Courtney Patterson

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  • Strength Training
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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I'm a professional athlete who provides the ULTIMATE workout experience and help you achieve long-term results. I create dynamic exercise programs based upon your personal goals, unique metabolism and fitness level. I also combine high intensity workouts and basic nutrition education with motivation you need to reach your goals and maintain long-term results. I will calculate your metabolism, to build a personal training program customized to your body. Also, provide a line of Herbalife products. Fitness and/or Weight Loss Coaching Packages Because most people need extra support, information and accountability when it comes to losing weight and getting on a consistent fitness or exercise program, we've custom-designed our coaching packages for your specific needs. Our weight loss and fitness coaching packages include: Personalized coaching sessions with your fitness coach and personal trainer E-mail support and between-session check-ins Food and nutrition analysis and consultation Detailed exercise workout and fitness plans e-mailed to you weekly Nutrition logs, food diaries, and supplemental materials, tools, and resources. Encouragement, Motivation, and Expertise from a Professional Trainer. My personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I take a whole body approach so that my clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication and education you can do it and I can help! Changing your life is a journey and I will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way. Are you ready to start living your life being stronger, healthier and happier? It is time to change and the time is now.


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