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The best personal trainers in New York City

Henry Medina - Personal Training
Henry Medina
(49 reviews)
My wife and I trained with Henry for over a year and the only reason we stopped is that we moved to another city. Henry is a professional. He is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and gets the results based on the goals you set. He is very encouraging and disciplined. Every time we trained it was a hard workout but you left the gym feeling great physically and mentally. We trained in the mornings and it improved my whole day. I highly recommend Henry for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and lifestyle in general.

Train with Henry
Kelley Franklin - Personal Training
Kelley Franklin
(5 reviews)
The thought of having a personal trainer can be intimidating but after meeting Kelley, all my fears of being judged went out the window. She is very kind and gives great direction on how to properly use equipment. She’s very descriptive and shows examples on how to have the right posture for things like squats or sit-ups. She asked if I had any medical issues big or small and made sure I stopped for water and to catch my breath. The workout became fun and before I knew it the time was up. I’ll definitely book her again and I recommend her to anyone looking to change their views on working out!

Train with Kelley
Jillian Paige Schafer - Personal Training
Jillian Paige Schafer
(33 reviews)
Jillian was able to build me a fun routine that constantly varied and kept me on my toes while being flexible enough to work into my daily routine even though I was hopping from city to city. She would help me break down the simplest, and often the most difficult, of exercises and give me the confidence I needed to step into the gym and start making changes for myself. Her weekly meetings and check-ins really gave me the will and drive to succeed and change not only my physical body, but my mental outlook on physical fitness and living a healthy life from day to day. To say that I have been inspired and changed by Jillian is an understatement. The workout plans were varied and exciting as well as challenging and very fun! I cannot give a higher recommendation! If you are smart and want a trainer as well as a friend, ally, and support, you will not be disappointed with Jillian!

Train with Jillian
Ruslana Sokolovskaya - Personal Training
Ruslana Sokolovskaya
(11 reviews)
Ruslana was amazing!!! She actually pays attention and really focuses on your work out. Each session she tried new exercises so I didn't get bored. Also really knew what she was talking about. Highly recommend her!

Train with Ruslana
Kara Kitt - Personal Training
Kara Kitt
(5 reviews)
Not only is Kara a wonderful trainer, but she is professional and reliable. Her workouts are challenging but attainable, and her style is the perfect combination of tough love and encouragement. Kara has helped me look forward to my workouts instead of dreading the gym- not an easy thing to do!

Train with Kara
Kamran Dehghan - Personal Training
Kamran Dehghan
(12 reviews)
I am a mother to 10, 8, and 3 years olds. I started working out with Kamran in October 2012, when I weighed 177 lbs. By December 2013 I lost 33 lbs and now I am 134 lbs. How did I achieve this? Just by working out with Kamran twice a week for one hour. Rest of the week he just told me what to do when I was home or at the gym. He encouraged and inspired me to have a better diet. Last but not least, Kamran took time to know my strength and weaknesses and gave me the right exercise.

Train with Kamran
Sophia Fox - Personal Training
Sophia Fox
(4 reviews)
Sophia is a wonderful person and an even better trainer. When we first started working together, she took time to fully explore my fitness goals, concerns, and needs. She carefully designs workouts so that they’re always a full body burn and at my correct level of fitness. I've seen great results with Sophia, and my level of fitness had clearly increased. She’s supportive, very accommodating, and is always willing to help outside of formal training sessions. So thankful for her!!

Train with Sophia
Geoffrey Kidwell - Personal Training
Geoffrey Kidwell
(4 reviews)
I've been working with Geoffrey for a few weeks now and I am really so happy with his personal training. I had/have some anxiety around the gym and exercise in general but Geoffrey has made me feel so comfortable and confident. He's fun to spend an hour with and he knows his stuff. I highly recommend Geoffrey!

Train with Geoffrey
Marta Kala - Personal Training
Marta Kala
(36 reviews)
Marta showed a great deal of professionalism in her work ethic and her training ability. On the recent Stormy Friday, Marta arrived to keep our appointment, though I would thoroughly have understood rescheduling on account of the awful rain that evening. When I met her she was polite, poised and professional. Her appearance was lovely and shows a lot of self-esteem. FYT standards must be high considering the prices for each different trainer FYT employs. I was impressed with Marta's exercise routines. When we did leg work on our second session, I learned new exercises. Marta says the 'good' words which encourage a client such as me. The positive feedback she gives while performing the exercises really does encourage me. I like this trainer 100%. I made a good choice and would continue with her. Thank you FYT

Train with Marta
Mariano Cardona - Personal Training
Mariano Cardona
(17 reviews)
Me and my partner are very happy with Mariano. He has kept us eager for the next session and I love his follow up and concerns for us, it makes me feel like he cares about our outcome. It's very hard to find a trainer who doesn't lose faith or attention to you even if you fall off track. He changes any step that doesn't work for our safety and I appreciate it.

