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Best of 2017 - Check out these highly rated in-home personal trainers in Denver

Sean Johnson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sean Johnson
(19 reviews)

Sean Johnson is the sole owner of JRT Fit, a private personal training club in Littleton, Colorado, where he provides industry-leading approaches to injury prevention and post-rehabilitation exercise. As a mentor to other trainers, he teaches and encourages scientific inquiry as well as best practices. Sean has been a personal trainer for over 18 years and has 8 current certifications with specialties in Fitness Therapy, Performance Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Performance Enhancement. He has held previous certifications with ACE, ACSM, and AFTA.

Prior to establishing JRT Fit, Sean served as Director of Rehabilitation Services for Foothills Chiropractic & Wellness in the south Denver metro area. His clients have included athletes, doctors, physical therapists, and other trainers. Sean started in the industry by training at numerous area gyms including Life Time Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Club USA, and 24 Hour Fitness before taking on his first co-ownership and management role in 2001 at BodyWerx, a private membership and personal training club in Littleton.

"At the ripe old age of 16 I was almost bedridden with back pain to which the back specialist finally gave me a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease where seven of my discs were over halfway gone. He said my back was the equivalent to an 80 year old's. 

This is where my passion comes in. I have spent my life researching and helping others prevent pain while accomplishing goals they never dreamed were still possible.  

I was told no matter what I did that I would be paralyzed from the neck down by the age of 30. I am now 36 without pain most of the time all without medication or surgeries.  

This has given me the passion and the knowledge needed to help people get to their goals even when they first believe it isn't possible anymore."

Train with Sean
Alex Ceban - Philadelphia Personal Training
Alex Ceban
(15 reviews)

Thanks for your interest in training with me!

I'm a Nationally Certified Trainer based in LoDo, Denver. My training methods have a big emphasis on progressive calisthenics (bodyweight training). Accordingly, my program design is built on a principle of increasing strength and skill level that results in dramatic improvement in body composition when combined with proper nutrition.

I have attained 13 various fitness certifications, and have attended dozens of advanced fitness workshops and seminars with some of the best strength coaches in the world. I'm constantly studying and reading about new advances in fitness to incorporate into my training methods.

Expect me to be on time, with your program already designed on my tablet and with my phone put far away. I'll motivate and guide you every minute of your session. I try to motivate my clients when they are struggling, but I don't ever yell at my clients. We'll be training with a laser focus on your goals until we reach them. It will be challenging, we will have fun with it and every session will make you feel great about your progress! 

Sessions will be conducted from an established gym in LoDo (NO MEMBERSHIP FEES).


WHY ONLY $45? To cut down the cost, I implemented a new training model. It’s very simple - you’ll be training together with one of my other clients. You’ll still have your own program for each session, I’ll be there to make sure your form looks good, I’ll demo all the exercises! You’ll reach you goals just as fast, the only difference is that you’ll do it with another client just like you!


Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Romanian.



Train with Alex
Jason Williams - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jason Williams
(16 reviews)

I am a fitness and nutrition professional based in Denver, CO with over 12 years of experience. I spent the early part of my career working with national fitness companies and have managed personal training departments in Iowa, Colorado, and California.

I work with clients daily through personal training, nutrition coaching, injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise, and sports performance training. I work with clients in their homes, offices, or in an outdoor setting. I also offer my services in an online platform and work with clients all over the country through online coaching.

Train with Jason
Jamie Kempfer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jamie Kempfer
(8 reviews)

*Limited Spots Available!  Reserve Your Spot in my Schedule Today!

I am an independent personal trainer, training out of Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness in Denver, CO. I take a whole body approach to my client's training so that my clients can achieve their goals. I love to motivate, educate, and connect with my clients. I understand that changing your life is a journey, and Ilove to help with that journey!

I have worked with female and male clients ranging from ages 16 to 92.  I have helped clients with weight loss, muscle gain, stroke recovery, back/hip/shoulder surgery recovery, and athletic performance.

I received my B.S. in Criminal Justice and Advanced Minor in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM Corrective Exercised Specialist.

