became a mother. She wanted to figure out how to lose the baby weight in the healthiest way possible and how to become an active mom for the rest of her life, rather than one that just sits on the sidelines. Although she'd struggled with her weight her whole life, she actually ran her very first 5k two months after her son was born and soon found herself doing many other races, as well as a half marathon, and completing local obstacle course runs, such as Spartan Race. She had successfully created a brand new lifestyle for herself and became determined to complete her degree in exercise science, in order to have the knowledge she really wanted and needed, not only for herself, but to help educate others and change lives for the better. She graduated with her Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida in early 2015.

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Nathaniel Beard - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nathaniel Beard
I am looking for clients who are willing to work towards there goals. Looking for someone who is willing to work as hard as they play. I also deal with parents who have kids who need that exta push with thier abilities. Athletes are more than welcome!

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Andrew Teran - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andrew Teran
I give you a different work out than most. I'm constantly making you move and keeping your body guessing. I like to come with a different approach when working than the typical work out you see in a gym. If you like to train hard and want to train like an athlete then I'm your trainer. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I can get you bigger, stronger, and faster if that's what you are looking for. Or if you just want to lose weight, I can help you with that. I can also train kids and help them reach their goal in sports, whether it's making their self confidence up or making their club or high school team, I can help out. Also if you are a serious athlete and want to get to the next level, I can also help you out with your goals.

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Courtney Patterson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Courtney Patterson

I'm a professional athlete who provides the ULTIMATE workout experience and help you achieve long-term results. I create dynamic exercise programs based upon your personal goals, unique metabolism and fitness level. I also combine high intensity workouts and basic nutrition education with motivation you need to reach your goals and maintain long-term results. I will calculate your metabolism, to build a personal training program customized to your body. Also, provide a line of Herbalife products. Fitness and/or Weight Loss Coaching Packages Because most people need extra support, information and accountability when it comes to losing weight and getting on a consistent fitness or exercise program, we've custom-designed our coaching packages for your specific needs. Our weight loss and fitness coaching packages include: Personalized coaching sessions with your fitness coach and personal trainer E-mail support and between-session check-ins Food and nutrition analysis and consultation Detailed exercise workout and fitness plans e-mailed to you weekly Nutrition logs, food diaries, and supplemental materials, tools, and resources. Encouragement, Motivation, and Expertise from a Professional Trainer. My personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I take a whole body approach so that my clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication and education you can do it and I can help! Changing your life is a journey and I will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way. Are you ready to start living your life being stronger, healthier and happier? It is time to change and the time is now.

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Kevin Cicero - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kevin Cicero
Orlando's Body Transformation Experts!

You only have one body, take care of it and it will take care of you.

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Terry Decker - Philadelphia Personal Training
Terry Decker
Rapport, empathy, assessment and development. Working out, eating healthy, and losing weight does not have to be an experience that you fear or dislike. It can be fun, rewarding, and something that you look forward to each and every day. Together, we will make your weight loss goals achievable and enjoy the journey. That way as you move though life, you can continue to live healthy, full of energy and do the things that you want to without worry. The first session will be an assessment to see where you are at, find out your specific goals and systematically putting a plan together for you to achieve those goals while checking that progress every month to show how your hard work and dedication is paying off.

Following the opt model to progress the client properly and safely while establishing and achieving short term and long term goals. The goal is to live the healthiest, happiest and fullest life possible. A staggering 96% of all disease is due all or in part to lifestyle- not genetics! That means that every day you are making a decision about whether you will grind down your body and finish your days broken in a nursing home, or establish your health now and finish your days, vital and vibrant, on a cruise ship. Do you to be on a cruise ship or in a nursing home?

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Kurtis Enzian - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kurtis Enzian
I believe in a simple and direct approach to fitness. There are no fancy gimmicks with me, just hard work and a great attitude. If you're ready to put in some hard work and get real, lasting results, then I'm your trainer!

I believe in a simple, no gimmicks approach to fitness. In my years of training I have learned that strength is at the center of just about everything. Anyone and everyone can benefit in some way from being stronger and that is what I aim to do for clients. Make them stronger!

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Alfredo Ramos - Philadelphia Personal Training
Alfredo Ramos
In the last yr. I have lost over 100 pounds and completely changed my life style. I can help you reach your goals I know the struggles and obstacles it takes to overcome to reach your fitness goals. I am ACSM certified and ready to help you become the person you always knew you could be

You are never to old or out of shape to take control of your life. Small steps will lead to long term improvement

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Ryan Rice - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ryan Rice

I'm a father of two who understands the toll life takes on the average person. A former military and tactical operations specialist, I hold both a personal training and orthopedic exercise specialist certifications. I put emphasis on the "person" in personal training!

I believe in tailoring the exercise program to your specific needs. My experience ranges from High Intensity Interval Training for specialized tactical teams to completely functional exercise for older adults. My programs incorporate a myriad of tools and exercises working on balance, flexibility, muscular strength/stamina and cardio health. My background helps me to motivate clients to achieve their optimum results while keeping the exercises fun and interesting.

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Daniel Leon - Philadelphia Personal Training
Daniel Leon
Lose weight Gain muscle mass Get a great organized personalized workout routine Nutrition advice plus supplement information I will help you reach your goals!

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Ealiane Joseph - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ealiane Joseph
I am tough, but I want the best for you. I am hard, but I want you to achieve your goals. I am very honest and believe that by building a connection, I am able to assist you better in your health goals. Outside the gym I am down to earth and fun, but once that hour of training starts I am no longer your friend, but your trainer. Expect to work hard and be pushed. But, expect to feel your best and see results fast as long as you stick to my program. After doing an analysis of your current state, I will create an eating plan and a workout plan that you will follow. Along the way, together, we will adjust the plan as needed to guarantee success. Being that my goal is to help you with your fitness and health goals, I also suggest supplements and vitamins that may be needed as an addition to your routine. I am truly a PERSONAL trainer, because with me it gets personal. I will cook for you if I have to, in order to show you proper ways of healthy cooking. I will do whatever is needed to get you well. I believe in overall wellness, so I am not the trainer that works you out and then leaves you. I am involved in more areas of your life because I believe that life's stresses and events affect our health, eating, and our motivation to change them for the better.

You have the Power to Change your situation. Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Free.

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Nathan McDonald - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nathan McDonald

Workout smart, eat healthily, and work/life balance leads to a healthy lifestyle.

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FYT's Featured Orlando Personal Trainer

Trainer Teah Wooden profile picture

Teah Wooden

Expect a person who will listen to your goals and tailor a plan just for you. Expect someone who can communicate effectively and work with you hands on. From start to finish, I will guide you through everything. From warm up to stretch, I am your partner. We will continually assess your progress to show that you are making steps to your goals. We will check weight, body fat, and talk about how nutrition plays a vital role in weight loss. Hope to hear from you!

I believe that there is an incredible amount of strength training that can be used with our bodies alone. You do not have to go to a gym to get strong. Body weight training and plyometrics can be done at home and can you results as well.


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Sports Performance Training
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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Sports Performance Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Sports Performance Training
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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Sports Performance Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Yoga
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Sports Performance Training

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