About Julia

With over 13 years of experience and education in the field of health and fitness, Julia has developed an intricate understanding of the human movement. As a Physical Equilibrium personal trainer, Julia specializes in post rehab training, helping those who have been injured, transition from physical therapy to a regular fitness routine. She also works with recreational athletes focusing on cross training and injury prevention in order to improve their game. And she frequently works with new mothers, helping them regain core strength and overall fitness through strength and cardio training.

Julia takes a holistic approach to workouts because she believes fitness is not just about the workouts; rather that it is a combination of exercise, nutrition, daily activities, home life, hobbies, etc. She always takes the time to understand her clients' lifestyle in order to design a program that fits them, whatever their goals may be.

Julia has an extensive background in dance, with training in ballet, contemporary jazz, Latin ballroom, swing dancing, and acrobatics. She performs as a soloist in local showcases and cabarets, as well as produces her own shows and music videos. Since that first day in ballet class at the age of 10, she has never stopped moving and loving to move!

Areas of Expertise

  • Cross Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

TRX Certified Suspension Trainer, Prenatal/Postnatal, Kettlebell Instructor Level 1, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Post-rehab Specialist

Who I Especially Like Working With

Post-rehab, Pre/post-natal

515 Madison Ave 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10022

No Gym Membership Needed!

I am a very active 29 year old athlete. I play in multiple soccer leagues and play pick-up basketball at the gym. I cross train with yoga, swimming and rock climbing, as well as lifting weights and taking aerobics classes. Before starting to train with Julia, I frequently had minor injuries that never went away. Sprained ankles, jammed shoulders, strained muscles - everything seemed to pile up. Julia has worked with me to identify these weaknesses and has given me specific exercises that I can use to get rid of my existing injuries and build up strength so I don't accumulate new ones. I highly recommend her.

Eric M.

I’ve been training with Julia twice a week since July 2010. At first, her deceptively low-key manner made me worried that I wasn’t getting a tough enough workout — until the next day, when I was sore in places I hadn’t previously known existed. Trust me, I’m well-acquainted with those places now. I should add that I have fibromyalgia, a chronic condition involving severe muscle pain and fatigue. A few years ago, I had difficulty walking, and experienced painful flares more or less weekly. I’d heard that exercise helped, but I was understandably concerned about exacerbating my condition. This is where Julia’s training in Pilates-based physical therapy has come in particularly handy. She has a keen understanding of body mechanics, and uses that knowledge to tailor each of my training sessions to accommodate my various aches and pains, while still offering me a killer workout. My workouts with Julia focus on core strength, proper alignment, and balance, and can include everything from yoga, to doing push-ups on a wobbly ball, to hanging from a bar, to lunging across a room, to swinging kettlebells. I couldn’t have imagined myself doing any of this a few years ago. Heck, I even helped Julia move this spring. I carried boxes, went up and down stairs, and shoved furniture around. Amazing. I practically never have serious pain flares anymore. My posture has improved, along with my endurance, muscle strength, and body definition. And if I followed Julia’s nutritional advice, I’d also be a lot leaner. I’ll get there one day. Still, at 47, I’m damned pleased with how my body looks, and more important, with how it feels. Julia rocks. She’s smart, knowledgeable, and patient. And if I could train with her every single day, I would. Hire her! She might not change your life, but she’ll definitely change your body.

Rachel S.

We have been working out with Julia for over three years (Pilates, circuit training, yoga). Julia's expertise lies in her versatility and ability in describing how to achieve the perfect form. We have targeted muscles we didn't even know we had! We hadn't done a Pilates class with Julia for awhile and we had the opportunity to do so the other day. We were both simply amazed at how far we have come. We were able to hold positions that used to make us shake and send us toppling over. And Stacey can now do "real" push-ups, i.e., no knees on the floor. And we have rear deltoid definition! It has been a great relationship and we look forward to every class.

Jake & Stacey

I initially started one on one personal training with Julia to try to get back into the gym. I was expecting it to be a short term assignment, maybe five or six sessions to get me into the groove again. I now plan to continue working with her for the foreseeable future. It has been an absolute revelation training with her - I feel better than ever. In a short period of time, Julia has managed to get me more motivated and much stronger than I have been in years. I always lifted weights and trained hard, but Julia takes it to another level. The intensity of my workouts with her are great, she really knows how to make you work hard, stay focused and keep pushing. I find that Julia's real strength is her ability to hone in on weaknesses, in my case really focusing on strengthening my core. Every week she challenges you that little bit more, her ability to see your limits is a real benefit because she knows when too much is going to hurt you rather than help you. Julia enables you to focus on these areas, and is very patient with me, which means a lot in a personal trainer. Her functional knowledge is great, she really knows her exercise science.

Nick D.

When I first started working with Julia, my goal was to strengthen my injured knee. A year later, and I'm now playing tennis! (Which I've been missing for quite some time). Not only did Julia give me the tools to heal my knee, she also taught me exercises that made my entire body stronger. I love the way she combines yoga techniques with weights and classic gym machines. Always mixing it up!

Rachel K.

Julia’s is one of the most competent professionals I have ever met. She has an immense skill set and a great insight into the body. She is totally attentive and dedicated. I can’t recommend working with her more!

Natalie T.

Julia is a pregnant woman's ally in the quest to be healthy and get ready for delivery! She tuned the work-outs to my level of fitness and energy on the day. Always understanding and pushy in the right measures.

Brenda F.

I worked out with Julia while I was pregnant. Her mix of gentle nudging and understated rigor made my pregnancy much healthier than it would have been otherwise. Thanks Julia..

Leena B.

I've been working with Julia for over 3 years. She is an empathetic but goal oriented trainer. She listens constantly to what you say, and to even what you do not say. Julia has a plethora of modifications for any exercise at any time. Therefore, "I can't do this" is not acceptable! Julia will figure out a way to reach whatever muscle group she is targeting. I love the efficiency of her workouts. You do not realize how hard you are working and how many areas you are targeting, until of course, the next day. I highly recommend her for 1:1 training.

Beth Z.

I made an appointment with trainer Julia Halpin and had a great workout. Julia was down to earth and non-judgmental. She led me through a varied workout that included hills on the treadmill, stairs, core workout circuits, and weight machines all while making sure I was maintaining proper form. The gym was quiet, and fairly basic, but did the job. The locker room was clean and the showers were stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. They even had blow dryers and towels for your use. The process of setting up an appointment was easy and Sara was very communicative via email about what I would need to bring and any other instructions. I'm not looking to start a personal training program right now, but if I was, I would strongly consider working with Julia.

Yael M.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Julia Halpin! She is incredible, and I'm so sad that I have to put my sessions on hold. I can't say enough positive things about her. Aside from her wonderful personality, her professionalism and knowledge of the body is great. She is the ideal blend of listening to what you need and motivating. She pushes you that extra step that you wouldn't normally push yourself, end makes it enjoyable at the same time. While training with her I've lost 15 lbs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Delima H.

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