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About Noelle

I became a personal trainer 10 years ago after competing in track and field for Temple University. I learned so much about functional training and the importance of the right diet while at Temple, which I attribute to my massive improvement and success in claiming the collegiate record in the 1000 meters. I saw personal training as an opportunity to use the knowledge I gained to help better educate people about proper exercise and nutrition.

My approach is unique in that I look to improve the functions of the body on many levels with each of my clients. We work not only on strength and/or weight loss, but also on agility, power, speed, flexibility, coordination and endurance through varies means. I approach each session a bit differently so that the body is constantly being challenged dynamically, which not only keeps the workouts interesting, but also ensures that the body never plateaus. My workouts incorporate various elements of pilates, kettle bells, TRX, free weights, body weight exercises, and ballistics to name a few.

I have a very solid reputation with my clients. Most of them have been training with me for years because we are constantly heightening their abilities and we have developed a relationship and understanding of each other. We are constantly setting new short and long-term goals that are realistically attainable so that we are always working towards something! It's important to have a vision, a goal in mind to keep yourself focused and on track and most importantly to work towards creating a lifestyle change. I am not about the "quick fix" mentality promising dramatic changes overnight. I am concerned with nourishing the mind and body to be one cohesive unit so that we can develop healthy habits that are going to promote life-long healthy changes. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Functional Training
  • TRX
  • Kettlebells
  • Weight Loss

NCAA Accredited Certifications

ACE Certification Personal Trainer

Accredited Certifications

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

ReebokOne Ambassador

Training Areas Served

My first session with Noelle was great. She was very attentive to my needs, weaknesses, and took note of the things I really wanted to work on. She's flexible with the scheduling, provided options for gyms to train at since she isn't affiliated with a particular gym, and just overall very nice and easy to communicate with. I am looking forward to having more sessions with her.


Such an amazing attitude and inspiring presence! Excited to work with Noelle!

Andrea N.

I have been working out with, and supported by, Noelle for over 2 years. She has not only made me stronger, but also reshaped my body to a place where I feel more comfortable and confident in myself. Noelle’s positive energy and creative (ever changing!) workouts keep me motivated and engaged - even on the days I’d rather skip the gym!

Jaclyn P.

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