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The best personal trainers in New York City

Marta Kala - Philadelphia Personal Training
Marta Kala
(36 reviews)
Marta showed a great deal of professionalism in her work ethic and her training ability. On the recent Stormy Friday, Marta arrived to keep our appointment, though I would thoroughly have understood rescheduling on account of the awful rain that evening. When I met her she was polite, poised and professional. Her appearance was lovely and shows a lot of self-esteem. FYT standards must be high considering the prices for each different trainer FYT employs. I was impressed with Marta's exercise routines. When we did leg work on our second session, I learned new exercises. Marta says the 'good' words which encourage a client such as me. The positive feedback she gives while performing the exercises really does encourage me. I like this trainer 100%. I made a good choice and would continue with her. Thank you FYT

Train with Marta
Henry Medina - Philadelphia Personal Training
Henry Medina
(48 reviews)
My wife and I trained with Henry for over a year and the only reason we stopped is that we moved to another city. Henry is a professional. He is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and gets the results based on the goals you set. He is very encouraging and disciplined. Every time we trained it was a hard workout but you left the gym feeling great physically and mentally. We trained in the mornings and it improved my whole day. I highly recommend Henry for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and lifestyle in general.

Train with Henry
Jonathan Cooper - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jonathan Cooper
(39 reviews)
I have been training with Jonathan Cooper for about a year and a half. With his help, I have lost 17 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. As a 50 year old woman, I never thought I would ever get "ripped". But with Jonathan's help, guidance, and support, I am amazed that my abs actually have "cuts" and my whole body is much more toned. He encourages me to stay on target and provides very useful information regarding food choices. After a workout with Jonathan, I feel amazing. I feel pumped and strong and proud of what I was able to accomplish. Many of the machines we use during training, I would never even think of attempting alone. He is very encouraging, fun to work with and always introduces new ways of working out a particular part of my body. I could never have done it without him!

Train with Jonathan
Jillian Paige Schafer - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jillian Paige Schafer
(33 reviews)
Jillian was able to build me a fun routine that constantly varied and kept me on my toes while being flexible enough to work into my daily routine even though I was hopping from city to city. She would help me break down the simplest, and often the most difficult, of exercises and give me the confidence I needed to step into the gym and start making changes for myself. Her weekly meetings and check-ins really gave me the will and drive to succeed and change not only my physical body, but my mental outlook on physical fitness and living a healthy life from day to day. To say that I have been inspired and changed by Jillian is an understatement. The workout plans were varied and exciting as well as challenging and very fun! I cannot give a higher recommendation! If you are smart and want a trainer as well as a friend, ally, and support, you will not be disappointed with Jillian!

Train with Jillian
Jose Aguirre - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jose Aguirre
(30 reviews)
Jose is an awesome trainer and knows how to motivate me. He makes each of my training sessions challenging, yet rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. He is continually ensuring you have the right form, he lets you know when you are doing well, and he is really good at motivating me to push myself. He is a genuinely caring person and will work with you to meet your goals. I sometimes feel like giving up, but I don't because he assures me i could do it and I believe in my self.

Train with Jose
El Shaddai - Philadelphia Personal Training
El Shaddai
(25 reviews)
Ell is more than an excellent trainer .. He cares about his clients reaching there goals.. Not only is he an expert in fitness . But he is very serious about the nutritional aspects of his clients health. His most famous statement was ". No pain, no gain" when I trained with him a few years ago. He helped me to reach some of my fitness goals and always encouraged consistency, patience, and good nutrition . Trust me this guy is not a novice . He was born to train !

Train with El
Joey Lefkowitz - Philadelphia Personal Training
Joey Lefkowitz
(24 reviews)
Joey is an amazing personal trainer! He gives you everything you need to lose as many lbs as possible.

Train with Joey
Maurice Christovale - Philadelphia Personal Training
Maurice Christovale
(23 reviews)
Maurice has been one of the best trainers that I have experienced. He doesn't get into pushing you immediately so that your body becomes sore. It's a gradual build and it's all about doing it right. Because of this, the workout sessions are always something to look forward to as each session attacks different muscles. He learns and studies your body, movements and limitations which in turn makes you also understand your body and makes you want to do better. Highly recommend him.

Train with Maurice
Louis Labonte - Philadelphia Personal Training
Louis Labonte
(22 reviews)
I like work out with Louis , he is very motivated and always push me to get my work out done.I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to be in a great shape cause he has the knowledge to do that for you

Train with Louis
Christopher Langsdorf - Philadelphia Personal Training
Christopher Langsdorf
(20 reviews)
I started with Chris a few weeks ago. He has helped me get back into a gym schedule and I've definitely been feeling stronger already. He also gave me a couple home workouts to do on my own which is super helpful on the days I get stuck late at the office and can't get to the gym. Glad I made the commitment to finally start training!

