Kimberlin Nicks

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  • Strength Training
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ASFA Certified Personal Trainer

Hello! What you will expect if you train with me is a sincere, unique, hard-working ethic to bring you the best training possible. My goal is to welcome you, at any fitness level, to help you achieve your personal goals, whether if that is to run an ultra-marathon or just keep up with your kids (or grandkids). I am committed to setting you up for success! You can find me at 5 Fitness Training and Yoga in the Westlake area.

My philosophy is that no two people are the same, so why train that way? If a person were to represent a square peg, we should not expect it to fit in a triangular hole. Every person is unique, so to train in a way that is tailored to that uniqueness, movements become more efficient, pain is decreased and overall satisfaction is reached.

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