Rabih Tabbara

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  • Strength Training
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NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Rabih is fitness success story and a passionate personal trainer. ACSM certified and NESTA MMA strength and conditioning coach. He is a fitness enthusiast that walked the walk. He lost 56 lbs. and dropped from 216 lbs. to 160 lbs. With more than 9 years in training and body transformation expertise, he specializes in motivating and inspiring his clients to achieve results and attain their goals in many unconventional ways. He helped many clients get their weight under control, he shopped, cooked and trained with them to get them where they wanted. He tries all the exercise himself first and will lead the charge to get people pumped up to workout. Rabih feels he is born for this, he dedicates his full time to change people's lives. He is an amateur Kick boxer/Muay Thai that competed 3 times in world tournaments. He specializes in conditioning fighters and takes them to the next level. He worked with pro boxers and Muay Thai fighters in their boot camps to get them for title fights. Rabih's hobbies are cooking and outdoors camping/hiking, he is a fitness geek and thinks he is Tarzan.

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