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The best personal trainers in San Diego

Pamela Bundy - Personal Training
Pamela Bundy
(1 reviews)

There is no single exercise protocol that benefits everyone. Being able to incorporate traditional fitness training with mind/body helps with creative solutions to fitness goals, similar to a medical combination of western medication and eastern well-being.

I lead through positive encouragement and education to help clients understand their body and why certain exercises benefit their unique make-up by crafting an individualized workout utilizing weights, Pilates, Tabata, HIIT,  full body exercises, and balance exercises to get the results they desire.

It is very fulfilling to be working with a greater number of special population clients with menopause/metabolism issues, Parkinson's, MS, back issues, and cancer These groups see tremendous fitness gains by incorporating activities of daily living movement patterns into their exercise programs.

Having a lot of personal life challenges, including children with Autism and cancer and my personal physical/joint & menopause issues, I have a greater understanding of exercise modifications and how to help others incorporate exercise into their lives to reach their fitness goals.

Train with Pamela
Ryan Doolin - Personal Training
Ryan Doolin
(7 reviews)

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a former Marine, current competitive amateur boxer, triathlon competitor and fitness enthusiast. I have an ample background in both team and individual sports and have been competing in some fashion since I was a child. I have experience in High Intensity Interval training, strength and conditioning, weightlifting techniques, and circuit based workouts and group training. A client can expect that no individual training session will be the same. I am constantly adding new techniques or routines into my training to keep the body guessing and constantly improving.

Train with Ryan
Jaclyn Nguyen - Personal Training
Jaclyn Nguyen
(10 reviews)

I am your soul sister that will support you in creating physical, emotional and mental freedom in all areas of life that are important to you. You'll discover a practice that will have you shine, balance and connect with your personal power and with those around you.

Jaclyn "Yen" Nguyen is a mother, published author, registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer. She's on a mission to teach others how to sparkle by choice in their own lives through fitness, spirituality and personal power. Her passion lies in assisting others to shine, balance and connect through practicing yoga, nutrition and fitness.

Train with Jaclyn
Angela Gitschier - Personal Training
Angela Gitschier

About 2 years ago I moved to San Diego from Kentucky to pursue a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. I have a weight loss background and a passion for helping others reach their goals while also helping them become more functional in all areas of life. I am firm believer in mind and body, in order to make any kind of transformation, you have to be in the right place mentally. You have to be able to tell yourself you can do it and push through those times you may feel like giving up!

I have a background in Elementary Education but after being on my own health and fitness journey, I decided I wanted to help others achieve fitness goals! I want to educate others on what it looks like to consistently live a healthy lifestyle. I have a holistic approach when it comes to health and fitness and want to provide a toolbox of tools instead of just offer up a quick fix. 

Train with Angela
Kate Fateeva - Personal Training
Kate Fateeva

A former professional athlete from Russia, National champion in Taekwondo and Karate Do. Over 4 years of experience as a personal trainer, working with a variety of age and fitness level clientele. My youngest client is 7 years old with a spina bifida condition. My oldest client was 85 years old. I train a lot of military and medical field personnel. 

My goal is to help you change your life and discover your potential in all areas of it, starting with fitness. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength or recover from an injury, I will push your limits and prove you that you are capable of more than what you think you are. 

Schedule a free consultation with me today and let's get started!

Train with Kate
Adam Villalobos - Personal Training
Adam Villalobos

How does my business stand out:

If you want to finally lose all the weight you want without interrupting your current lifestyle, then you found your perfect trainer. My names Adam, and besides being a personal trainer, I’m also a Thin Coach. In a Nutshell, A Thin Coach helps you transform your body and Improve the Quality of your life through simple life changing habits, Personalized Nutrition Plans, and Fat Loss Workouts.

You will Learn new Healthy habits that are tailored to your lifestyle.

You will receive Expert Nutrition Guidance that will help you stay healthy, stay full, and stay lean.

You will go through a Safe and Effective workout designed by a Master Trainer.

You will have the opportunity to heal and even reverse joint and lower back injuries.

You will have a solid support structure that will guide you through the thick and thin.

All this, plus more.


Train with Adam
Dave Frost - Personal Training
Dave Frost


My own wellness and fitness journey - via whole body exercise, competition, research and practice - makes me a solid option for Well Past Forty clients - both men and women / individual and buddy workouts.

I became a trainer after years of coaching crew, marathon running, and competitive Masters Rowing. I needed to learn more to perform better. I decided, in 2011, to gain CPT credentials and specialty continuing education to help others "put life in their years" as I've been blessed to do with mine.
As many trainers have done and do, I started my CPT work in a "big box" fitness club. I migrated to "valet" training, where I can help others without "sales pressure".

My typical hour workout sessions only start after a complimentary fitness orientation and PAR-Q "go" from your MD (if needed) and from you.

I usually train my clients in their homes or at convenient outdoor venues - like community parks. I am fully insured for personal liability - by the way.
My own "box" is well-appointed for core, cardio- and resistance training.
- I can also train interested clients in kayaking and rowing (on our San Diego waters).

Half of my clients are women. Another current client slice is that half train with workout buddies.

I am drafting my own Almanac for Well Past Fort; in the mean time, I offer my clients a copy of Younger Next Year.

I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.
Dave Frost

Train with Dave
Karen Baca - Personal Training
Karen Baca
(2 reviews)

I am and have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 30+ years. I have always been a fitness enthusiast! Last year I began to pursue my passions, I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Aging Specialist. Every session is tailored to fit your needs and desires! 

Train with Karen
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