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  • Strength Training
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AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

A certified trainer who understands that subtle details can translate into major benefits. Custom challenging programs that will stimulate weight loss, muscle growth, or any goal that you want to reach. Before you know it, you'll be living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying it. I include circuits, intervals, functional exercises, calisthenics, and cardiovascular exercises to name a few. The more your body has to guess, the more your body has to work, the more your body has to work, the more calories it will burn. Fortunately this technique also works for stimulating new muscle growth. What are you waiting for give it a shot.

My philosophy is simple. There is proper way to exercise and there's an ineffective way to exercise. Fortunately I focus on the former. Fundamental progression in manageable increments makes it easier for you to make the transition into a healthy lifestyle. But most important, the routine has to have an element of fun, let's face it, if you don't enjoy something you're certainly not going to want to participate. There will be hard work involved but in convenient amounts. The fantastic part of fitness is everyone is capable of taking part. Exercising puts you in the driver seat and says "Go wherever you want", how great is that! Here's the key, just get in and drive.

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