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About Roy

Roy Hanson is a certified personal trainer and a firm believer in teaching his clients, friends and family about a lifestyle of health and fitness.

With certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and American Academy of Personal Training, Roy is pursuing his dreams in achieving great weight loss, adequate health, and ultimate fitness. With previous experience working for Work Fitness and New York Sports Club, Roy now works as an independent trainer, where he motivates his clients to accomplish their fitness goals whether they are weight loss, muscle gain or just to lose body fat.

As a personal trainer, he offers strength training, circuit training and conventional boxing to everyone. It is through his different exercise and fitness programs that you will see great results!

Roy dedicates his time to hands-on training with his clients as he guides them through a proper exercise progression. In this, he maintains a high level of safety while striving to reach their full potential.

All in all, he is passionate and devoted to his plan of improving health in himself and in others.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX

Additional Certifications

AAPT Certified Personal Trainer

Who I Especially Like Working With


Training Areas Served

For quite some time before starting personal training with Roy I considered myself to be somewhat athletic. I would visit Planet Fitness to run about a half hour on a treadmill, and then switch to do a few machine weights. I saw minimal results; I would lose a pound here and there, but nothing significantly noticeable. Looking back, I was not working to my full potential; and it became evidently clear after a few sessions with Roy that what I was doing before was just not cutting it. If what you have done in the past has not worked, then you need to find an instructor knowledgeable in fitness. One of the benefits to personal training with Roy is his ability to correct your “bad habits” or “poor technique”. And by the way, A P90X video cannot tell you that you are doing a push-up incorrectly!


Roy Hanson is a first-rate personal trainer and a wonderful human being. He is responsible, caring, and very good at what he does. Roy will help you get just the results you really want: in just a few weeks, I lost 10 lbs., toned my torso, and developed muscles I never realized I had. One of the many great things about Roy is that he connects with you right where you are. He is highly intuitive: he knows when to push you to a new level and when to give you the chance to breathe. He leads you through challenging circuits in a positive, upbeat, encouraging way but without ever going into drill sergeant mode. He guides you to learn and master the form of each exercise, teaching you in clear, consistent, and memorable way. Between sessions, Roy sends occasional friendly texts, checking in to make sure you’re feeling OK. The whole experience is therapeutic. Within a few weeks of working out with Roy, you will feel much more strong, energetic, and happy.


I have been training with Roy for about four months. I have found that he has been a great help in helping me tone up and begin to enjoy exercise again. The sessions are challenging but most importantly, Roy makes them fun. He has a sense of humor and knows when and how to push me to really get the most out of our training time. Roy is a very knowledgeable instructor, mixing and matching exercises and a bit of equipment to keep sessions interesting – and his methods work! I am overall looking leaner and with more defined muscles, which is exactly the goal Roy and I discussed from the beginning. The final thing to say about Roy is that he is a listener – he listens and tailors to your needs and your personality, and also seeks feedback on his own performance, so it really makes a difference knowing that if something isn’t quite working, he will listen and adapt his work to make it right for his client.


I have been training with Roy for almost half a year now, and the progress I am making in both kickboxing and general physical fitness is beyond expectations. That is because Roy tailors each workout session specifically to your goals. As he trains with you each time, he communicates with you about your targets and weaknesses, allowing you to see the improvements rather than just “improve in general.” Of course, Roy is very knowledgeable of different workouts and how to perform each one of them to achieve the best result. I felt the significant difference when doing weight training with him than by myself; completing the same amount of sets and reps using the same weight, Roy’s workouts were a lot harder, however the result was also much more noticeable.


Training with Roy is extremely enjoyable! He makes the workout challenging in a way that’s not intimidating. More importantly, no two sessions are the same, which definitely keeps things interesting. He asks how I’m feeling throughout the entire workout, and always follows up the next day to see if I’m feeling sore.


Roy is a super-knowledgeable & super-attentive trainer. Each session with Roy is unique and tailored to my own personal goals, and he’s done a great job at keeping me motivated and engaged throughout the workout. I’d highly recommend Roy to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


An excellent trainer. With his steady guidance and wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition, I'm on track to achieving my weight loss and toning goals. In his strategic sessions, Roy puts clients through a series of well-thought out exercises that serve their specific objectives. He reminded me to focus not just on numbers on a scale but how I feel as my body changes - which I realize now is a more sustainable accomplishment! I'd recommend Roy to anyone looking to make small or big changes to their fitness. He produces long-term results!

Ashna S.

Roy is a very well informed, smart, and professional trainer. He is great at what he does. I originally started working out with Roy because I was experiencing lower back pain. I had already worked out with 2 other personal trainers over a 12 month period in an effort to strengthen my core to reduce my back pain, yet my lower back discomfort persisted. From the first work out with Roy I could tell he was of a higher caliber than other trainers I worked with. By the 5th session with Roy my back pain diminished and I have been pain free ever since. I now see Roy on a weekly basis and I really enjoy working out with him. Never once have we repeated a session or a circuit. He is always giving me new exercises which really helps keep it fun. I feel fully challenged but never beat up or over pushed with Roy. He is astutely aware of and focused throughout every session which translates to him making sure I never have bad form; this way I am doing the work out properly and not risking injury. Working out with Roy is one of the highlights of my week --the workouts are continuously evolving in challenging new fun ways that keep me looking forward to the next session. Roy is an excellent trainer and a super nice guy.

Alli F.

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