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Sean Johnson - Philadelphia Personal Training
Sean Johnson
(19 reviews)

I have had many trainers in the past. All were good, but none as good as Sean. Try out his assessment and find out for yourself how he will change your life!

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Richard Ruiz - 30 MIN SESSIONS - Philadelphia Personal Training
Richard Ruiz - 30 MIN SESSIONS
(7 reviews)

Richard was professional and extremely responsive with setting up a personal workout routine for my daughter who is visiting from Europe. After a couple of emails and a phone call Richard had her two week personal training session planned!

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Jenn Koscelnik - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jenn Koscelnik
(7 reviews)

Jenn is amazing, she's changing our lives every time we see her. We as a couple, struggle with exercise as most do, and especially with us being in a car accident almost a year ago. We complain throughout, but she gets us through, and makes sure that we don' t re-injure ourselves in the process. She's always adding new exercises, and keeping us on our toes.

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Kimberly Weston - Philadelphia Personal Training
Kimberly Weston
(6 reviews)

Kim is beyond wonderful. I have been athletic most of my life and have had a handful of gifted trainers. Kim is one such trainer, knowledgeable, patient, tough (when she needs to be) and fun! She respects my strength and fitness goals and helps me to achieve them while, at the same time, recognizes my "limitations" caused by past injuries that haven't been properly addressed until now. She truly is a healer. If you are searching for an effective, diversified workout with a trainer who will push and encourage you without causing wear and tear on your body, Kim is your gal. Couldn't recommend her any more highly than I do.

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Scott Beall - Philadelphia Personal Training
Scott Beall
(4 reviews)

He's dedicated to his work and is a great man!

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Evan Heimerl-Banks - Philadelphia Personal Training
Evan Heimerl-Banks
(2 reviews)

I started training with Evan in February 2016. From the first training session I knew I had made the right choice. He took the time to listen to my goals and built a specific training program for my needs. He is positive, energetic and makes my sessions fun and challenging. When I come into my session, I know exactly what we will be doing each day. I know that it will be thorough, organized and different each time which keeps me interested and looking forward to coming back. I've made tremendous improvements in my strength, muscle definition, and have lost 15 pounds as an added bonus. I made a great decision hiring Evan, he is an incredible trainer!

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Allen Bridgeforth - Philadelphia Personal Training
Allen Bridgeforth
(1 reviews)
Georgina Santich
Allen it's super professional personal trainer I tried a lot of PT before He understands my goals And I'm losing weight But Allen also listen to me because overweight it's hard on your emotions work and life 5 stars to Allen Hire him He it's great Always positive Always on time He's super good !5 stars

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Eric Silvers - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eric Silvers
I believe in a training experience that is customized to fit each individuals body type and fitness goals. I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to personal training. I will push you to the very limits of your abilities in order to optimize your results and give you the most bang for your buck. Also, I come to you. I will train you in the comfort of your own home or even at your local park (weather permitting).

I believe that any person, no matter their fitness level, has the potential to achieve new heights of personal fitness. All it takes is motivation and education. Whether it be fat loss, sports specific conditioning and/or increase in lean mass, I can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Curtis Washington - Philadelphia Personal Training
Curtis Washington
With my training sessions, I work hard to help you reach your fitness needs and goals. Whether it is improving cardio, building strength, sports conditioning, or purely aesthetic, I have the know how to help you attain success. I will motivate you to reach beyond your limits and push you past perceived limitations.

Fitness is a way of life! Fitness begins from the inside -> out. Starting with the will to go for it, the heart to keep going, cardiovascular health, and a strong core.

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FYT's Featured Denver Personal Trainer

Trainer Michael Otwell profile picture

Michael Otwell

I have worked with a multitude of weight loss clients and athletes and will work with you to achieve all of your health and fitness goals through training and/or coaching! Your success is my success! We'll develop an individually integrated approach in nutrition and fitness together, to achieve happy and healthy lifestyle goals. Strong goals are essential for maintaining long term success, we'll work together to set and maintain those goals.


There are splurges and necessities. All of the below items are similar in price to a training session but won't make you feel half as good. Invest in yourself!






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Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Yoga, Nutrition, Kettlebells, TRX
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Functional Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Kettlebells, Functional Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training, CrossFit
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Sports Performance Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training
Specialties: Core and Balance, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training
Specialties: Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss
Specialties: Core and Balance, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Running Training
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Kettlebells
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab, Core and Balance, Nutrition, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscular Definition, Muscle Gain, Sports Performance Training, Yoga

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