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About Justin

My training philosophy is all about working harder, working smarter and getting results. We eliminate joint pain, build strength and cut fat. My programming will give you the results you want aesthetically and functionally.

Train hard. Train smart. Get results.

My favorite client story

A former college football player rehabilitated from a torn ACL. He began properly squatting to a box with a broomstick over his head, sweating bullet's and struggling to complete 15 reps. 18 months later he squatted perfect form with 365lbs. on his back.

My favorite exercise

The Deadlift is my all-time favorite exercise! There is not one single lift that will make your body stronger or improve body composition better than a Deadlift.

My training philosophy

Train hard. Train smart. Get results.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Training Areas Served

In-home, Outdoor or Virtual Training

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