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The best personal trainers in Colorado

Stacey Brantley - Personal Training
Stacey B.

I have been training women in my private studio at my home or in their homes since 2013. I've always been a fitness enthusiast but I decided to turn it into a career when my kids were young. After having kids I was desperate to get my pre-baby body back but hated the idea of leaving them in the crowded, germ-infested child care at the gym. I tried working out alone at home but found it tough to motivate myself to do it and missed the extra push I got from having others around. I decided to become a personal trainer and knew I wanted to create a business that allowed other moms to get an amazing workout in their own living rooms or in my kid-friendly studio.

In addition to having a Personal Training Certification, I also have specializations in Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss. Whether your goal is to lose 50 lbs or you're just trying to get rid of the last 5, I can help with workouts designed to maximize calorie burn while building lean body mass and nutrition advice that helps you lose the weight and keep it off long term.

I offer free phone consultations so we can discuss goals, preferences, schedules and most of all get an idea if we would be a good fit for each other. If you decide after your free consultation to hire me, you first training session will consist of measurements and movement assessments to look for any muscle imbalances. After that we'll do a workout where we try out a variety of basic movements that will allow me to get a better idea if your strength, cardio and balance abilities. We'll do a good stretch at the end and save some time to go over nutrition. After that, the workouts are completely customized based on your goals, preferences and needs.

Train with Stacey
Chelsea Gray - Personal Training
Chelsea G.

To be challenged, to grow as a person, guidance with technique, training plans, nutrition, and working towards any goal you may have. Specialty in holistic health coaching, nutrition, weight loss, muscle building, and more. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and a NPC bikini fitness competitor. Provide Nutrition and workout Plans. Passionate about fitness and helping others.

Train with Chelsea
Jessica Schluppenbaum - Personal Training
Jessica S.

As an NPC National Figure competitor I’ve spent my fair share of time training. I often got requests to help train someone and I really enjoyed helping others reach their goals so I decided to get certified and opened my own business, 7480 Personal Training LLC. Since opening I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, from new competitors, weight loss minded to recovering Orthopedic procedures. I partner with several physical therapist in the area to help provide the best recovery. Since nutrition is the biggest portion of your results I am a certified Nutrition Coach and can help you make small changes that will lead to big results. 


Train with Jessica
Melanie Webb - Personal Training
Melanie W.

I became a personal trainer because I want to help others achieve their fitness goals. Being healthy, constantly challenging myself and helping others brings joy to my life.

Train with Melanie
Clarissa Constantine - Personal Training
Clarissa C.

I've been a coach in the academic/test prep/college admissions world since 1999, and in 2012 decided to join my husband in his business - he's a sports performance coach. I've had my own weight challenges over the years and have no expectation that I'll ever look like Barbie. ;) But, I'm healthy, and am training for my next half marathon. I work primarily with folks who need support in getting going and taking care of themselves. Often, this ends up meaning I work primarily with women who struggle to put themselves first, but I also work with men and children of all ages. As a Reiki practitioner and Chakradance facilitator, I also bring a strong amount of mindfulness to my training practice. 

Train with Clarissa
Hashim Mustafa - Personal Training
Hashim M.
I am 100% dedicated to the success of each and every last one of my clients. I use my expertise to provide safe and efficient workouts that can be fun yet challenging. My mission as a Personal trainer is to improve the quality of as many lives as I possibly can. So whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle and strength, improve functionality, enhance sports performance, alleviate chronic low back and joint pain, or just to feel better and increase energy. Let me help, I will keep you motivated, hold you accountable, provide you with the proper nutritional guidance, and I keep things interesting so you'll never get bored training with me.

As your trainer I will focus on your specific goals and design a program that best fit your individual needs to accomplish your fitness goals.

Train with Hashim
Adam Fraser - Personal Training
Adam F.
(6 reviews)
When my wife, Jennifer, and I first met Adam we had a specific goal in mind - we wanted to be in the be in the best shape for our wedding in Hawaii. His consistent positive attitude and wealth of knowledge not only just in fitness but also nutrition and mental focus helped us to achieve that goal but also helped us to modify our lifestyle so that we could maintain what we had worked so hard to achieve. We are forever grateful for his focus on the whole picture and how we can get better everyday. I would highly recommend Adam to everyone of all ages and stages in life. His system works and his drive and motivation are incredible. Take a few moments and let Adam help you achieve a better lifestyle and most important and better YOU! He makes this fun....I promise!

Train with Adam
Jessi Glover - Personal Training
Jessi G.
(2 reviews)
I am admittedly a slacker when it comes to my workouts and Jessi never makes me feel bad if I’m not 100% on track. She will make you work hard and get results but my favorite part is her demeanor. She is genuinely kind and so patient with me, it’s like working out with a friend except she makes you work super hard! Lol! I would recommend her to anyone! ??

Train with Jessi
John Taylor - Personal Training
John T.

There is far too much misinformation out there on training and nutrition. It drives me crazy! You deserve to know how to properly take care of your health. I want to help you learn what works best for you. That's why I started training/coaching people - to help you become the best version of you.

Compound movements with barbells and dumbbells are my specialty. If you're looking to build strength, gain muscle, or lose fat, you can get some seriously awesome results using lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc.

Because everyone is different, I take time getting to know my clients so they receive training that fits their body structure, mobility, and fitness goals. There is no one size fits all program. Everybody gets something a little different.

Train with John

Common questions about personal training

How much does a personal trainer cost in Colorado?

Personal trainers in Colorado start at $49 per session. Nationwide, personal trainers cost between $49-$164 per session. 

What impacts the cost of working with a Personal Trainer inColorado ?

Session Location: Surprisingly, session costs are lower when the personal trainer travels to the client&... Show More

How do I find a personal trainer in Colorado ?

Here is all you need to know to find the right personal trainer in Colorado ! 

Certifications and Expertise: Most people in Colorado choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better. Your personal trainer must have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, physiolog... Show More

Who is personal training for?

Personal training is for just about EVERYONE! Here are the most common:

Beginners: Whether you are a total beginner or it’s been a while since you laced up the sneakers, working with a personal trainer is the best way to get a personalized workout plan, stay motivated and get results - all while staying safe! &n... Show More

What is In-Home Personal Training?

In-home personal training means that the trainer will travel to you - at home, in your building gym, at work or a local park. Work out on your terms, where you are the most comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of in-home personal training:

You Choose the Environment: In-home personal training is designed to allow you... Show More

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Deciding if hiring a personal trainer is ''worth it'' comes down to these four factors: 

Results: Working with a skilled personal trainer is the fastest way to achieve results. Period. Your personal trainer will assess your current level, create customized training plans, choreograph every moment of the workout to ens... Show More

How do I become a personal trainer in Colorado ?

Here’s how to becoming a great personal trainer in Colorado! 

Certification: The best personal training certification programs require a personal trainer to complete courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. All trainers on Fyt are certified via an NCCA accredited organization which compl... Show More

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