I recently competed in the NPC Northern Colorado BodyBuilding Championships where I competed in both bikini and figure. I nationally qualified in that competition, which happened to be my first show ever. I will competing in the same show next year in the figure and physique divisions.


Train with Jamie
Richard Ruiz - 30 MIN SESSIONS - Philadelphia Personal Training
Richard Ruiz - 30 MIN SESSIONS
(7 reviews)

All sessions with me are for 30 minutes and pricing shown reflects this. 

I have worked within the fitness industry for well over 20 years now. There's very little that I haven't seen come down the pike in business. From clients not being able to figure out why they're plateauing to every new quick fix workout and diet plan. I have always found that when things aren't working it's usually because at some level basic fundamentals are being ignored, such as proper nutrition, intensity levels and consistency. And of course there's basic arithmetic: calories in calories out. With that said, nothing replaces the real world experience that a Master Level Trainer brings to the table. My experience ranges from working with elite level athletes to corporate execs and the new mom looking to get back into pre-baby shape. The positions I've held within the industry are vast, going from an entry level position to eventually owning my own facility. If there's one thing I always share with clients is that I will never set them up for failure. I'll never ask you to do something you can not do. This is something I constantly remind the client. We have trained and worked your capabilities to the point where you CAN do that.

Train with Richard
Jenn Koscelnik - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jenn Koscelnik
(7 reviews)

If you're looking for high quality in-home personal training, you've come to the right place! Coach Jenn is a certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Paralysis Recovery Specialist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Science who will give you the attention and individualized training program you expect and deserve. Serving the western Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood & Cherry Hills Village, Lone Tree, Englewood, and Wash Park areas. Let me help you achieve your goals!


I come to YOU with private and convenient in-home personal training. No need to worry about making it to the gym in the snow, or extra membership fees, no worries about looking out of place or feeling awkward - it's all about YOU during our time together. This also allows us to better focus on your goals - want to get better at hiking or biking? We'll go for a ride or climb the MAC Incline, Red Rocks, or a local trail. Enjoy outdoor snowsports but don't know where to start? Let's go snowshoeing! We aren't under any of the constraints you would experience in a gym.

Coming back from an injury or illness? I'll work with your medical professional to make sure we're working together to get back to pre-injury condition in the most effective and safe manner. This includes attending an appointment with you and your provider.


My objective as a fitness professional is to help people find that which they enjoy doing, and create a personal program around it that will provide balance and health of the body, mind, and soul. These days, people are always on the go, and stress levels are increasing along with waist lines. Participating in an enjoyable activity can help relieve stress, increase fitness, and restore balance in life. If you're looking for a dedicated partner who is eager to help you achieve your goals, you've found them!

Train with Jenn
Bentley Garton - Philadelphia Personal Training
Bentley Garton
(7 reviews)

I have been passionate about fitness ever since watching the benefits that proper nutrition and exercise had on my father during his battle with Lymphoma. I have been training clients of all levels and abilities for over 10 years in Los Angeles and New York City and now I am looking to build my business in beautiful Colorado.

My style of training varies tremendously, as I really do try to make each session tailored to my client's specific needs and goals. I do strength training, cardio conditioning, HIIT workouts, TRX, Kettle Bells, Cardio Kickboxing, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates.

Train with Bentley
Kimberly Weston - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kimberly Weston
(6 reviews)

Know more. Do more. Be more.

Learn about movement restoration and healthy habits. Personal training teaches lifting technique, supportive breathing methods, and individual movement flows for practice on the positioning you need most to make you feel great all day.

Previous client ailments include cancer survivors, hip replacements, the gamut of surgeries, generalized back pain, recurrent shoulder pain, trauma, and chronic fatigue all in combination with excess weight, lack of lean muscle, and low motivation.

Train with Kimberly
Scott Beall - Philadelphia Personal Training
Scott Beall
(4 reviews)

At Scott Beall Fit we help individuals get healthier, stronger and leaner. Hollywood actor Jeffrey Donovan (of "Burn Notice") recently hired Scott to gain 20 lb while preparing for his role in hit TV series "Fargo." With 8 years experience, Scott will use all of his resources to get you the results you long for.

