About John

Let's make fitness fun. I specialize in creating innovative, fun and effective workouts to get you the results you want. Pulling from a variety of methods and new trends in fitness, I create custom workouts that constantly challenge the body and keep clients engaged. Outlets like Men's Journal, Bustle, Thrillist, InStyle and Allure have featured my workouts and wellness tips. I try to make the session as fun as possible. Be prepared for jokes and lively banter.


As a former athlete at Harvard, I know all about training for performance and looks and bring that experience to maximize my results with clients. Any given workout with me will include components of: Weight Lifting, Agility Drills, Core Work, Muscular Endurance, Cardio, Metabolic Conditioning, Interval (HIIT), Kettlebells, Mat Pilates, Components of Yoga, Running, Speed Work, and Body Building

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Definition
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

Additional Certifications

ACSM Health Fitness Specialist


BA, Biological Anthropology/Human Evolutionary Biology - Harvard University

Training Areas Served

I gained 10 pounds after starting a new job and studying for the CFA. John and I started working together and developed a comprehensive action plan for our workouts. Based on my schedule, evening sessions are best; however, it's easy to get distracted after a long day and John helps keep me focused and ensures I get my sessions in. John is great at being both tough and upbeat so that the time goes by quickly. I'm starting to see more definition in the problem areas we identified - arms and thighs - something I was not seeing when I was on the spin or barre class circuit. I would highly recommend John.

Lorraine S.

I trained with John for one year when I lived in NYC. He set me on a course of greater fitness and weight loss. Due to his great sense of humor workouts with him are always fun. When I am back in NYC for vacation, I make sure to book a few training sessions with John. I can highly recommend him!

Andreas B.

For all of you New Yorkers trying to get in shape for summer - or if you're just tired of your old routine/trainer: John was my trainer in NYC, and I really loved working with him. I can't recommend him enough. He's professional, courteous, TIMELY, smart, and funny. And, he gets results! He'll even come to you to train.

Ashley W.

A good friend recommended I try John when I was looking to change trainers. I went from a trainer who was more interested in making me do his planned workout of the day, created ahead of time for all of his clients, to a trainer who tailors my workouts to me. John pays close attention to my problem areas and builds workouts that have given me great results. He consistently entertains and motivates me while making me work hard. It's been 9 months and I feel (and look) great - all due to John!

Tara D.

Best Trainer - John understood where I was physically when we began training and completely changed my health and fitness habits for the better. He incorporates exercises that I enjoy and will help me achieve my fitness goals. I appreciate his reliability and flexibility working around my constantly changing schedule. His fun and motivating personality makes time fly in the gym and I am always looking forward to our next session.

Lauren S.

John is a great trainer. We have been doing partner sessions with John for quite some time now and have been very happy. John is very knowledgeable and always comes with new workouts and ideas. He always challenges us and pushes us to go beyond our limits. He modifies exercises for our different skill levels and always keeps things fresh! He is also just an amazing person. We love chatting with him. He's funny and friendly. I would recommend John to anyone, no matter what skill level and what your fitness goals are. You will not be disappointed!

Anisa M.

We were staying in Brooklyn for a week. In Amsterdam - our home - we are used to doing workouts with our own PT. With FYT we found John. In two sessions we did some tough and creative work outs in Prospect Park. John is - as a former athlete - knowledgable and supportive. A great way to start the day. And I came home with some fresh ideas how tot work out. thnx John! Rolf

Rolf K.

John Ford is a very good trainer, due to work I've been off my workout routine for over a year. John has brought me back to almost my goal weight, his workouts are fun (I usually can't believe when the hour is over). He has new and fun routines every session (we train 3 times a week) and has elevated my cardio game. John is also pleasant to work with and is consistently upbeat.

Valerie J.

I could not rank John higher. I HATED exercise before working with John. He makes it much better with fascinating conversation on any topic that is of interest to you. He designs an ideal workout -- the first thing all my friends say when they see me is how much better I look. He knows his stuff and will use his expertise to advise all aspects of your life -- not just the workout but also give you tips on sleep and nutrition tips. I literally have been blown away. I could not imagine a better personal trainer.

Seth S.

I have been working with John for a year and a half and he has helped me come so far in my fitness journey. When I started I was still recovering from a car accident that left me with permanent damage in my spine. I chose to work with John because he demonstrated his ability to train me vigorously while being cognizant of my limitations. John is very knowledgeable and quickly put me at ease with his care and patience in building my strength and working with me through setbacks. He is intuitive and passionate about fitness and it shows, not just in his own chiseled physique but in the way he tailors his workouts to suit my specific needs. Each session is new and challenging. I've really progressed with John's training. He knows when to push and when to push a little less. He is genuine and funny and super smart to boot!

Nasoan S.

John has been my trainer now for almost 1.5 years. I went to him with a shoulder issue, back issue, leg issue and not having gone for a real run in a while...somewhat embarrassing. However, my wife and I had found out we were pregnant, and I was determined to be an active dad. So, I found my trainer, John Ford. Each time we meet, he's got a customized workout for me. Never pushed too far from the getgo, and even has been able to change up the workout mid-workout if something is too hard or too easy. Bottom line, seeing John has changed my life - not just physiologically, as now I am proud to show off my dad bod, but physically and healthwise, I am more flexible, stronger, happier, and have no problem now crawling around and lifting my 11-month-old boy. Thank you, John! Highly recommended.

Evan R.

Hi, I started working with John about 10 weeks before my wedding and my goals were rather aggressive. I wanted to lose about 15-20 pounds and become more toned in a very short period of time. John said this is doable, but I'd really have to be committed and work hard at it. He was with me every step of the way and made the workouts fun. When I worked out on my own he provided customized DIY workouts that kept me on track. It was almost a miracle that I hit my target weight literally the day before my wedding. Needless to say, I was very happy working with John and would easily recommend him to anyone. Thanks John!


I began training with John a little over a year ago. The physical results of his training have surpassed my expectations, and his motivation has guided me to a routine of regular exercise. His sessions go by quickly since he’s sociable and keeps you distracted, and he is skillful at correcting your form so you can successfully work out safely on your own. He’s listened to my requests, yet always challenges me with new workouts, and has even helped me work safely through minor injuries. John has also been flexible with scheduling, and is always communicative. With his help, I was able to re-tone a post-partum body in a matter of months and I have successfully surpassed the goals I set for myself at the outset of our


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