About Rufat

If you're looking to have a great time during a strenuous workout, you've come to the right place.

My goal is to help my clients become their best selves and fall in love with creating a beautiful life and body.

I'm an ISSA CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER with years of experience.

I'm experienced in:

•Fitness therapy

•Strength and conditioning

•Weight loss

•Building muscle

•Olympic weighlifting

•MMA training / Boxing / Krav Maga self-defence

•Senior Fitness Specialization


•Post trauma recovery and prevention of future injuries


«1 on 1» training includes:

Body definition, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, military exercise techniques and flexibility plus nutrition, self-training, customized guidance and 24/7 text support


Train at:

•Private Gyms (your choice)

•Residential Fitness Centers

•Local Parks (weather permitting)

•also equipped for In-House sessions

Manhattan (+ 5 miles away) areas 


I am excited to be able to share my knowledge with you.

I look forward to being able to help you reach your goals in the very near future!


Be Happy and Healthy!

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Kickboxing
  • Injury Prevention
  • CrossFit
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Boxing
  • Muscle Gain
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Cross Training
  • Corrective Exercise

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Languages Spoken

Armenian, Russian

Ruffy takes the time to understand what your goals are and customizes your workout to help you reach your goals. He is an awesome coach!


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