Train with Scott
Chelsey Smith - Philadelphia Personal Training
Chelsey Smith
(3 reviews)
My passion for fitness started at a very young age when I would pop in old workout videos with my mom before school. She inspired me to make eating right and exercising daily a lifelong habit and it lit a fire in me to give that same gift to others. Use me to get your weight loss goals on the road in a safe and effective way! I have both your nutrition and your training covered; Let's do this!
-I received my B.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning and a minor in Nutrition from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I graduated with honors and a passion for helping others! I am now in business for myself so I can help more people and have more fun doing it!-

Train with Chelsey
Leslie  Rodriguez - Philadelphia Personal Training
Leslie Rodriguez
(2 reviews)

My passion for fitness began in 2010 when I decided to get healthy and lead a more active lifestyle. After accomplishing my own fitness goals, I felt better and more confident about myself, and knew that I wanted to help others improve their lives through fitness. After having my baby my main focus has been to help pre/postnatal women find safe and effective exercises to help through this special time in their lives. I believe that every women should feel strong, confident and beautiful no matter where they're in their journey. 


A typical first session with me will start with a consultation where I get to know you, your goals and medical history. Following the consultation we perform a movement assessment where we check for muscle imbalances, posture, diastisis, and an overall look at how your body is performing. We then discuss our action plan and the ways I can assist you to help you get where you want to be. Our sessions will then include an individualized program for your specific needs and goals. 









Train with Leslie
Erik  Botos - Philadelphia Personal Training
Erik Botos
(2 reviews)

I work one on one with clients to provide the greatest amount of motivation and discipline possible.
I guarantee that I will guide you through each step of the way in order for you to see the results that you've always been looking for!
My price points beat trainers in all major sports facilities including 24-hour-Fitness, LifeTime Fitness, Orange theory and more. This facility does require a monthly membership fee of $25 (1 year commitment) 

My areas of focus and specialities include:

-Customizing personal diet plans that tailor to your specific body proportions, metabolism and BMI.
-Losing the stubborn postpartum baby weight that just won't come off.
-Training and preparing for fitness and body building competitions.
-Helping post-surgical clients and those with various injuries/disabilities with muscle strengthen and physical therapy exercises.
-Guiding clients that want to bulk up, increase lean muscle mass and attaining the most conditioned physique.
-Keeping in touch outside of the gym, to maintain motivation and consistency on days off.

Train with Erik
Jessica Meleah - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jessica Meleah
(1 reviews)

As someone who has had my own weight loss journey as well as traversed the ups and downs of three pregnancies, I am familiar with the struggles of trying to lose weight and balance a real life. Whether you just want to lose that baby weight, get ready for your first 5k or obstacle race, or you just want to get in the best shape of your life, I can help you reach your goals! I will push you and make you uncomfortable - discomfort is what brings change! We will also discuss nutrition, attitude and lifestyle as components of getting fit and staying healthy.

Train with Jessica
Christopher Maple - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christopher Maple
(1 reviews)

Hello my name is Chris, I am an independent personal trainer (in-home, outdoors, studio gyms). I'm currently training at of a gym called The Rebel Workout. I have been training one-on-one  for five years. Including time at 24 Hour Fitness and Trans Fitness and Kickboxing. My other services are:

Goal Oriented Training-

Weight lifting, toning, weight loss, pre/post natal fitness, cardiovascular/endurance training, kickboxing, beginner strength training, advanced strength training, nutrition.

Kids/Youth Training-

Ages 4-18, Show kids how to have fun while improving their sports skills, increasing their physical activity level, confidence and focus. Whether you have a teenage child who is looking for sport-specific training, elementary-aged children who want to workout like you or you are a new parent looking to get back into shape and need a extra hand watching your little one. Does your child have Anxiety? working out and doing activities can really help your child through the problems anxiety can bring. I know firsthand. Call or message me for a free consultation.