Train with Christopher
Nick Clark - Philadelphia Personal Training
Nick Clark
(19 reviews)
I've been working with Nick between 2-3 times a week for about six months. I had never had a trainer before so was nervous. But I didn't need to be. Nick is engaging, knowledgeable and knows how to mix things up to get your desired results while keeping it fresh. He works within my limitations (I have some knee and arm issues) and he finds for the right combination of exercises to best help me attain my goals. And the fact that he has a great sense of humor and even laughs at my lame jokes is a big plus.

Train with Nick
Andre Brewster - Philadelphia Personal Training
Andre Brewster
(16 reviews)
Andre is a great trainer who knows how to customize the routine to fit your needs, and knows how to push and motivate you. Moreover, he was a great person to have around who connected instantly with other gym members and staff. I decided to hire Andre as I had three months in between jobs and knew this is a rare opportunity to improve core strengths as well as muscles. Other than the weeks I had to travel, I would work with Andre three times a week. Andre really knew how to work all the muscles, as well as incorporate cardio to improve the burn rate. Some specific aspects that I really appreciated were: (1) Through playing soccer, my knees were starting to hurt. Andre paid special attention to that and incorporated 2-3 exercises to specifically improve my knees. We kept adding weights as I progressed, and I could really feel the improvement. Two weeks ago, I went skiing in Lake Tahoe, and I really didn’t have any fears about hurting my knees again. (2) I have broken both my wrists in the past. As we added weights to bicep and triceps exercises, it became clear that the pains in my wrists were hindering further improvement. As soon as he saw that, Andre incorporated exercises specifically designed to improve wrist strength. In the beginning my wrists would start to hurt after 1 round of 7 reps, but after 2-3 weeks I could do 20-30 reps. I wouldn’t have been able to realize how much of a bottleneck my wrists were if Andre hadn’t pointed it out Andre is a kind and caring person. He would push me whenever he felt I was trying to get away easily (“come on, young man, 10 more reps!”), but would always stop me before I hurt myself. I am sad that I cannot work with Andre any more as I have found a job that takes me away from New York City, but I wholeheartedly recommend Andre to anyone who wants to work on a well-balanced menu of exercises designed to improve every aspect of your body.

Train with Andre
Matt Laurie - Philadelphia Personal Training
Matt Laurie
(17 reviews)
Matthew Laurie is an amazing personal trainer. He did a great job listening to what parts of the body I wanted to work on and really creating workouts catering to those needs. He is a great communicator and motivator. He is very knowledgeable as well. Explaining the different exercises, what muscles they work, and why that exercise is important. In addition, he knows exactly what to look for when it comes to form. He does a great job demonstrating and fixing my form if needed. Making sure that I am working the right muscles and avoiding injury. He is worth the time and money! I have been training with Matt for a while and every time I work out with him my body is drained and I'm sweating profusely. He does his job well. Go with him!!

Train with Matt
Eugene  Christie - Philadelphia Personal Training
Eugene Christie
(16 reviews)
I never really thought about having a personal trainer until I had a session with Eugene. He’s really shown me the value in having someone professionally involved in my training. He’s very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and I can contact him anytime for questions about training or diet. Great guy with an energetic personality and motivational spirit. Just the kind of trainer you need.

Train with Eugene
Austin Stehling - Philadelphia Personal Training
Austin Stehling
(17 reviews)
Whatever your fitness goals are, Austin can help you achieve them. Whether its strength, hypertrophy, athleticism, fat loss, or a combination of the above, Austin Stehling has the knowledge and experience to get you where you need to be. Not only does he boast a solid clientele, but he himself walks the walk, sporting a physique and strength levels that show he's not simply an "armchair expert". Most importantly, however, the man is humble and down to Earth, having helped me with my fitness goals (whether it be routine critiques or advice on my diet) a multitude of times, free of charge, simply because he has a passion for the field. I can't recommend him enough.

Train with Austin
Heesun Kim - Philadelphia Personal Training
Heesun Kim
(17 reviews)
I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Heesun. As a newbie to yoga she took the time to teach me the techniques while making it fun! I am no longer afraid to walk into a class. Highly recommend Heesun no matter what level you are at.

Train with Heesun
Jimmy Fusaro - Philadelphia Personal Training
Jimmy Fusaro
(16 reviews)
Many people don't realize the role that creativity plays in training. I did not until I meet Jimmy. Jimmy's one of a kind workout is not only increasing my strength and agility; it is something to look forward to from session to session. Jimmy keeps things fresh and challenging like no trainer I have ever had. Amidst the onslaught of "McDonaldized" fitness centers, Jimmy manages to keep it real and keep it exciting.

Train with Jimmy
Mariano Cardona - Philadelphia Personal Training
Mariano Cardona
(16 reviews)
Me and my partner are very happy with Mariano. He has kept us eager for the next session and I love his follow up and concerns for us, it makes me feel like he cares about our outcome. It's very hard to find a trainer who doesn't lose faith or attention to you even if you fall off track. He changes any step that doesn't work for our safety and I appreciate it.

Train with Mariano
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