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ACE certified personal trainer

About Jill

Please expect an in-depth consultation and evaluation of your lifestyle, health and fitness goals. A physical and emotional assessment of your present life situation, and a projection of what is reasonable for you at this time. As I get to know and understand my clients, I am able to further personalize their individual program needs. Assessing your commitment level and creating individualized program design for optimum health, strength and vitality. You can expect a lot of support, encouragement, experience and direction. Train hard, expect results! I specialize in life coaching and meeting people where they are in life, as to create an exciting and do-able life changing fitness program for game changing results!

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Pilates

NCCA Accredited Certifications

ace certification ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Training Areas Served

In-home, Outdoor or Virtual Training

It's difficult to imagine what more one could want in a personal trainer. Jill is professionally welcoming and friendly, she completes a full assessment prior to entering into any program of exercise, training or massage, she has a foundation of years of professional training and experience with many recognized certifications, she has worked in many different settings from training gyms to YMCAs (several) she has a varied private practice of floor and machine Pilates (in which she is certified) and massage which she has practiced for years. Her emphasis is on safety and avoiding injury while providing workouts that challenge one's level of fitness to promote growth, development and progress in balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular tone and endurance. She tailors the program to fit your needs with ongoing monitoring to see if you are progressing and/or need a modification in your training (as everyone does over time). Given her background and training, her fees are reasonable -- with Jill you get what you pay for which, in my experience has been uniformly good. She is honest, prompt and reliable and provides the training time as agreed. Jill is a valued professional in our community. She is recognized by her colleagues as a "trainer of trainers" and leads inservice seminars for other trainers with whom she works. She is a recently certified life coach as well and, not surprisingly, took one of the most rigorous courses to obtain that certification. She continues to update herself and strives for her own personal progress. If you're dedicated to maintaining and improving your physical health and well-being, and looking for a highly skilled trainer who is personable, honest, reliable and straightforward, I would check to see if you could work with Jill. From my perspective, she's one of the best. I am a physician with experience in evaluating healthcare professionals, Jill has been my wife's and my personal trainer for years; we prefer remain anonymous.


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