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Gary Martinez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Gary Martinez
(3 reviews)

I started working with Gary to help my golf game. I am very pleased with my progress since the beginning of the year and look forward to getting my golf game on this season. I really appreciate that Gary customized my program for me an older person and that he is sincerely interested in helping me achieve my goal time. I would highly recommend Gary and have recommended him to my friends.

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Isabel Chamberlin - Philadelphia Personal Training
Isabel Chamberlin
(3 reviews)

Isabel is the best trainer I could have asked for. She is patient and knows the best exercises to help someone like me who is not in shape. She has helped me with nutrition and helped me learn how to exercise right. Isabel knows how to motivate and to push me in the right direction.

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Zach Birnbaum - Philadelphia Personal Training
Zach Birnbaum
(1 reviews)

Zachary has a thorough understanding of fitness and of the human body and knows how to tailor your training to fit your personal goals and health needs. During my four months of training with Zachary my back pain has subsided, my posture has improved, and I'm now able to lift 60 lbs. I'm fortunate to have met Zachary and I highly recommend him.

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Josh Balzer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Josh Balzer
(1 reviews)
Monica Walter
I have known Josh for a year and a half. He was highly recommended after my previous person retired. Right away I could tell Josh was sincere about his work. He expects his clients to feel better physically and mentally. Josh is very in tune with the person he is working with. When I see him, I can tell he is in the moment and truly listening to my needs. Every week he wants to know how my week as been and what I need work on. What I appreciate about Josh is that he works on where a person was, where the person is now, and where the person wants to be in the future.

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Clarissa Constantine - Philadelphia Personal Training
Clarissa Constantine

I've been a coach in the academic/test prep/college admissions world since 1999, and in 2012 decided to join my husband in his business - he's a sports performance coach. I've had my own weight challenges over the years and have no expectation that I'll ever look like Barbie. ;) But, I'm healthy, and am training for my next half marathon. I work primarily with folks who need support in getting going and taking care of themselves. Often, this ends up meaning I work primarily with women who struggle to put themselves first, but I also work with men and children of all ages. As a Reiki practitioner and Chakradance facilitator, I also bring a strong amount of mindfulness to my training practice. 

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Katelyn Travers - Philadelphia Personal Training
Katelyn Travers

Katelyn is a fitness & nutrition coach for women looking to develop strong, confident, well-rounded bodies that improve how you look and feel! Katelyn's drive to challenge her body and mind led her to compete in a figure competition, powerlifting competition and marathon race all in the same year. But what she loves most is enjoying pushing her body, feeling good and still being able to eat ice cream. Katelyn loves helping other feel gain the confidence that comes with freedom from extreme diet restriction and excessive cardio workouts.

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John Taylor - Philadelphia Personal Training
John Taylor

There is far too much misinformation out there on training and nutrition. It drives me crazy! You deserve to know how to properly take care of your health. I want to help you learn what works best for you. That's why I started training/coaching people - to help you become the best version of you.

Compound movements with barbells and dumbbells are my specialty. If you're looking to build strength, gain muscle, or lose fat, you can get some seriously awesome results using lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc.

Because everyone is different, I take time getting to know my clients so they receive training that fits their body structure, mobility, and fitness goals. There is no one size fits all program. Everybody gets something a little different.

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Mariana Seserman - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mariana Seserman

I am very committed to assisting clients in meeting their fitness goals. I specialize in training athletes and sports teams however, have experience with other clients as well. I am very understanding and encouraging but will also ensure that the client is pushed to reach their full potential.

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Lamar Byrd - Philadelphia Personal Training
Lamar Byrd

Lamar Byrd Jr was Born in Pittsburgh, Pa on Nov, 12 1988. Only living there for a few years at the age he moved to Orlando, FL and spent most of his life and schooling there. He went to Olympia High School in central Florida where he spent most of his time playing baseball.

After graduating high school he attended Florida Atlantic University to pursue a degree in Economics but he was also a redshirt freshman/bullpen catcher. After that year he transferred to Tallahassee Community College in hopes of more playing time but did not make the final roster. A year later he began taking lifting serious and decided to compete in his first contest in June of 2010. From there he was instantly hooked to competing and even got a few opportutnies writing blogs for fitness websites.

In 2012 Lamar worked with MuscleEgg and Muscular Development working booth at fitness events, but also found himself doing interviews in the state of Florida part time for Muscular Development magazine. Lamar had the opportunity to interview Dexter Jackson, Cedric McMillan, and many other pros that came to Florida for show appearances.

At the end of 2012 Lamar moved back to central Florida Lamar began personal training after no longer was working for MuscleEgg. Training started off as a hobby but eventually led to a passion of helping people on all fitness levels. He began helping people from all levels of fitness and goals to basic lifestyle nutrition and lifting programs to contest prep and serious lifters. After a few injuries and training hold ups it led Lamar for future expansion and research particular modalities. Thru training and other Took Muscle Activation Technique internship. MAT is a modality that assess muscular imbalances thru range of motion assessment, positional muscle testing placed on application of force, and over long term process you work to increase range of motion and overall contraction ability.

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FYT's Featured Colorado Personal Trainer

Trainer Amanda Schmukal profile picture

Amanda Schmukal

Amanda's personal experience with weight loss, weight lifting, cardio conditioning, and positive attitude will help push you towards reaching your goals. She is a Certified Boxing instructor, Amanda trained with a Level 1 USA Boxing Coach, and loves to share her passion for boxing with her clients! Amanda is an ideal match for anyone wishing to lose weight, gain strength, learn technique, and have a blast while working out! Many clients simply want to improve their general health and wellbeing, but are unsure of the safest and most effective ways to do so. Amanda empowers her clients to workout by explaining the science behind fitness and giving clients the tools to improve their body as well as prolong their life. Amanda believes that fitness should belong to all those who seek it, and that once a client understands the reasoning behind all of the fitness "mumbo-jumbo", and can decipher the techniques in cardio and strength training, that clients are more likely to continue working out safely and effectively, even without a personal trainer.


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