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Ebony White - Philadelphia Personal Training
Ebony White
(6 reviews)

Ebony is so much more than a trainer. She is helping me to comprehensively change my behaviors, and by extension, my life. The first thing I noticed upon meeting her was how hard she works and how much thought and effort she puts into each workout session. As I progressed into training with her exclusively, this individualized care only grew. She is challenging and tough, but working with her is helping me to physically and mentally achieve things I never thought I could do -- things I wouldn't have even tried. Ebony is very smart and a fantastic role model whose guidance on diet, exercise, and overall mindset has quickly become invaluable to me.

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Serene Wilken - PT & Pilates - Philadelphia Personal Training
Serene Wilken - PT & Pilates
(5 reviews)

Serene offers so much to her clients! She is a talented professional with truly encyclopedic knowledge of physiology and anatomy. In addition, she is a caring and sensitive trainer/coach with a genius for motivation. What more could anyone want?

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Patti Tobenkin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Patti Tobenkin
(5 reviews)

Training with Patti is an incredibly positive experience. She is sensitive to individual concerns, needs and goals and is a delight to work with. Personal training was something I had wanted to do for a very long time but did not have the confidence to pursue. Patti was encouraging and positive from our first meeting and it's the best thing that I have done for myself in a very long time. If you are looking for a highly qualified trainer, I recommend Patti. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and kind.

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Amy Chang Radosevich - Philadelphia Personal Training
Amy Chang Radosevich
(4 reviews)

Any personal trainer can teach exercises and suggest diet changes to help a client lose a few pounds. What is special and rare, is a personal trainer who can inspire a client to make fitness an integral part of their life. This is what Amy Chang has done for me. I have been working with Amy for several years and she has inspired and supported me beyond measure. She has taught me success doesn't necessarily mean a decreasing number on a scale, but rather how setting a goal like getting to the gym 5 days a week without exception can and will make you successful. She has encouraged me to think outside my comfort zone and push to achieve goals like training for and running a half marathon. More importantly, she has taught me that it's not about being accountable to my trainer every week, but rather to myself. Thanks to Amy, I have and continue to achieve my fitness goals.

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Eddie Sumpter - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eddie Sumpter
My mission is to promote total health and wellness, To help people reach their fitness goal, and to change lifestyles. To make fitness everyday! I will help you set realistic goals, and help reach them in a way that you can enjoy. I hope to get you to love fitness the way I do and make fitness everyday!

"Fitness is everyday. " Its in the decision to have a salad over a hot dog, or the choice to leave your warm cozy bed at 5 am to go for a run because you know that is the only time you can get it in today. Fitness presents itself in the many choices we make daily. Our goal is to get better one choice at a time

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Kenya Moses - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kenya Moses
(1 reviews)
Heather Wilson
Kenya Moses was terrific! She tailored the workouts to my needs and kept them challenging. She was a very motivational trainer as well.

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Jaimi Jansen - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jaimi Jansen

Jaimi Jansen has been working as a trainer for over 10 years. Her passion for health and wellness come from her life as an athlete as well as her personal experience gained through her struggle with serious injuries sustained from an accident she had at age 18. In order to understand the body so as to help herself and others, Jaimi earned a degree in Biochemistry through UC Santa Cruz, and went on to become a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Hanson Muscle Technique and as a massage therapist, she uses a combination of hands on techniques and specific exercises to get her clients amazing results. She specializes in preventative medicine and has worked with not only community members, but college and professional athletes including NFL, NBA, & MLB.

Jaimi’s goal is to improve the quality of life and help people achieve the optimal path to health by creating a community of wellness. In 2009 her dream of providing all-inclusive care was realized when she founded Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab.

In 2013 she was awarded the United States Associate of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Female Entrepreneur of the year. She continues to share her passion through the growth of her business and formation of the nonprofit Santa Cruz CORE Foundation. Passionate about her community and health for all, Jaimi and Santa Cruz Core offer many sponsorships and donations and strive to be active and involved with local events and non-profit organizations.

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Alex Soto - Philadelphia Personal Training
Alex Soto

Alex Soto is a local Santa Cruz Certified Personal Trainer. He received his certification from the International Sports Sciences Association in 2011 and has trained with individuals seeking to excel their weightlifting skills and weight loss management. Alex has also studied with Dr. Jack Barnathan in Los Angeles, CA to continue to stay on the cutting edge of personal training and exercise science.

In addition to being a Personal Trainer, Alex has several years of experience in the medical field providing emergency care for Santa Clara County through the 911 system.

Alex stays active outside of the gym surfing, running at the beach, or challenging himself at those Sea Cliff stairs. He is currently working on his strengthening and conditioning for wind surfing.

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Al Garza - Philadelphia Personal Training
Al Garza

Hi my name is Al. I was formerly a firefighter proudly serving San Francisco. My journey to health, wellness, and fitness started a long time ago. I have always been involved with athletics. And having been a firefighter and a public safety officer for 30 years, I learned the value of keeping my body fit and avoiding injury. I have a passion to teach and instruct people on their own personal road to wellness.

I am a very strong believer in the importance of proper nutrition . That's where it all starts! My sessions are challenging, effective yet efficient. I make sure I meet every client's individual needs and goals

Let's get started!! STAY STRONG "Live Well, Eat Well!"

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FYT's Featured San Francisco Personal Trainer

Trainer Ebony White profile picture

Ebony White

(6 reviews)

Let me preface this with if you'd like to train with me message me!  If you do not see availabiltiy on my calendar, ignore it and reach out to request your desired slot, as I have more flexibilty than what is available on the FYT calendar.  


As a personal trainer, my sole motivation is to provide clients with the total package of tools they need to attain their health and fitness goals to change and improve their lives. My fitness experience is more than 2 decades, I have an obsession with health, fitness and body shaping and I am a former Div I college athlete. I am a strong believer that physical fitness begins in your mind, and all positive changes start there first. Whether it's motivation you're lacking, you have injuries, or don’t know what to do, I will help you figure it out.  I cater to your fitness needs, develop specialized workout programs for you, check-in on you, assess your eating, help you with your grocery list, advise equipment to use in your home. I'll even travel with you and literally hold your hand on your journey. All the way to your goals.  Unsure?  Let's meet for a consultation.  Try out one session. That one session can potentially change your whole life.






1. What clients should expect when they train with me: A preliminary assessment.  A challenging workout.  Consistent motivation.   


 2. My favorite client story: A consistent one which is a client comes to me feeling weak, intimidated, hopeless, unattractive and depressed.  After 4 weeks, they lose weight, are stronger, happier, more energetic and feeling better.  Here's to saving lives one bicep curl at a time.


3. My favorite exercise: I love anything active.  Even burpees.  Which I hate.


 4. My favorite quote: You've changed my life.  You are my angel.  Being called an angel (and not the Victoria's Secret kind) almost brought tears to my eyes.  Except I have feelings of steel.  So I don't cry.  Even when I do.


 5. My training philosophy:  I'm your new BFF.  BFFs can be annoying.  I'm your new annoying but lovable BFF.


 6. My training experience: I began in fitness 20+ years ago.  


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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