Train with Mariano
Darya Karelina - Personal Training
Darya Karelina

My level of expertise allows me successfully work with people all ages and health conditions. I worked not just with healthy individuals, but with people who has some health concerns and conditions (knee, hips and shoulder replacements; bone surgery; pregnant and post natal clients etc).

My specialization include weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, functioning and condition, preparation for special event, stretching, bootybuilding, gradual change of life style, wellness coaching etc. I also known as a writer for reputed Russian fitness magazine, creator of an online nutrition course. My clientele include wide variety of people: from high-end busy executives to house wives.

In my work I incorporate holistic approach to help people change their entire idea about healthy lifestyle, ability to stay lean, healthy, and enjoy life at the same time. As a psychologist I teach my clients how to love yourself, listen to your body, stay motivated and feel happy overall. I strongly believe in connection of mind and body what became a basis idea of my own coaching system.

Train with Darya
Maurice Christovale - Personal Training
Maurice Christovale
(28 reviews)
Maurice has been one of the best trainers that I have experienced. He doesn't get into pushing you immediately so that your body becomes sore. It's a gradual build and it's all about doing it right. Because of this, the workout sessions are always something to look forward to as each session attacks different muscles. He learns and studies your body, movements and limitations which in turn makes you also understand your body and makes you want to do better. Highly recommend him.

Train with Maurice
Al Chu - Personal Training
Al Chu
(12 reviews)
Mr. Chu's exercises were strenuous at times but they were worth putting into practice. Considering my shoulder injury, it had not healed since my accident in the pool and I had though time would have healed it but unfortunately, it didn't. So I got in contact with my good friend and he gave me some really productive exercises to utilize into my daily routine. The routine included stretching my arms in various positions to tweak the injured shoulder as well as stretching my left leg with it. After a few days, I started seeing the results for myself. My shoulder has fully healed. It was a well worth investment.

Train with Al
Darryl Whiting - Personal Training
Darryl Whiting
(4 reviews)
Regardless whether this is your first time using a personal trainer or you are looking for a new challenge, Darryl will help you meet your goals. I recommend Darryl because he will be committed to your improvement as he is with mine.

Train with Darryl
Gabie Rudyte - Personal Training
Gabie Rudyte
(15 reviews)
Gabie is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with! Not only is she professional (always on time, always has a great attitude, always prepared to give her all so I get the best workout), she also makes sure to take the time to understand how I work and how that affects my training. She listens to everything I have to say and understands if something is too difficult and adapts accordingly. Her attitude also makes every workout 100% better than if I were on my own! She always has a smile on her face and her excitement and joy are contagious — even at 6AM! She is my favorite part about waking up early and she makes every workout fun and enjoyable. Plus, I'm loving the progress I'm making on weight loss! I feel stronger and healthier than I have in my entire life.

Train with Gabie
Dion Carr - Personal Training
Dion Carr
(8 reviews)
Dion was my personal trainer for a few months this year and I cannot recommend him more. He always personalizes workouts depending on what you identify as areas you want to improve upon and makes the hour go by as painlessly as possible while still achieving results. He is very knowledgeable and a fantastic motivator. Great conversation too!

Train with Dion
Eberly Carro - Personal Training
Eberly Carro
(6 reviews)
Eberly is the most knowledgeable, hard-working and compassionate trainer I’ve ever worked with. She is constantly studying about nutrition and the body, and is an expert in her field. I have several aches and pains and she’s able to seamlessly adjust our routine to still give me an intense work-out while avoiding injuring or re-injuring my body. I can’t recommend Eberly highly enough - she’s a gem in the big world of trainers!

Train with Eberly
Liudmyla Lut - Personal Training
Liudmyla Lut
(5 reviews)
Mila is super sweet,polite, flexible, intelligent about control the intensity and create personalized work out pattern. I am so lucky to have have her.

Train with Liudmyla
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