Before I became a trainer, I worked out simply to stay in shape and get stronger but it became much more than that. Fitness can help you not only physically but mentally as well. I have anxiety and whether its lifting weights once a day, swimming for 30 min or playing basketball, I'm happy and content. That's why I started personal training. I always wanted to get into a job that helped people and I thought Personal Training was the best career path for me. My personal training stands out because I truly care about my clients and their fitness goals are important to me. This is my passion and I show it in every session.You first session is a free 30 min consultation and a 30 min workout. Let me Know.


Train with Christopher
Keegan O'Brien - Philadelphia Personal Training
Keegan O'Brien

I have a different experience than any other trainer, and I didn't just decide to take an online test one day! I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi with a degree in Kinesiology - Exercise Science. I have been a professional dancer for roughly five years, currently dancing with Ballet Ariel. Always looking for new challenges, I competed in two different MuscleMania competitions in Colorado - winning first place in the Novice Physique Division (second overall), then first in the Fitness division. I also recently competed on this year's American Ninja Warrior! While I may not have won, it was still a great experience and I plan on improving for next year!

I believe that working out should be fun! You should enjoy the process of changing your body - otherwise save your money and get a program online - the science is out there. My job is to inspire and motivate you to push through your perceived limitations; to allow you to see how much more your body can do!

Train with Keegan
Anthony Pavlov - Philadelphia Personal Training
Anthony Pavlov

My name is Anthony, I am offering high-quality personal training sessions at a very affordable rate. I am certified by the Amercian Council on Excercise, and have over five years in the industry. Each session is fifty minutes and is customized to you. I have trained a variety of countless clients, no injuries, no complaints, just results. I also have extensive knowledge in fitness nutrition and am able to accommodate those requirements on top of the training. I charge 30 dollars a session making it more affordable to those who can not spend twice that amount, if not more, in other environments! I have helped clients lose from twenty to sixty pounds completely revolutionizing their life. My approach in your training varies on your goals and the results you wish to achieve.

Train with Anthony
Katie Prendergast - Philadelphia Personal Training
Katie Prendergast

I train every day people with athletic movements so that you become better at things you love to do outside of the gym!

I was a lifelong athlete - minus a few rocky years in college, when I took time off sports and competing, consumed too much pizza and beer, and found myself 20# overweight and out of shape. For an athlete, it was embarrasing. After graduating, I took charge. No more excuses! I went to work, changed my diet and lifestyle, and lost those 20# to get into the best shape of my life. I learned about fitness in the process and fell in love with it.

My goal is to help you achieve yours - whether it's losing weight, toning up, building muscle, or training for ski season or a marathon... let's do it!

Taking charge of my fitness has had an amazing, positive impact on my life, and I want YOU to experience that for yourself. Fitness should enhance your life outside of the gym. My programs include personal training, nutrition coaching, and the support and accountability you need to achieve exactly what you want for yourself. Let's do this!

Train with Katie
Erica Kammerer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Erica Kammerer

In my 8 years as I certified personal trainer and business owner I have enjoyed working with women of all ages and ability levels. Over the years I have found that many women struggle to find balance in their lives, whether it is juggling work and family pressure or finding time for yourself in an ever connected world. I believe that a few small, simple adjustments can lead to long term results. I am passionate about helping others and I work with each person to help them lead a happier and healthier life and feel comfortable in their own skin. I truly love making a positive difference in my clients lives and helping them reach all of their fitness goals.

As a personal trainer I build a relationship with each client so that together we can create a plan that is balanced, realistic, easy to stick with, safe, and gets results! I believe fitness and wellness should be dynamic, and fun. By offering shorter session lengths, virtual training, and fitbit programs, I have something to fit everyone’s schedule and budget. Not only do I have a private gym for training sessions but I am also available to travel to my clients home or office. I work hard to take away as many barriers as possible. My goal is to teach woman how fitness and wellness can easily be a part of each every day. To me, my clients are my greatest asset. Your success is my success!

Train with Erica

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